Maybe the bandwidth needed isn’t available. Imagine that you’re a satellite operator at a forward operating base. Professor Dr. Rahmi Güçlü of Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul, an engineer appointed by the Government of Turkey to audit and report on the Göktürk-2 program, has claimed that the imagery obtained from space by Göktürk-2 satellite can be used to identify even individuals, due to the state-of-the-art software filters they have developed and that the Turkish Government has already begun using the technology for obtaining intelligence on the military operations of several countries in the region. There are less than a dozen WGS satellites, making the bandwidth on those satellites a precious and limited commodity.

While only time will tell the extent to which the Turkish military will ultimately become involved in these two conflicts its recent activities demonstrate that Ankara certainly seeks to shape the outcome of both. Unfortunately, the Department of Defense (DoD) has another resiliency problem when it comes to its X-band satellite constellation, WGS. Increased mobility and bandwidth dominate discussion at SATELLITE 2015, The case for commercial SatCom in today’s military, Latency – the other enemy on the battlefield, Military discusses defending SATCOM at Space Symposium, Winston Beauchamp on the Need to Increase Resiliency and Regain Advantage in Space, DoD Official Challenges Satcom Providers to Get Creative, New transportable TPS solution offers C3ISR capability and connectivity anywhere, Conversations at Satellite 2015 show need for acquisition reform in the federal government, Congressman Rob Wittman discusses role of COMSATCOM in government at visit to SES GS HQ, Exploring why the Military Eschews a Cost Saving Satellite Solution, SATCOM connects first responders at every step, Embracing the government’s need for speed – how accelerators deliver the throughput and capacity that the military and first responders need, Why NASA is Upping its TEMPO as a Hosted Payload – a Q&A with NASA’s David Beals, How COMSATCOM Enables The Next Generation of Firefighting, In disaster response, COMSATCOM provides backup to emergency personnel and military, they’re considered more effective and reliable, PODCAST: Commercial Connectivity Critical for Communications at the Arctic Circle, The role HTS satellites can play in wildfire and hurricane recovery, U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force evaluate revolutionary satellite technologies that will enable true comms on the move, EM&C and FMI – taking small steps to an integrated satellite architecture, Info Sheet: O3b mPOWER for U.S. Government Missions, White Paper: High Throughput on the High Seas, Virtual Sandtable Technology Improves Visualization and Mission Success, Overcoming the largest threats to military satellites and increasing resiliency.

To learn more about GovSat-1 and its benefits to the warfighter, click HERE.

© 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Based on the satellite image, the Turkish military’s air defense system has been deployed to the town of Al-Mastoumah, which is located just south of Idlib city. Ankara delivered U.S.-built MIM-23 Hawk short-range air defense missile systems to the strategically-important airbase over the summer. The attackers likely used long-range Storm Shadow cruise missiles, possibly launched from either French-built Egyptian Dassault Rafales or Emirati Mirage 2000 fighter jets operating from western Egypt. Ankara may have contemplated establishing such a presence.

F-16 aircraft of the Turkish Air Force are seen after they arrived in Azerbaijan to participate in ... [+] the 'TurAz Qartali-2020' joint exercises, during the official ceremony in Baku, Azerbaijan on July 31, 2020. I consent to having The Government Satellite Report collect my email. By having a commercial option like GovSat-1 that utilizes military technology, the DoD can increase the resiliency of their satellite networks and give the warfighter a way to seamlessly meet their satellite requirements without changing terminals or losing the safety and security of operating in X-band.

Analysis of the Planet Labs satellite images by the New York Times concluded the jets most likely belong to the Turkish Air Force. A more sophisticated solution would be a commercial satellite that delivers the same X and mil Ka-band services as a military satellite. A terminal that has undergone rigorous testing, trials and vetting and that the operator has been trained on to ensure optimal performance.

GovSat-1 is effectively a military AND government satellite, built using a rapid commercial approach whilst maintaining the robust requirements of a military satellite. It provides both X and mil-Ka frequency bands and features many of the advanced capabilities and securities that are found in today’s more advanced communications satellites. “Nobody should be surprised if Turkish F-16s and attack helicopters are seen at the military bases in this country,” he wrote. You may opt-out by.

Or maybe WGS isn’t available. Click the photo above to learn more about GovSat-1. A Turkish Air Force C-130E Hercules transport plane was tracked flying from Etimesgut Air Force Base near Ankara to al-Watiya. And the ability to do so with the same terminal could be invaluable. Unfortunately, with the vast majority of commercial satellites operating at Ku-, C-, or commercial Ka-bands, these military terminals can’t be used on the vast majority of commercial satellites. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The military goes through this process to not only ensure that the terminal functions as advertised, but also to learn its idiosyncrasies.

What those F-16s were doing in Ganja remains unclear.

first indigenous high resolution Earth Observation satellite

the 'TurAz Qartali-2020' joint exercises, during the official ceremony in Baku, Azerbaijan on July 31, 2020. And that’s exactly what is possible with GovSat-1. Nevertheless, Turkey showcased its air force’s reach by carrying out an eight-hour drill in June in which Turkish F-16s flew by Libya’s coast.

The latter is often what they do – acquiring COMSATCOM capabilities on the spot market to fill the SATCOM requirements that WGS can’t. Recent Turkish military activity in airfields in Azerbaijan and Libya raises questions about Ankara’s goals in those countries and the conflicts in which they are presently mired.
What the Hercules was carrying remains unclear. And that brings us back to our original discussion about resiliency…. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. It’s unclear which country carried out the airstrike. If this was indeed the case, then their presence might have been an attempt to replicate Russia’s covert deployment of unmarked MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter jets and Su-24 Fencer bombers to Libya’s Al-Jufra airbase, which is controlled by its Libyan National Army (LNA) ally, in May. Turkey may well have kept those F-16s there, as the Middle East Eye sources claim, to deter Armenian attacks against Ganja. An unnamed source cited by Middle East Eye claimed that the F-16s were “there as a deterrent against any Armenian attacks on civilian populations and military installations within Azerbaijan.”. Official Space Force launch reflects space’s status as warfighting domain, Three future satellite capabilities emerge at Schriever War Games, Check Out Technology Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with, The Government Satellite Report Year in Review – 2016, White Paper: Satellite Evolution Sparks a Service Revolution, The GovSat Report Year in Review – Delivering fiber from the sky, White Paper: How Inclined Capacity Reduces Costs For The U.S. Government, Satellite Communication System for First Responders, White Paper: Saving Lives And Livelihoods By Satellite, White Paper: The Big Beam Boom (High Throughput Satellites), White Paper On O3b “Fiber Like” Satellite Communications, National Science Foundation: Satellite Based Broadband, High Reliability Corporation Custom End-to-End SATCOM Solutions, High Throughput Satellites for U.S. Government Applications, RFI Response: Operational Trial Of A Satellite Communication System For New Jersey’s First Responders, PODCAST: Changing the way the DoD purchases SATCOM, PODCAST: Pete Hoene and Steve Collar on the government use cases of MEO satellites, PODCAST: Nicole Robinson on the benefits of hosted payloads for NOAA and other federal agencies, VIDEO: Pete Hoene on the benefits of hosted payloads, VIDEO: Pete Hoene on MEO satellites and their potential benefits for the government, PODCAST: CHIRP team discusses program and benefits of hosted payloads, VIDEO: Pete Hoene on the evolution of the commercial satellite industry, ASTRA 2G successfully launched into orbit. However, without an established formidable air defense network in western Libya, such a deployment would be extremely risky for Turkish aircraft, as that al-Watiya attack aptly demonstrated. A truce has been in place in Libya and fighting between the GNA and LNA has markedly decreased over the last 2 months.

How far Turkey wants to push ahead with its military build-up in Libya, which decisively helped turn the tables in the conflict in favor of the GNA, remains unclear. In any of those scenarios that I listed, the user can either go without satellite communications or they can turn to the commercial market.

After all, that Russian deployment was clearly made to warn the Turkish-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) forces not to advance on Al-Jufra and the town of Sirte, which was their stated goal.

This method of satellite acquisition is time consuming, takes some level of effort, and can be expensive and limiting.

It also remains to be seen how directly involved Turkey is willing to get in this conflict militarily.

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