BBC Wales. With this in mind, the partnership working is focussed on nest finding early in the season, to ensure that as many first breeding attempts as possible are successful. They feed on worms, insects in the bracken, and later in the year, bilberry and rowan berries. Ring ouzels to be given a specially-designed new home, The status of Ring Ouzels Turdus torquatus in the UK in 2012, European Bird Cencus Council (EBCC) - ‘European’ breeding trend for Ring Ouzel, Study finds rare Ring Ouzels doing well in Snowdonia. Nesting is on or close to the ground, mainly in heather and the Ring ouzel can produce two broods a year. Ring ouzels arrive in the UK in March to breed and leave again in September. But nationally numbers are declining dramatically and they are red-listed as a species of major conservation concern. The population in an intensive study area in Glen Clunie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland decreased by 67%, from 39 to 13 breeding pairs, during 1998-2009. The ring ouzel Turdus torquatus is a summer migrant to Europe and Fennoscandia, where it is characteristically associated with upland areas. Stanage and Burbage are designated at the highest European level as a Special Protection Area for rare upland birds. There are populations in Dartmoor, the North York Moors, Yorkshire Dales, North Wales, Cumbria and Scotland, but the feature on Springwatch focuses on the “Eastern Edges” of the Peak District. Dogs cause serious problems for birds like the Ring Ouzel just by being nearby. Click here, Click here to report a Ring Ouzel sighting, Click here for help identifying Ring Ouzels, Click here to report a COLOUR RINGED Ring Ouzel, Ring Ouzel disturbance in Derbyshire 2012 - David Bingham, North York Moors 2012 Report - Ken Hurchinson & Vic Fairbrother, National Ring Ouzel Survey 2012 - provisional estimates, Seasonal variation in foraging conditions for Ring Ouzels Turdus torquatus in upland habitats and their effects on juvenile habitat selection This is important during breeding and after fledging when the young may be concealed in the bracken below the nest sites. Recent studies aimed at understanding the worrying population decline in ring ouzel populations suggest that low first-year and possibly adult survival, may be the main reason for dwindling numbers. 3 Varied diet. Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch Blog. Females follow soon after, and pairing up begins. The blackbird of the mountains, ring ouzels can be found breeding on upland moors and rocky crags in summer. On their way back to Africa for the winter they appear to use regular stop off points, rather like Dotterel. Ring ouzel arrive in their British summer breeding grounds in late March, before migrating south to overwinter in southern Spain and Morocco in early Autumn. Footpaths ensure that there is constant source of short grass to forage in, chalk from climbers and boulderers enrich the soil beneath the edges, and it is possible too that the presence of people in the area could deter predators. Once the nest is found, this is where the volunteers from the BMC come in, allocating a volunteer to keep an eye on a nest, enabling the progress of each nest to be tracked, from nest building and egg laying, to incubation, feeding young, and hopefully fledging. The partnership receive updates from MFF throughout the nesting season on all the latest sightings, so if you do happen to see a mountain blackbird on your travels, you can download the app and let them know. The number of breeding pairs of ring ouzels decreased by 44-100% during 1979-2009 across 13 study areas throughout the UK. The males can often be seen singing from a rock or flying low across the moor to collect food. Click here, Introduction & number of territorial pairs, Seasonal variation in foraging conditions for Ring Ouzels Turdus torquatus in upland habitats and their effects on juvenile habitat selection, Frequency of multiple brooding in Ring Ouzels, including first documented cases of triple brooding. ring ouzel uk . Ring Ouzel look like blackbirds but with a white crescent on their breast. It is suspected that this decrease is related to ongoing changes to their British habitat. One of my target birds for October was Ring Ouzel. Ring Ouzels, also known as Mountain Blackbirds, are part of the heritage of Stanage and Burbage. This is a good time to see them on passage before they return to their breeding grounds in early April. Have you got the bottle to help create a plastic free Peak District? Check out the latest identification video to help separate this species from Blackbird, both on the ground, in flight and by song. Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award & Queen's Scout/Guide Award, Volunteering and sponsorship for businesses, Moors For the Future Community Science Project, National Park Ranger - telephone: 0783 162 5397. This has worked well in the past on Stanage Edge, where the BMC have been an integral part of ensuring ring ouzel nests are not disturbed during the breeding season. Ring ouzels have declined dramatically in the UK in the last 30 years, making them a Red listed species, but the population on the Eastern Edges appears to be bucking this trend. Click picture, I think I have seen a Ring Ouzel but I'm not sure. The story of ring ouzels on the Eastern Edges is an example of people and wildlife co-existing in the uplands, and is one the partnership are really keen to tell. INNES M. W. SIM, SONJA C. LUDWIG, MURRAY C. GRANT, JOANNA L. LOUGHREY, GRAHAM W. REBECCA & STEVE REDPATH, Frequency of multiple brooding in Ring Ouzels, including first documented cases of triple brooding They feed on insects, berries and earthworms. The Eastern Moors Partnerhsip are interested in finding out about ring ouzel sightings. Early in the season (March/April) is often the best time to see them as they noisily sing from prominent crags and boulders to proclaim their territory, but you’ll have to pick your time – dawn and dusk are best.

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