The idea of saying, “Let’s have the first tea party, and where it came from, and how it was invented,” really captures my imagination. Belgravia is a fascinating place because it was the first new area for rich people that had existed in London for hundreds of years. He can’t quite get into polite society on his own terms, because he’s a middle-class professional man, but by the next generation his son will become a gentleman. At its core are two intense love stories spanning two generations and class boundaries. What a delightful, gossipy book this is. Carla Passino delves into the affluent district’s history. It is written with the soaring arc of a saga and the delicacy of shifting emotions. And it’s so good, and I said to Julian, “Put it in the script and we’ll see if we can do that”. The relaxed Cali-vibe of Pomona’s restaurant provides a happy contrast with their very serious attitude towards food – Alexandra Fraser visits, Jason Goodwin tells us about his latest collaboration with graphic designer Richard Adams: a bound and illustrated Christmas story for, Four properties which have a touch of Country Life in the heart of London, Mass exodus to the country, WFH hotspots and what buyers really look for take centre stage in latest property research, Three mesmerising historic homes for sale across the Continent, from a Venetian palazzo to a villa with its own aqueduct, Country Life's Top 100 architects, builders, designers and gardeners, Knightsbridge life: From a hotbed of taverns and thieves to one of the poshest parts of London, Pomona’s review: All the wonder of a beachfront bistro, impeccably presented in London’s Notting Hill, Jason Goodwin: ‘His novels tend to involve a party of opinionated conversationalists descending on a remote country house to talk, drink, dispute and fall in love’. Our best wishes for a productive day. But the real challenge was it’s quite impossible to shoot in Belgravia. Based on Julian Fellowes’s own 2016 novel, Belgravia, named for the well-to-do area of London where so much of its action is set, tells a 19th-century story of class, money, aspiration and the invention of afternoon tea – and of how family secrets can surface long after those involved tried to bury the truth. In the last year, we’ve seen both Beecham House and Sanditon earn plenty of praise and now it’s the turn of Julian Fellowes’ Belgravia to hog the limelight. Have something to tell us about this article? James and Anne Trenchard (Glenister and Greig) are the centre of attention in the series as their cunning sees them aiming to move up in society. It was an eventful day, but then Five Fields — the area that would later become Belgravia — was used to witnessing commotion. In 1677, however, a marriage set in motions the wheels that would change Belgravia’s destiny: Mary Davies, heiress to a local 200-acre farm, tied the knot with Sir Thomas Grosvenor, an ancestor of the Dukes of Westminster. ... was an inn called "The Feathers," about which a good story is told by Mr. J. Larwood in his "History of Sign-boards:"—"A lodge of Odd Fellows was held at this house, into the private chamber of which George Prince of Wales one night intruded very abruptly, with a roystering friend. We’re at the beginnings of the industrial revolution and we’re seeing middle-class men like James Trenchard [played by Philip Glenister], because he’s a brilliant businessman, able to amass a fortune, establish a business. GN: Yes, there’s room for only a few bits of historical detail, but just by seeing those you think, “Who would have thought that the Duchess of Bedford [1783–1857] invented the institution of afternoon tea in the 1840s?” That’s why she’s there [in episode one of Belgravia]. The new neighbourhood was a hit among the fashionable crowd and, over the course of the 19th century, Grosvenor Place alone became home to the Duke of Grafton, the Duke of Northumberland and the Rothschilds (although, when Lord Hatherton moved there in 1830, his servants warned him that ‘they could not, they said, go into such an unheard-of part of the world,’ according to Edward Walford’s ‘Old and New London’ series). Gareth Neame: It was a very different approach to Downton Abbey where I had gone to Julian Fellowes and commissioned him, said, “This is the idea of the show and will you devise a group of characters?” Belgravia was very different because I was reacting to a completed novel. In other news, Long Way Up: When is episode 6 released on Apple TV+? Belgravia highlights: Three places to try, post-lockdown, Peggy Porschen — Simply the prettiest cake shop in London (116, Ebury Street), La Poule au Pot — Recommended by Will Yule of Winkworth both for the food and for the ambience (231, Ebury Street), Les Senteurs — This family-run perfumery stocks a wide range of scents from boutique fragrance houses (71, Elizabeth Street). I thought that would be very intriguing as drama. The Trenchard family are invited to the prestigious Brussells Ball on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo but the festivities are cut short as the battle draws near. He’s had another brilliant idea, he gets into business with the Cubitt brothers, [real figures] great architects, builders who developed a lot of London at that time. GN: Yes, it’s two very distinct periods. It would never happen, so what we did was to go to the New Town of Edinburgh. I thought that’s very interesting and a good setting for a piece of drama: England before it became England, or England just on the political cusp of that event happening. Belgravia continues at 9pm on ITV on Sunday, March 22nd. But we fairly quickly then jump into the Victorian period. Social mobility in the Middle Ages: could medieval people improve their station? The series is based on the 2016 novel of the same name written by Julian Fellowes. In 1840, it’s completely different. Belgravia, which is based on the Julian Fellowes novel of the same name, tells the story of an up and coming family in Georgian England, specifically the affluent area of Belgravia in London. The Gone with the Wind star moved into a flat at No 54 in 1958, towards the end of her marriage to Laurence Olivier and, although she set aside a room for him, they divorced two years later. ITV’s Belgravia blends fiction and history. One would always say this: first and foremost, it’s a drama, it’s a story. His success in supplying the British army during the Battle of Waterloo sees him climb the social ladder and become an affluent member of society, becoming a leading figure in the Belgravia area of London. Unlike the excesses of Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes’ Belgravia has all the tightness and subtlety of Gosford Park. {{#media.focal_point}}. Then as now, Belgravia’s crown jewels were the three squares strung like beads along the length of Eccleston Street and Belgrave Place. Everything you ever wanted to know about... Before Waterloo: what happened at the real Duchess of Richmond’s ball? We shot all of the exteriors for Eaton Square and Belgrave Square, we shot around there, and then in post-production we added all of the stucco and the porticos. ©Carnival Films / ITV. Belgravia, which is based on the Julian Fellowes novel of the same name, tells the story of an up and coming family in Georgian England, specifically the affluent area of Belgravia in London. Adventure and opportunity: female transatlantic travellers. Long Way Up: When is episode 6 released on Apple TV+? You want to get those details right. Downton was elegiac, about the dying of the light, the end of the power and dominance of the aristocracy – they were running out of money, they now had to pay tax, they couldn’t afford the servants, they had to sell off land, the primacy of the British empire and the aristocracy were coming to an end. Very few things have always existed, they had to be created by somebody. Belgravia is the name on every Londoner’s lips, thanks to Julian Fellowes’s recent TV series of the same name. Julian writes with a lot of confidence about these different eras. What it does have in common with Downton is that extraordinary social observation, the comedy of manners, that Fellowes writes – hierarchies, people’s views of themselves and of others, and where they sit in society, and people who are ambitious or want to fall in love or make something of their lives. You want to get them right I think because it gives the audience confidence that they really are being transported into a historical world. So what we did as a way of incorporating that is it’s in the title sequence [the column’s construction shown in illustrations]. The Wilton Arms in Kinnerton Street is a well-established watering hole. Gareth Neame, managing director of production company Carnival Films, tells us how his team went about recreating the past, in part a case of getting telling details right in order to build trust with viewers, and why he so often looks for historical subjects as the basis for TV series….

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