This is one of those premises that is so good, and all you can do is hope that the rest of it delivers. Use the HTML below.

The Secret Fury works best if one is willing to suspend one's disbelief from the outset.

But David believes in her innocence and sets out to uncover the conspiracy and the reason behind it.

murder! Her wedding to Robert Ryan is interrupted by a man saying she is already married. Brillant pianist Larry Addams allows his frustrated ambitions to ruin his life and commits suicide, leaving his wife, Lee, and two small children, Penny and Chase, under the stigma of ... See full summary ». In a back room a gunshot fires and Ellen is accused of killing the man. This means the old version of…, NOTE: There is a new and improved version of this list currently being compiled. View production, box office, & company info. A murder takes place and it leads to a trial staged in two of the silliest courtroom scenes ever. He continues sleuthing on his own and in the end the real villain is discovered with a motive that will leave you scratching your head.This film will offer you the opportunity to see stage legend Jane Cowl as Colbert's aunt and Vivian Vance as a hotel maid in a role quite different than Ethel Mertz. The first 30 films each have less than 800 views, victims of undeserved obscurity, watch them all. Film data from TMDb. Ryan's having his doubts, and Colbert is doubting her own sanity. Still it's the stars who put over a rather incredible and incredulous story for your viewing pleasure. The motive for the crime seemed preposterous. On their wedding night, Bob reveals to Betty that he has purchased an abandoned chicken farm. The story gets very intense, especially at the end, and you really feel for her. Written by When a tycoon is accused of murder, the private eye tracking him finds himself roped in as an accessory and attempts to evade police, kidnapping a poetess along the way.

When released, critic Bosley Crowther lambasted the film, especially the screenplay, writing, "Things must be tough in the picture business when such a respectable cast as is in The Secret Fury, now on the Paramount's screen, descends to such cheap and lurid twaddle as this R. K. O. melodrama is, Claudette Colbert, Robert Ryan, Paul Kelly, Philip Ober, Jane Cowl and even José Ferrer in a 'bit' role are the major performers who expend more physical energy than intelligence on this wantonly unintelligible tale.... To lay any blame on the performers for the nonsense that takes place on the screen would be an obvious injustice. Ron Kerrigan . Ending was absurd.

The stranger is Dave Barbour and when they check on his story it seems true enough as Colbert can't provide a real reason not since on the day of 'wedding' she apparently spent it alone.Later on the 'husband' is found dead in a closed room with Colbert and she's put on trial for murder and totally cracks up on the stand as the gaslighting is proving too much. This movie has very high quality elements (Robert Ryan's performance, excellent cinematography) but ultimately is a very forgettable noir for me. (updated through September 2020),, Curated | Film Noir | John Grant | A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Film Noir | Worldwide | 1915-Present, Melodramas of the 1950s & 1960s from Hollywood and Beyond, Curated | Film Noir | Worldwide | Classic | 1940-1965 | Master List, Bluebeard Movies—an Anna Biller selection, Film Noir The Encyclopedia: The Classic Period. Add the first question. This…, Bill Georgaris of TSPDT has finally decided to start updating his film noir page. The first half of the film is pretty good, thanks to the intrigue, but it can't sustain credibility. madness!) Claudette Colbert is a wealthy woman driven to near insanity in "The Secret Fury," also starring Robert Ryan and Jane Cowl. "Night Editor" was based on the already existing radio program in which a newspaper editor would recount the 'inside story' of some bit newspaper story, and later became a television series... See full summary ».

The Secret Fury is a 1950 American black-and-white psychological thriller film noir directed by Mel Ferrer and starring Claudette Colbert, Robert Ryan and Jane Cowl.[2]. The stranger announces that Ellen is already married. I can say this much without giving away the ending. This review may contain spoilers. Report this film. This looked to me like a B movie, and it made for very compelling watching. They temporarily call off the wedding and the couple tries to investigate why someone would accuse her of already being married.

For her next movie, filmmaker Anna Biller (Viva, The Love Witch) is working on a version of the Bluebeard fairytale—rich…, Every film listed in the Film Noir Encyclopedia 4th Edition: Classic Period by Alain Silver, Elizabeth Ward, James Ursini and…, "This is a list of 1000 film noirs and neo-noirs from around the world released between 1920 and 2012.". Charmienne Harker Percy Helton Marjorie Kane Kenner G. Kemp Bert Kennedy Mike Lally John Mantley Bert Moorhouse Vido Musso William J. O'Brien Vivien Oakland Willard Parker Paul Picerni Howard Quinn Ruth Robinson Adele Rowland Ernie Royal Dick Ryan Frank J. Scannell Hal Schaefer Alvin Stoller Burk Symon Harry Tenbrook Connie Van Margaret Wells Walt Yoder, James O'Hanlon Jack Leonard Lionel Houser, RKO Radio Pictures Loring Theatre Corporation, 85 mins   (1950). Ellen is charged with this death. The wedding of Ellen and David is halted by a stranger who insists that the bride is already married to someone else.

A woman preparing to marry her fiance is accused of bigamy by a stranger but she fights back by trying to prove she's the victim of a conspiracy designed to discredit her. This FAQ is empty.

When a New Orleans merchant ship captain finds his father's sister ship derelict at sea, he investigates the crew's mysterious disappearance amid rumors of a smuggled gold cargo. A college professor begins to suspect that a student's accidental death was tied to his refusal to take part in a traditional "hazing" and was no accident. I can handle the truth. At the request of factory owners and union leaders, a tough ex-con infiltrates a gang of loan sharks who are preying on financially desperate factory workers.

Check out our picks for movies that (hopefully) won't keep you up at night. They are interrupted by a stranger claiming to be the best man at Coblert's prior wedding to another man.

The stranger announces that Ellen is already married. I saw that Robert Ryan was in this one, which is what made me want to watch it, but honestly, it was Colbert that really made me glad I did.

Ellen however insists she is not, and the strain of proving she is telling the truth pushes her mind towards a breakdown and results in the death of the man she has supposedly already married (among others.) The great acting of Claudette Colbert and Robert Ryan covers up in The Secret Fury a rather over the top melodramatic story with a really baffling conclusion. The Secret Fury is a film that’s best seen knowing no information. Claudette Colbert Robert Ryan Jane Cowl Paul Kelly Philip Ober Elisabeth Risdon Doris Dudley Dave Barbour Vivian Vance Edit Angold Pat Barton Vangie Beilby June Benbow Gail Bonney Hazel Boyne Clifford Brooke Gene Brown Wheaton Chambers Cliff Clark Ann Codee James Conaty Eddie Dunn Ralph Dunn Estelle Etterre Herbert Evans José Ferrer Joseph Forte Kathleen Freeman Joel Friedkin A woman preparing to marry her fiance is accused of bigamy by a stranger but she fights back by trying to prove she's the victim of a conspiracy designed to discredit her.

Meanwhile, her fiance David, still believing her innocence, begins to find clues that may help free her. It's understandable that Colbert is upset. This is fantastic.

LA ex-cop Vince Kane is a bail-bondsman who bails out the suspect of a securities bonds robbery but his client disappears, prompting Vince to investigate. The premise is given in the first few minutes: as she’s about to be married, Claudette Colbert is told she’s already married—something she has no memory of. Usually in films like this you will find Bob Ryan behind the evil scheme, but in this case he's stalwart and true and doesn't stop believing in Claudette. Directed by Mel Ferrer. As an aside, it's funny how the last movie I watched, The Babe Ruth Story, had William Frawley in a small role, and this one had Vivian Vance in a small, but pivotal, role.

Fun who-dunnit. centering around a particularly wacked-out courtroom trial.

Also interesting for a dramatic role by Vivian Vance. Intriguing, but ultimately preposterous noir melodrama with a hysterical performance from Claudette Colbert.

Good suspense yarn. But everyone else does. But David believes in her innocence and sets out to uncover the conspiracy and the reason behind it. During the ceremony marrying Ellen and David, a stranger stands up when that phrase "if anyone knows why these two may not be joined..." is spoken. Ellen goes on trial, eventually pleads guilty by reason of insanity, and is committed. A happy coincidence, especially since I didn't know either of them were in these movies going in. But everyone else does. Certificate: Passed

I even welled up a bit when it was done, feeling relieved. Corrections are always welcome, email is preferred:

During the ceremony marrying Ellen and David, a stranger stands up when that phrase "if anyone knows why these two may not be joined..." is spoken. Oh, he's going to terrify the heck out of her, I'm sure. The Secret Fury is a 1950 American black-and-white psychological thriller film noir directed by Mel Ferrer and starring Claudette Colbert, Robert Ryan and Jane Cowl. Is that Claudette Colbert in a film noir?

What proceeds afterwards includes murder, a court trial and Colbert being institutionalized. During WW2, in neutral Portugal, a Dutch resistance fighter is attempting to find passage to England while trying to avoid Nazi spies and Portuguese policemen. Film Noir: They Shot Dark Pictures, Didn't They? Then she meets her supposed husband and he's murdered while Ellen is in the room alone with him.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. She breaks down after a lengthy trial, is eventually found not guilty due to insanity, and is sent to a mental institution. 1950 An investigation ensues, and the evidence is against her. 1,000 Noir Films: They Shot Dark Pictures, Didn’t They?

I cloned this list from here: and updated it through August 28 2020. This one is female noir, and a pretty solid one, at that. It packs one surprise and plot twist after another, always getting more insane as it goes on. Ellen is willing to laugh this off, until the stranger produces witnesses, records and the justice of the piece. With the help of a lawyer and the district attorney, the couple tracks down and questions the justice of the peace that signed her wedding papers.

Frustrated, the couple next visits the man to whom Ellen is accused of being married. TMDb

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