Could this be the poisonous Malice substance from Breath Of The Wild, perhaps upgraded in some way by green-tinged magic? And that’s not to mention the red, tree-like roots that are creeping out from below. They eventually stumble upon what is assumed to be Ganondorf… Like the first entry did in 1986, BoTW drops Link into a vast open world with countless possibilities. The hand seems to a seal, and by the end of trailer, it looks to be broken, unleashing Ganondorf upon the world once more. The Zelda game shook up the formula while still managing to remain true to what makes the series so special. Or a new strain of it. Link then seems to gain the power of the glowing limb, but at the cost of releasing Ganon whose eyes then ignite in a fiery red and Hyrule Castle is lifted up from its foundation. You can watch the trailer at this link if you haven’t already. Of course, it will be lovely to go back to Hyrule… but can we handle a villain like Ganon (if that is really him) who wants to rip this loveable landscape to shreds with some wanton earthquake-sized destruction (if that is really what we heard)? This comes as a relief because if the glowing arm was truly holding back Ganon’s full power, then players are going to be faced with a bigger, badder, and even more calamitous Ganadorf in BotW 2. If it's the latter, it would lend more credence to the idea that it is Ganondorf's body. The gloop seems to find what it’s looking for when it enters some skeletal remains and brings them back to life…. “But Ganon lurked beneath the surface, strengthening its jaws / So the ancient people of Hyrule set out to help the cause. Is Ganon really going to take human form and lay waste to Hyrule? Game Scoop! When reversed, the music still sounds creepy, almost like the voices are trying to say something, but it is unintelligible. The teaser is obtuse and divulges little information, but what would the internet be if it didn't analyze every frame of a trailer? It sounds like an earthquake. The body is also locked in battle with a glowing arm. On one of the walls, there are ancient cave drawings. The trailer of Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! It features a torch-carrying Link … Some beautifully forboding orchestral music plays out, and a flaming torch is held up to some carvings on the wall. RELATED: The 20 Most Unfortunate Things To Happen To Princess Zelda. The body is most likely that of Ganondorf, the human form of Ganon. A memorable part of the 2017 title was climbing the various towers and admiring the vistas after reaching the top. Upon closer inspection, they resemble the Zonai designs seen in their ruins. During one of the last scenes from the trailer, the glowing arm is seen releasing its grip on Ganon and it seemingly saves Link and Zelda instead. Ganon played a major role in Breath Of The Wild, with his return after a dormant millennium being strongly foreshadowed throughout the game. Maybe the Sheikah created this seal, explaining its aesthetic similarities to Link's starting point in the prior title. Zelda holds up her torch and lets out a little gasp. The trailer opens with Link and Zelda, looking much the same as they did in Breath Of The Wild, except it looks like Zelda has had a haircut. It appears like Link will gain a new set of abilities thanks to the glowing hand, potentially powerful abilities similar to the ones he unlocks throughout the BotW using the Sheikah Slate. If it is the same weapon, what could it mean? : What Were the Big Advancements of This Console Generation? They eventually stumble upon what is assumed to be Ganondorf’s mummified corpse, and it's spewing out globs of Malice (that black oily energy). It appears to be an architectural structure from some ancient race. Of course, there is more than one trident in all of Hyrule, so the odds of it being the same trident are slim. Link and Zelda move further into the dungeon, coming to a watery part of it. Mainly, Zelda's hair is shorter. One fan presented an extremely compelling theory about what its plot could be about. Nintendo is working on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, and its trailer left us with one big question... One of the biggest, best and most beloved games on Nintendo Switch is set to get a sequel, with Nintendo confirming at E3 2019 that development has begun on The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2. Nintendo fans are pretty scrupulous when it comes to all things Zelda, but here are 10 small details you may have missed in the new teaser. It could also be Link's or Zelda's, whose hearts are racing from fear. The trailer builds up a terrifying tone, ramping up the pace and cutting quickly been images as the orchestral score swells up. Can our nerves handle these horror vibes? Whether or not this resurrected skeleton is Ganon, he’s clearly a bad bloke. This could imply that the mysterious group will have a bigger role in the sequel. In this trailer, we have seen the new haircut of Zelda, who is exploring the underground chamber. Zelda and Link continue to look around, and they come to a somewhat broken bridge. It would be atypical for the game to let players have the powerful weapon right from the get-go. Ah, that’s better. However, there is no sign of his Sheikah Slate, and the hero still has his trusty Master Sword. You can ever hear the birds tweeting away. But what actually happened in the Breath Of The Wild 2 trailer, and what might it mean? This is still a game, after all, and adventures like this tend to start the player off with nothing. It almost starts feeling like a trailer for a genuinely scary horror game. At first, they both appear mostly the same as in Breath of the Wild, but there are a few subtle differences. It finished … Strangely, one of the last shots of the teaser shows Hyrule Castle trembling in the distance, with not a single tower in sight. In one shot Zelda, Link, and their animal are walking by a wall that is not adorned with a natural design. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers, Pokemon: The 5 Best Pokemon Brock Has Used In The Games (& The 5 Worst), Zelda: 10 Tiny Details You Missed In The Breath Of The Wild 2 Teaser Trailer, E3 2019: 10 Games Mysteriously Absent From The Show, The 20 Most Unfortunate Things To Happen To Princess Zelda, 5 Things Legend Of Zelda: BoTW2 Should Keep From The Original (& 5 Things They Need To Fix), King Of Fighters: 10 Underrated Fighting Games On PS2, 10 Video Game Demons That Could Give Doomslayer A Run For His Money, Yu-Gi-Oh! We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The figure resembles Ganondorf, and his weapon is similar to Mipha's, the Zora Princess and pilot of a divine beast from BoTW. Nintendo fans are pretty scrupulous when it comes to all things Zelda, but here are 10 … The text clearly isn't English, but either Hylian or Gerudo script. We’ll just have to wait and see. The iconic duo is wandering into an eerie dungeon. The trailer opens with a shot of the green particles and a slow heartbeat. Let’s have a closer look at the teaser to see what we can glean, and try to answer a few questions…. The body itself is covered in Gerudo jewelry, and Ganondorf is a member of the predominantly female species. Subscribe to IGN Prime to access HD video downloads. It’s been a year since Nintendo confirmed BotW 2 is in development with an E3 2019 trailer, and it hasn’t said a word about Link and Zelda’s next adventure ever since. Zelda: 10 Tiny Details You Missed In The Breath Of The Wild 2 Teaser Trailer. Of course, these are subject to change. We have got the trailer of the sequel of Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild on 11 June 2019 on the YouTube channel of Nintendo. After all, just by existing, this game is very exciting. Where did they all go? Related: 29 Weird Things About Ganon's Body In The Legend Of Zelda. The trailer opens with a shot of the green particles and a slow heartbeat. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. We’ll leave you to your own guesswork for now, but please feel free to put any ideas you’ve got in the comments section below. This has led fans to speculate where the series could go next based on what was teased at E3 and its past installments. 'Breath of the Wild 2' is one of the most anticipated Nintendo games of all time. The red gloopy branches, which really are starting to look like Malice, continue to spread. Link might be tasked with wielding that hand's power to defeat Ganon's true form. At the very end of the trailer, just to reassure us, Nintendo puts up some very welcome words on the screen: “The sequel to The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is now in development.” We’re very much up for it, but we do fear what the game could hold for the characters and places that we’ve come to love. Link looks familiar, just with an extra cape. Perhaps this teaser is taken from what will be the game's introduction, which will have Link lose the sword and all his belongings. Let's break down all the secrets and mysteries of the surprise announcement of the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Ominous music permeates the entire sequence, contributing to the unsettling atmosphere. Perhaps the game will deal with this mystery. But just when those nostalgic feelings are starting to grow, and just when you think the trailer is going to end on a positive note, a rumbling sound plays out. Den of Geek Then we cut back to the green life force thingy that we saw at the start of the trailer. It’s hard to say what we’re looking at here, but it’s probably safe to assume that it’s nothing good. A heartbeat sound effect starts playing, bringing those thoughts of resurrection back into our minds. One of the biggest, best and most beloved games on Nintendo Switch is set to get a sequel, with Nintendo confirming at E3 2019 that development has begun on … It could be Ganondorf's, whose heart is working faster because he was just reawakened. Zelda and Link come across what is assumed to be Ganondorf, trapped by some device. One of the images is a man on a horse holding a trident. The trailer is haunting, in no small part due to the decaying body featured in it. And as we hear more about Breath Of The Wild 2, or whatever this sequel ends up being called, we’ll be sure to let you know. A small clip barely over a minute long confirmed that a sequel to the beloved title was in development. This hints at the possibility that the glowing arm could be the collection of the souls of ancient Hyrule inhabitants that are constantly fighting against Ganon’s dark power. The games company has given fans a couple of small Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Pokémon announcements in the meantime, but plenty of Nintendo diehards out there are anxiously waiting for one thing and one thing only: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2.

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