Schwangerschaftswoche und Geburtstermin berechnen. [47], The Colombian Navy training ship Gloria, also left Papeete Harbor in Tahiti once the warning was issued as a precaution. [51] Air New Zealand arranged for larger Boeing 777 aircraft to carry in relief workers and evacuate tourists to Auckland, and fly the Samoan Prime Minister back to his country. [8], The Los Angeles Times, quoting a source at the National Park of American Samoa, reported that "four tsunami waves, 15 to 20 ft (4.6 to 6 m) high", and "reaching up to a mile (1.6 km) inland" hit American Samoa shortly after the earthquake. 1 doctor, 2 nurses and one logistics expert, all members of our emergency medical staff will carry a total of 600 kg [sic] of medical material that will be dispatched locally by the FRANZ authorities. "Es zeigte sich in dieser Situation, wie ausgeprägt zum Beispiel der Familien- und Gemeinschaftssinn ist. Like other scientists working in the aftermath of a tsunami, I suppressed my reaction and concentrated on collecting data needed to improve our understanding of tsunamis. Eine Straße in Pago Pago: In Amerikanisch-Samoa, im Osten der Inselgruppe, trafen eine Viertelstunde nach der Warnung vier Tsunamis ein, die vier bis sechs Meter hoch waren und bis zu 1,5 Kilometer weit die Küste überrollten. To learn more about their activities and observations, visit the page "USGS Scientists in Samoa and American Samoa Studying Impacts of Tsunami in 2009" which includes written observations, numerous photographs, and selected interviews with survivors. Similar educational efforts could benefit coastal residents in other countries, including the United States. Man half sich untereinander, lieh sich Fahrzeuge, um Verletzte ins Krankenhaus zu transportieren, räumte in kürzester Zeit Schutt auf den Straßen beiseite, um sie wieder passierbar zu machen. „In den Bergen haben junge Männer auf Benzinkanister getrommelt, um die Menschen zu warnen.“In der Hauptstadt Pago-Pago wurde die Fischfabrik überschwemmt, die Stromversorgung brach zusammen. Signs like this warn people living on the coast to go to higher ground after an earthquake. [77][78] Shocks with magnitude 6.0 or higher are highlighted in light blue. Another possible cause for the strong return flow is the shape of the waves in the tsunami wave train; this factor is being investigated using hydrodynamic models. [57], Other aid came from concerned individuals and groups throughout the world, namely New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Canada. [23] Elsewhere there were reports of landslides near Solosolo and damage to plantations near Apia. [27], The eastern part of the island remains without power or water supplies after the earthquake. [11], A Radio New Zealand International correspondent reported that the center of Pago Pago, the largest city in American Samoa, had sustained heavy damage in the tsunami, with its main street flooded, cars overturned, and shoreline businesses damaged. Photo credit: Bruce Jaffe, USGS. HIT Prospekt [46] Earlier, a government plane sent to the island could not land due to tsunami damage at Niuatoputapu Airport, which had been forced to close. [47], In the Marquesas Islands, some bays were nearly emptied of their water before a wave crashed back in and refilled the area. Sono stati distribuite 2.000 bustine di sali per la reidratazione orale per la cura della diarrea acuta, 5.000 compresse per la potabilizzazione dell'acqua e 7.000 opuscoli informativi su come garantire le condizioni igieniche indispensabili in condizioni di emergenza. „Ich bin so schockiert, so traurig über den Verlust.“ Sein Stellvertreter Misa Telefoni hat traurige Nachrichten von den Touristengebieten an den Küsten der Hauptinsel Upolu: «Die meisten Anlagen sind völlig zerstört. Values are not tide-corrected, and the scale of the figure precludes showing all details of observed spatial variations. Bitte loggen Sie sich vor dem Kommentieren ein, Verfolgen Sie die neuesten Artikel zum Thema „Aus aller Welt“ in Ihrem RSS-Reader oder E-Mail-Programm. [47], Outside of the Marquesas, the threat of a tsunami largely passed without much incidence. The tsunami caused damages in 6 further countries. Mit dem Datenflat-Vergleich zum günstigsten Tarif, DSL „Ich weiß nicht, wie viele Leute tot sind, aber ich weiß, dass hier gerade einige Leute Leichen bergen.“Nach Behördenangaben hat der Tsunami mindestens 113 Menschen in den Tod gerissen: 84 in Samoa, 22 im benachbarten Amerikanisch-Samoa und sieben in Tonga. [46] Tonga's acting Prime Minister Lord Tuita said the government is sending a second plane to Niuatoputapu, but that communication links have been damaged. The refraction caused by underwater topography can also focus the tsunami energy. Many people, including local officials and villagers alike, wanted to know more about this tsunami and to understand the risk from future tsunamis. Größentabelle & Umrechner. [9] Damage to the National Park's natural reserves and the destruction of its visitor center and main offices have been reported, while only 20% of the park's 40 to 50 employees and volunteers had been found. Earthquake in the United States (Andreanof Islands, Ak) with a magnitude of 8.6. Niue was reported as reasonably safe because it is high. [46], Relief efforts undertaken by the Tongan government and Red Cross focused on Niuatoputapu, with support from Australia, New Zealand and France.

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