I read this aloud to my husband (the beer enthusiast of the two of us) and he laughed hard more than a few times. 4, as I actually found something worth drinking in the Cave Creek Chili Beer. The Pack Rat – OH, he is. With an ever-increasing selection of high-quality beers available, well, pretty much everywhere, craft beer enthusiast are experiencing an age of taste enlightenment, a malt and hops renaissance clad in glass, bearing colorful, cleverly labeled heraldry. This guy is usually overly enthusiastic, recommending every person try every beer ever, even if they’re underage, not a beer fan, or not even a human. Sometimes the Critic and the Beer Snob are the same person. Most of us remember that it doesn't really matter what you're drinking, as long as you're enjoying it. As soon as good beer isn’t cool anymore, it won’t be cool to like bad beer, which means it won’t be ironic to like any beer at all, and this guy will fade into mismatched, dub-step thumping obscurity. But, like an old man stuck firmly in a rocking chair at a retirement home lamenting how the world “used to be,” he gets grumpy and dismissive if someone suggests he tries something new. Conformist drinkersare driven by the need to belong and seek a structure to their lives. © 2014 - 2020 VinePair Inc. — Made In NYC, Next Round Live: What's Happening in the Drinks Industry Now, This Is the Best Way to Keep Your Beer Cans and Bottles Cold, India’s Craft Distillers Are Shaking Up the World’s Biggest Whisky Market, There Has Never Been a Better Time to Drink Your Way Through Dublin, Ireland, From Concept to Can: How to Launch a Successful RTD Brand in 2020. Newbie, snob, local, appraiser & critic come to mind as places I have been at various times and places (critic at beer competitions). A new study of 1,000 beer drinkers found that the type of beer you prefer may actually reveal a lot more than you think about your personality. The Take-BackerBrought a six-pack to a party. Nice post. I certify that I am 21 years of age or older. You've got to try English Pale Ale with a classic fish and chips, although it tastes great with roast chicken and fish, too. No one really likes this guy, but he thinks he’s doing the beer-drinking community a favor by ranting about the “impurity of large scale brewing” whenever he can. , So, owning a brewery in central VA, I get see every one of these models constantly..and it is funny, as I was apply to apply an appropriate category to everyone of my staff….with myself being a strict #1. 6 Types of Beer Lovers. It's crisp and refreshing with a complex maltiness, and get its bitterness from noble Czech hops called Saaz hops. If (and when) I expand this article, those two will definitely make an appearance. 2. Boredom drinkersconsume alcohol to pass the time, seeking stimulation to relieve the monotony of life. I do have issues when someone tries to tell me they can taste “artisan homemade alfredo sauce” or something so specific and weird it’s just silly. His zeal and excitement remind us of ourselves when we first took a sip of that beer that turned casual drinker into enthusiast, and turned beer into art. Oliver, the Beer Bloggers Conference is coming up in mid July. I could find a lot to relate to here, not just in myself but in fellow beer geeks. They will likely still be a bit hazy, with less assertive spice and fruit notes than hefeweizen. He doesn’t scoff at great beer from other places, but given the option, he’ll say “think locally, f*ck globally” every time. Nobody likes the grammar police, but this is one of my pet peeves. The Intimidatingly Knowledgeable Bearded GuySure he seems nice, but you always get the sense that he’s judging your order. (this was my missing staff member by the way…and myself until, I realized the effort was futile, and I am now, as stated before…the local, through and through. India Pale Ales are of a color similar (or slightly darker) to that of pale ales, but they have much more concentrated hop aroma and flavor. This is the important one, the character you will see most often when you go out to drink craft beer. American hops add a little citrus and pine note to balance it out. He wears square rimmed glasses, porkpie hats, and too-tight pants. So, not to add to the chorus, but I too have a couple ideas for additional classes…but thankfully other posters have taken the job of naming them and describing them for me: I second the nomination of the pokemon…The funny thing is, that is exactly what one of my staff said it was missing, with the exact naming scheme…the collector who has to get them all, with no limitation to what he/she will buy. Peer Pressure drinkers? Alas, I haven’t yet developed your palette, but I’m giving it the old college try! The darkest of beers are stouts, which came about in the early 18th century to describe strong (or "stout") porters. He’s the craft beer version of basic. But he'll think nothing of dropping his hard-earned dollars on every variant of Bourbon County Stout and claim they're all totally different beers. No doubt you've been told at some point that the best thing about craft beer is the people. ( Log Out /  I think you need to add ambassador to the list, for those of us who have passed through many of your categories. 10. It's not that she looks down on beers fermented with commercial yeast; it's just that she feels personally disappointed you haven't yet moved on to airborne inoculation. These are the 43 types of beer drinkers. He’d never be caught dead with something less than 9.5% ABV, somehow equating alcohol content to quality. Some craft beers she may use as inspiration for her own recipes, while others–styles that are more complicated to brew at home–often inspire longing sighs for additional brewing equipment. Or maybe he’s about to have a stroke. This is brilliant. Now here's where it can get confusing. The beer is pale gold and fairly clear, with a spicier, more floral hop bouquet than an American lager. "Oh, this? Damn that was funny and spot on! She's turned beer into homework, but she's happy with that. We Asked 10 Brewers: What Will You Be Drinking on Election Night? India tour of Australia 2020: Squads & Match Dates, World’s Longest Highway Tunnel: Atal Tunnel, IPL 2020: Full Schedule, timings, dates, venues and match preview. Drinking to conform. Where do they want to go when they are happy? They’re the ones who say, “No beer cocktails, please!” They are the ones who can’t tolerate mixing beers with anything because it’s a sin to dilute the taste of beer. The Guy Who Simply Can’t Fathom Why Everyone Doesn’t Love Sours“Okay try THIS one... it’s not that sour. Plus, most beer drinkers fall into the six taste categories below, despite their seemingly different preferences. He is the counter-culture backlash against the condescension that permeates the beer world, falling back on non-craft beers with lots of folk lore, like Pabst Blue Ribbon and National Bohemian. He’ll often ask, attempting to look beer-literate, if a lager is a pale ale, or if a stout is a hefeweizen. She talks like that weekend-morning cookery show you stopped watching because it all got a bit too much with the provenance and the terroir and the bullshit. If he does stoop to drinking a beer rather than trading it, he'll be sure to tell you how hard it was to get ahold of. Beer Guide for the Non Beer Drinker. I have another type to suggest – They are not necessarily even buying for consumption, but for almost just the thought of consumption. I laughed and laughed hard! Great post, very original and funny. Thanks for the feedback! By the time you find the code on yours he's already put his back on the shelf because at 17 days it's “too old.”. He gets all his beer news from the 'gram and Untappd, and spends long afternoons at work scrolling through them figuring out the optimal route home via any number of his favored juice merchants. We’ll just assume that “guy” in this context is as gender malleable as “dude.” Everyone is a dude, male or female or equine or mythological.). 1. I’m not sure I can swing time off work at such short notice, but I’ll certainly look into it. I’m a total sucker for lists I loved it. The Girl Who Can Outdrink All The Guys & Tries To Hide ItWait, has she been drinking Triple IPAs this whole time? The line “…the combination of an unsophisticated palate and a possible learning disability keeps him from grasping the finer nuances of good beer” was brilliant, though. I’ve found some of my favorites by others doing the same! The Guy Who Just Wants The Largest Beer Vessel Possible“My name is Grant Marek, and I’m looking for the largest beer vessel possible. |, Descubre 10 tipos de bebedores de cerveza artesanal | The Beer Times. is to take the inside track, snagging beers from a guy who knows a guy. It's not clear whether he even likes beer for its flavor. Three were consumed. Pilsner is a specific type of lager that tends to be more flavorful than an American lager. Food Blogger + Recipe Blogger + Tech Blogger + What's Trending + Movies + Goku Fan (Dragon Ball Z) There are some sours I enjoy, others you might as well just eat a box of sour patch kids. Cant quite decide for myself. Try one alongside grilled meat and veggies at your next barbecue. It's one of the most food-friendly beers, so try it with chicken and fish as well as chili or a cheese plate. ", The Guy Who Is Weirdly Insistent He Was Drinking PBR Before It Was A Thing“You don’t know Carl, but me and Carl used to drink PBRs back in, like, the '90s when Richard Lewis was doing Boku commercials.”. It’s usually something pretty good: an IPA from an established brewery or a modern, well executed lager. Did you know they used to be common across Europe? Their choice for that one “special beer”, as they call it, is usually something fairly easy such as Czech dark lagers, Irish stouts, German Hefeweizens or English IPA’s at most. There's no brewery too distant, no line too lengthy. Molten cashews? Change ). Over the past few years, sour beers – including brett sours and the salty gose – have risen in popularity. The one who knows everything about beer. This guy really wants to be part of the craft beer wave, really wants to fit in with all his friends at the bar on a Friday night as they take turns sipping from a sampler, but the combination of an unsophisticated palate and a possible learning disability keeps him from grasping the finer nuances of good beer. The Dragon Chaser If obscure classics such as salty-sour goses and herbal gruits weren't enough to bewilder the casual beer drinker, regional and hybrid styles such as India pale lagers and Black IPAs only add to the confusion. Corona with a Lime. “If we want to see real change in our industry, we need to support initiatives that can create equitable ownership opportunities for people who look like me.”. They are further exemplified by their habits of saving every label/crown/unique bottle they lay their hands on. Me and my buddies waited three days for a sample pour. I would definitely consider myself a mix of #4 and #9 also. I like that idea. Forgive the typos…. But they all fit with one exception…. On the completely opposite end of the stout spectrum are wheat beers, which also come in a variety of sub-styles. American Wheat beers are usually the cleanest and hoppiest of the wheat beers, with less emphasis on yeast and fruit flavors, and more on a crisp, clean character. I’m quite a bit of number 6, and rather proud of it. http://public.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/palate.html. With an ever-increasing selection of high-quality beers available, well, pretty much everywhere, craft beer enthusiast are experiencing an age of taste enlightenment, a malt and hops renaissance clad in glass, bearing colorful, cleverly labeled heraldry.With so many options, it was inevitable that drinkers and drinking habits would naturally stratify, form groups based on behaviors …

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