With a shallow XC style tread, the Bomboloni rolls surprisingly well for its girth, but when the small siped blocks break free, the handling becomes entertaining yet remains predictable. It's most at home in soft conditions and seems to struggle a bit over hardpack conditions. Sign up for the ZyroFisher newsletter and receive all the latest news, events, and product Moving out, there are two rows of staggered transition knobs which lead into staggered, angled and well-supported shoulder knobs. The angled siping on the cornering knobs and directional centre tread keeps you pointed in the right direction and has surprising climbing purchase too. TNT stands for tube/no-tube and denotes tyres that can be set up tubeless. Just as happy serving as a front or rear tyre, the Mezcal is covered in four rows of knobbies on each side of the casing. Tyres that feel like they are made from velcro, Sizes: 2.75 - 29in | Width: 3.0in | Claimed weight: 1130g. However, Vittoria has gone further by adding a lot more sipping through the centre and shoulder knobs to give better grip on rocks, roots and off-camber sections. Featuring tread shapes from all three tyres, the Agarro sees leading-edge sipes and a ramped lug in the centre for climbing grip on the steps while the progressive sipes on the non-ramped lugs allow the tyre to stick to rocks and roots, even when they are wet. Sizes: 27.5 - 29in | Width: 2.35 - 2.6in | Claimed weight: 940g. Fast rolling with considerably more grip than traditional XC rubber, Sizes: 27.5 - 29in | Width: 2.1 - 2.35in | Claimed weight: 525g. Vittoria's newly released Mazza is an aggressive trail and enduro tyre that has been designed for riders who are likely to face a wide range of conditions and trail types and want a tyre that will perform across the board. With a relatively open tread pattern, it clears mud well, but it's still a low profile tyre, and you'll quickly find the limit of its purchase in dry and dusty conditions. Vittoria also claims the 4C construction should offer increased wear life as well. Here's an overview, along with an explanation of the technologies used by the Italian tyre maker, Best mountain bike tyres © Sizes: 26 - 29in | Width: 2.3 - 2.6in | Claimed weight: 835g. When Vittoria first launched the Martello, it was a DH tyre. The outer layer claims to improve climbing and braking performance with the graphene claimed to further enhance this. ZyroFisher. Aggressive trail and enduro cornering in all conditions, Sizes: 27.5 - 29in | Width: 2.4 - 2.6in | Claimed weight: 890g. With low profile lugs throughout the tyre, the Peyote is made for speed.

We like to use a Peyote on the rear as because it rolls so well, but it’s predictable with the shoulder nobs hooking up in tight corners and hanging on for dear life. Its research & development center develops the best racing tires for all levels, especially the unique Corsa Series cotton tyres. For the XC racer who lives somewhere with a rainy season, Sizes: 27.5 - 29in | Width: 2.2in | Claimed weight: 710g. Vittoria’s Corsa tyre is a long-time favourite of ours, its super-supple corespun cotton casing and soft gummy rubber making it a great choice for high-grip in dry conditions. The centre strip also features two layers of compounds, with the base said to extend wear life and provide puncture resistance. It has a deeper tread than the Bomboloni with cross siped centre tread; the shoulder tread and transition knobs are also scored to allow each block to flex and deform to create as much grip as possible. It’s also surprisingly feathery, especially given the girth, yet the sidewall is well supported and can fend off sharp rocks. There is heaps of rolling resistance, but you don’t run an aggressive tyre like the Mota if that’s your top concern.
Vittoria made a big thing about its use of … Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor,

Vittoria’s mission is to help you ride the best tyres available to enhance your cycling performance; Vittoria tyres are used by top level pros at all the biggest races so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are riding the best tyres out there. The Terreno bridges the gap between file tread and super low profile knobs for fast rolling hard packed XC racing. Its research & development centre creates the best racing tyres for all levels, especially the unique Corsa Series cotton tyres. updates from ZyroFisher and our brands. Vittoria Clincher & Tubular Tyres available at Lowest Prices & Free Worldwide Shipping. The open tread pattern is self-cleaning, and the side nobs dig in on the hard pack but are still predictable in sandy and wet conditions. The knobs are evenly spaced around the round casing profile, so there is no transition zone, just traction at any angle. If it wasn’t only available as a 29er, the Terreno probably has more applications as a gravel tyre, though for a specific few XC races the verging-on-smooth centre channel will be just the ticket. Italian for doughnut, the Bomboloni is as sticky as a freshly glazed Krispy Kreme, without the lumbering sluggishness you feel after the sugar high from eating half a dozen wears off. 720g (27.5) size porky for an XC race tyre, Tight tread pattern does not manage mud well, Open tread pattern efficiently deals with mud, Variety of block shapes and sizes arranged in an aggressive pattern, Measure up a bit smaller than the width printed on the side, Progressive siping for grip on rocks and roots, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, Best knee pads for mountain biking: all of the best MTB knee pads reviewed, Best budget MTB wheelset: budget wheels that boost mountain bike performance on the trail, Best MTB gloves: the best mountain bike gloves around, Jordan Sarrou's golden World Championship BMC Fourstroke - Gallery. Learn more, Interested in Vittoria mountain bike tyres, but unsure of the range?

Instead of Vittoria's 4C quad compound rubber, the Cannoli only sees two compounds, which gets softer as you move toward the edge of the tyre. Established in 1953, Vittoria is an Italian tyre manufacturer, famous for its tubular and cotton road tyres, but in recent years we've seen a big push into its off-road rubber. This is topped by a separate mixture said to improve cornering grip, and with Graphene utilized to enhance wet weather traction. Vittoria’s Mota is aimed to steal a slice of the pie from the big three gravity tyres which are designed to provide unflappable grip in the gnarliest conditions. Unflappable grippy XC tyre that grips well above its pay-grade, Sizes: 26 - 29in | Width: 2.1 - 2.6in | Claimed weight: 525g. It's the perfect choice for regular commuting, touring and long distance tarmac expedition riding. Copyright © 2020 Over the years riding has become quite a bit more aggressive, and lots of technology we used to associate with the pinnacle of gravity riding has now become commonplace on bikes that aren’t solely driven by gravity. Designed for steep and deep snow-covered terrain, the Cannoli is intended to provide maximum purchase no matter the trail surface. The material was first isolated in 2010 and since then has found its way into the bike industry. New York, Known as the Guardian Angels of the Peloton, they have learnt from race-side experience, and now know exactly what riders need at … Wet weather XC tyres are a reasonably niche product, but that's how Vittoria pitches the Gato tyres. The sub-tread of the shoulder knobs uses a compound claimed to offer stability and resist folding in corners. Rolls like an XC tyre, grips like a trail tyre, Sizes: 27.5 - 29in | Width: 2.35 - 2.6in | Claimed weight: 850g. NY 10036. The 120 TPI TNT casing is robust for a cross country race tyre, and won’t shred like tissue paper. The rounded pattern is predictable on the trail, knowing how the tire will react to … Best tyre for loam, loose over hardpack, and sandy conditions, Sizes: 27.5 - 29in | Width: 2.35 - 2.8in | Claimed weight: 920g. Vittoria mixes it with its rubber compounds, using graphene to fill the spaces between the rubber molecules — carbon nanotubes, which are a sheet of graphene rolled into a tube, are used in a similar fashion in carbon fibre — claiming improvements in basically every performance metric. Vittoria has managed to utilise four separate compound layers in its mountain bike tyres, claiming to be the only company to achieve this. The tread pattern is simple with uniform directional knobs used throughout, with the shoulder lugs angled slightly. Today’s Vittoria Industries Ltd. is the world’s leading manufacturer of bicycle tyres, with an annual production of more than 7 million tires and 900.000 famous tubulars and cotton tyres.

Best work stands. Well defined shoulder tread and a squared-off profile help the tyre to hook up in corners, and a Trail TNT tubeless casing doesn't look like it was on the losing end of a knife fight at the end of your ride.

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