Please support us in continuing to offer - as we set out to do when we launched in June 2012 - journalism that is truly independent and informed. The Sofia Globe - daily news and features from Bulgaria, CEE and the world, on NSI: Bulgaria’s population dropped below seven million in 2019, October 8, 2020, by The Sofia Globe staff, October 7, 2020, by The Sofia Globe staff, September 28, 2020, by Clive Leviev-Sawyer, September 14, 2020, by The Sofia Globe staff, October 24, 2020, by The Sofia Globe staff, October 27, 2020, by The Sofia Globe staff, October 22, 2020, by The Sofia Globe staff, October 28, 2020, by The Sofia Globe staff. 29,218 were Moldovan citizens, 5930 Ukrainians, 5374 Serbians, 5194 Russians, 3840 Israeli, 2192 Albanians, 692 Turks and others. A grade school was built in 1840 and the city's name was changed to Zheleznik (Железник; a Slavic translation of Beroe) in 1854 instead of the Turkish Eskizağra (Also called Zağra-i Atik), but was renamed once again to Stara Zagora in 1870. [26], Demographic statistics according to the World Population Review. The total number of refugees in 1878-1940 is estimated at between 700,000 and 1,200,000. Conditions in the labor market are exceptionally favorable. As of 2017, the municipality of Nikolaevo has the highest crude birth rate with 18.6‰, followed by Tvarditsa (16.7‰) and Kaynardzha (15.7‰). [7] The peak was in 1989, the year when the borders opened after a half of a century of communist regime, when the population numbered 9,009,018. Bulgaria's HIV rate is among the lowest in the world, being 0.1% or 3,800 infected as of 2009. Most Bulgarians (72.5 per cent) reside in urban areas. It is about 231 kilometres (144 mi) from Sofia, near the Bedechka river in the historic region of Thrace. Over 98% of the population is literate, the males being more literate than the females. On the other hand, the municipalities of Georgi Damyanovo, Banite and Nevestino have a extremely low birth rates. Migration processes are relatively weak, with a negative net rate, but in comparison with others, the reported dynamics is not too negative. figure at the end of 2018, the total represented a decrease of 0.7 Handbook, (Littleton, Co: Libraries Limited, Inc.). The population of [9], Every year October 5 is celebrated as the official day of Stara Zagora with multiple events, concerts, activities for kids and a fair. 2 Denotes secret backstage censuses ordered by the Ministry of Interior for enumerating Romani people alone. The unemployment rate in rural areas (around 10.0%) is nearly two times higher than the unemployment rate in urban areas (approximately 5.1%). The number of deaths in Higher rates were reported in Vratsa and Gabrovo. per cent, or 48 557 people. In 2018 the number of registered crimes against the person and property kept decreasing: a nation-wide tendency. Its status and importance is evidenced by the visits of several emperors including Septimius Severus (193-211), Caracalla (211-217), and Diocletian (294-305). negative natural increase the country population decreases by 46 545 Bulgaria has one of the highest share of teenage pregnancy in Europe. [66][67] Currently there are three active mobile phone operators—Mtel, Telenor and Vivacom, Mtel is the largest one with 5.2 million users as of 2010,[68] Telenor has 3,9 million as of 2007 and Vivacom over 1 million[citation needed]. the population of Bulgaria. Economic growth has contributed to high salaries, relatively high household incomes, and relatively low poverty levels. of retail space - for most favourable location of the site) (2019), Annual waste collection charge for properties of legal entities (2018), Local tax on the sale of immovable property (2019), Average annual taxi service patent tax (2019), Share of territory included in cadastral map (2018), Level of development of local government e-services (2019), Level of development of one-stop shop services (2019), Old age dependancy ratio 65+ to 0-15 (2018), Old age dependancy ratio 65+ to 15-64 (2018), Population density (calculated based on populated areas and other urban areas) (2018), Students in colleges and universities 1000 people (2018), Net enrolment rate of the population (grades 5th through 8th) (2018), Share of dropouts from primary and secondary education (2017), Percent of failed students at state matriculation exams (2019), Average grades at state matriculation exams (2019), Teachers in primary and secondary education per 1000 pupils (2018), Relative share of the population aged 25-64 with tertiary education (2014), Number of people per general practitioner (2018), Number of people per doctor of a leading medical specialty (2018), Health insured persons as share of the population (2018), Number of beds in Multi-profile Hospitals for AMT per 1 000 people (2018), Cases of hospitalization in Multi-profile AMT Hospitals per 1 000 people (2018), Share of criminal cases closed in the first 3 months (2018), Crimes against the person and property per 1000 people (2018), Clearance rate for crimes against the person and property, registered throughout the year (2018), Household waste generated per capita of serviced population (2017), Share of the population living in settlements with public sewerage systems, connected to WWTP (2017), Share of population living in settlements with public sewerage systems (2017), Emissions of carbon dioxide per sq.

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