The males reach maturity after 2 to 3 years of birth and the females somewhat later, between 5-6 years. For juveniles, I feed one or two small-medium crickets every 10-14 days. For a long time I kept the substrate damp and the t made some elaborate burrows. Be sure to regularly change its water dish with fresh water daily, and to keep half of the substrate dry and the other half moisturized with a spray bottle filled with water weekly. If the breeding was successful the female with produce an egg sack. The only stipulation being that you do not want to do this feeding ritual often, as it might provide too much calcium for your spider and cause molting complications in its exoskeleton, so you may feed it a mammal once a year at most. Cyriocosmus elegans 101: Care, Enclosure, Temperament & More, Grammostola pulchra 101: Care, Enclosure, Temperament & More, Are Tarantulas Spiders? As a deep-burrowing terrestrial spider, you will want to include about 4 inches of firm substrate to form its burrow, ideally consisting of a blend of potting soil, dirt, coconut fiber, and peat moss.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'beyondthetreat_com-banner-1','ezslot_0',135,'0','0'])); Be sure to make room for some areas in your terrarium that do not include large amounts of moss in the substrate, as you will want your spider to easily make its burrow. This striped pattern is what gives the A. seemanni its “Zebra” and “Striped-Knee” common name. Not the calmest tarantula, but not very aggressive. Last modified October 26, 2019. In this case, a Striped-Knee tarantula can fully grow up to 4 to 5½ inches, including the length of its legs, so a medium-sized enclosure is recommended. It is also worth noting that a female Aphonopelma seemanni will most likely outlive the male tarantulas, as the females possess a longer lifespan of about 20 years, whereas the males live up to 5 years at the most—another factor to consider when acquiring this spider. Whereas males only live for about 7 years, reaching maturity in 2-3 years. I fill the enclosure up at least halfway or more with substrate. Be patient and don't panic. Even though mine will spend months in hiding...for no particular reason, one day they just venture out to the surface and seem to hangout in plain sight for days or even weeks before going back into hiding. For slings under .75” i try to keep the substrate slightly damp and provide a tiny water dish if possible or drip water down the side of the enclosure. ), Ephebopus murinus 101: Care, Enclosure, Temperament & More, Hysterocrates gigas 101: Care, Enclosure, Temperament & More. In the case that you think your spider is having difficulty molting, ​there are online guides available to help you expedite the molting process and avoid future complications. The enclosure should have an adequate amount of floor space with several inches of substrate to allow for deep burrows. Provide hiding spots and climbing branches. Good eater that can eat several adult-sized crickets per week. Your email address will not be published. And adults, I feed 4 or 5 adult crickets every three or four weeks. When it comes out of hiding, though, is when it can be truly appreciated. Besides watching out for temperature and humidity, the Aphonopelma seemanni is a rather easy spider to care for and requires simple housing arrangements. Females of this species can live for around 20 years and reach maturity in about 5-6 years. This species can refuse to eat for weeks or even months at a time, especially when in premolt. But I definitely wouldn’t describe this behavior as defensive.
This striped pattern is what gives the A. seemanni its “Zebra” and “Striped-Knee” nickname. While not as aggressive as many other new world spiders (which aren't very aggressive to begin with), the Aphonopelma seemanni can still be a generally defensive creature when threatened. Life Span: Females up to 20 years, Males up to 5years. If you feel your spider has earned a treat, feel free to give it a small mouse of gecko. No two species of arachnids are ever the same, as they come in so many varieties to count! Medium growth rate. However, their venom is low in toxicity and is not known to cause any danger to mankind. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and how I can help you with your pet needs! This T has an amazing feeding response but is skittish and will usually bolt into their burrow when I open the enclosure. The Aphonopelma seemanni is not a picky eater. This enclosure provides secure doors so that you do not have to worry about your A. seemanni bolting out, as well as enough room for it to fully development and include decorations to make your spider feel at home. This tarantula is most commonly found in the northern areas that are warmer and much drier, typically in the dry forests. Beginner - Quite easy to feed, house, and care for in general. They’re spiders! I’m currently a Marketing student at the University of Central Florida with a passion for pets! While these are rather large ranges that the Aphonopelma seemanni can withstand, you do not want to keep it exposed to constantly cooler temperatures, as it will spend most of its time underground anyways to escape heat. These spiders may also come in variants with more blackish hairs on its abdomen, but these are more difficult to breed and locate, so brown coats are much more common to find. Much prefers to take shelter over fighting. Required fields are marked *, Get exclusive pet tips, tricks, and fun stuff that we love :), About         Contact         Medical Disclaimer         Terms         Privacy. In some cases the female even eats the male after mating. Thankfully, you can find a Striped-Knee spider on websites such as Underground Reptiles and Black Water Reptiles for prices as low as $25 to $30.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'beyondthetreat_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_3',138,'0','0'])); Dedicated online communities have made acquiring these types of tarantulas easy for collectors, and they have provided useful information on caring for your very own Costa Rican Zebra tarantula! Note: We may earn commissions from the links within this post. Often sealing themselves in their burrow for months without coming out into the open. As they typically belong to rain forest environments, you will want to stay on top of keeping the humidity at a proper level. Parasites and mites can also become a problem for captive tarantulas, but they're very rare and shouldn't be of too much concern. If not, I remove the feeders 24 hours later and attempt to feed a week or two later. Scientific Name: Aphonopelma seemanni. I keep my spiderlings in a basic spiderling enclosure with plenty of depth for substrate. This tarantula does have a propensity to climb up the sides of the glass and across the top of the enclosure, especially for a few months after a rehouse, so make sure there is not much room from between the top of the enclosure and the floor so if it were to fall, it would not be harmed. We may earn commissions from the links within this post.​. There is no need to dig up the tarantula out of its burrow and try to coax it to take a cricket. You must put the male in the females enclosure, if all goes well he will hold the females fangs with his tibial hooks and inject his sperm into the female. Use a vermiculite substrate, such as Eco Earth or Jungle Mix. I make sure to remove any uneaten prey 24 hours later and 2-3 days after a molt before attempting to feed again. If you notice your Striped-Knee spider not eating for extended periods, do not worry, as this tarantula has often shown signs of little consumption when prepping to molt. Size is definitely an important factor when it comes to choosing an enclosure or deciding how much food is necessary for your tarantula. You must be ready to separate them once they are done mating, if not the female might try to eat the male. This A. seemani, even though a cousin of the desert blond tarantula, does not seem to share its relaxed demeanor. It typically prefers to take flight instead of fighting back against an attacker. As spiderlings they spend the majority of their time burrowed deep into the substrate only occasionally coming out into the open usually to feed or have a drink. In addition, these spiders have a rather medium growth and development rate from their spiderling stage, where female spiders tend to be much larger than their male counterparts once they reach maturity, which is around 3 to 4 years. You may also want to include a small log or piece of bark for your A. seemanni to hide in once it is first introduced to its enclosure and keep it there so that it has an area to hide if feeling threatened. The Costa Rican zebra tarantulaa must-have for hobbyistsoriginates from the wild shrublands of Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Females reach maturity in about 3-4 years, with males getting there a bit quicker.

I have never attempted to handle this species because mine always seem too nervous and skittish to even consider trying. This species can be defensive and certainly isn't what I would consider docile, but would much rather retreat to its burrow than kick hair or five a threat pose. Dubia roaches and mealworms should be used as supplemental food. Slings ~ $30, Males ~ $75, Females ~ $100+. Sexing Your Striped Knee Tarantula Please feel free to request a male or female tarantula (or any combination thereof) when you order, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee the sex. This spider may spend most of its time underground, but when you do see it pop up at night, take a moment and appreciate all that it has to offer! As far as feeding, I give my smallest spiderlings under 0.5”  Flightless Fruit Flies or confused flour beetles twice a week. Hunger strikes are common and to be expected with this species and not something to worry about. (Or Are They Different? This personality trait makes for a very interesting tarantula that many people enjoy, but it also makes for a species that's not great on display. I fill the enclosure at least ⅔ with substrate so it has plenty of room to burrow. This will only cause unneeded stress for your tarantula. Females can live up to 20 years, while males often only live about 3-4 years. When you think about Costa Rica, you may assume it to be a humid and tropical environment, but there are varying environments in this area. And once they're full grown, I keep my adults in 5 or 10 gallon terrestrial enclosures with more width than height. These tarantulas will have a dark brown coat, complemented by bright white or beige-colored stripes running along its legs. The Aphonopelma seemanni, or Costa Rican Zebra, or Stripe Knee Tarantula, is a terrestrial New World species found in Costa Rica and Central America. All Rights Reserved. Maintaining proper heat and humidity levels can be two of the biggest hurdles when caring for an Aphonopelma seemanni. Adult Size: 4-4.5 inches. The damp substrate did lead to many issues with mold and mushrooms growing so I let it dry out and keep it mostly dry, only overflowing the water dish every few weeks and wetting down one corner of the enclosure and letting it dry out completely before overflowing again with no issues. Your email address will not be published. They have hairy bodies, 4 to 8+ eyes, and typically 8 long legs. I keep the water dish full and overflow it slightly every few weeks making sure not to flood their burrows. STRIPED-KNEE TARANTULA CARE: Other Common Names: Costa Rican zebra tarantula. Females reach a legspan of around 5", with males measuring slightly smaller.

However, for the most part, your typical A. seemanni is rather shy and will only attack as a last resort. Hi there! This can reduce risk of the tarantula possibly hurting you, serving as a sign that it may need some space. By not providing your adults with deep enough substrate to burrow, they may tend to stay out on display more often. Once they are over 3” they tend to spend a little more time out in the open.

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