Please follow this link for help with this quote: What character in "The Sisters" describes Father Flynn as "a peculiar case"? What does Mr. Duffy see in the park, making him realize the depth of his loss? In "The Sisters," who kneels beside the protagonist at the priest's open coffin? Please explain the following quote: "I imagined that I bore my chalice safely through a throng of foes. Based on the quote below, what change has the protagonist of "Araby" by James Joyce undergone? Nothing. How many glasses of whiskey do Chandler and Gallaher consume during their meeting? A simile is the comparison of two dissimilar things that share similar characteristics, using "like" or "as." Concerning Joyce's "Araby," I suggest that the climax of the story occurs when the boy, the narrator, decides not to buy a gift for Magnan's sister at the bazaar. In "Araby," what time is it when the narrator's uncle finally returns home? Access a vast library of expert answers. . In Joyce's "Araby," describe some literary elements that are present. What is Corley's lady friend wearing when Lenehan first encounters her? What is the occupation of Mrs. Sinico's husband? . In "Araby," how would you describe the relationship between the narrator and Mangan's sister? What does Mr. Doran do on the evening before his meeting with Mrs. Mooney? What is the profession of Eveline's lover? What does the narrator of "Araby" need from his uncle? The boy's late arrival at the bazaar called "Araby" is his uncle's fault. What does Mangan's sister represent to the narrator in "Araby" by James Joyce? Train fare. In "An Encounter," the old man who approaches the narrator and his friend surprises them by asking if they have ___. This final line of the short story lets us know that the narrator understands that, no matter how important his desires are to him, the world will not change for him or make way for his goals. Our certified Educators are professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise and professional teaching experience to tackle your toughest questions. Why does the protagonist in Araby feel "driven and derided by vanity? The boy ventures off to Araby in hopes of buying something for his "crush"--Mangan's sister.

What are the conflicts of the main character in the story "Araby"? What sound does Eveline hear that reminds her of mother's death? Please provide examples. Joyce's stories about his fellow Irish deal with complex ideas and emotions. What details do you notice that show this story is not taking place in the United States?

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