Romanian food might be the most underrated cuisine in all of Europe right now, and that simply means you’re guaranteed to be so delightfully surprised when you explore the delectable world of Romanian cuisine for yourself! As a Romanian, Ovidiu was surprised to see that a lot of people who lived outside his country, didn’t really know many valuable things about Romania. The result was a meal which soon became a staple amongst Romanian dishes. This roll filled with cabbage is a perfect snack for those who don’t like sweets. To see and share beautiful Romania with Ovidiu is a lifetime experience I am not going into great detail but do yourself a favor and do it with Explore Bucovina I guarantee you will have memories to last forever. Brasov Ciorba means soup in Romanian, so if you don’t know what to order, go with any ciorba and you probably won’t be disappointed. Incredible Things to do in Sighisoara, Romania, 7 Castles in Transylvania That Will Blow your Mind, 10 of the Best Cities in Romania to Visit. In fact, during our visits to Romania, we see in some regions people selling huge quantities of porcini mushrooms along the busiest roads (this being one of their main activities in the mountain areas). Romania has a long history of adoring and respecting French culture, and sometimes you can see that in their language. To find the best mici, follow the clouds of smoke and smells near the crowded markets and fairs. Did you know that pancakes are originally from Romania? When it comes to alcohol, beer and wine in Romania are the most popular. Being a peasant dish, it is cooked in a simple and delicious way, almost always accompanied by polenta. The results are starters and main courses with a familiar homemade quality, built around staples such as pork, chicken and lamb, but made special through the addition of ample, organic fruits and vegetables. Image by AnatoliiPopov_Tolik from Pixabay. Romanian cuisine is all about indulgence, and papanasi might be the very pinnacle of that. Fairly streamlined and transparent communication. After spending 5 years as digital nomads, and living in many countries in the world, we decided to make Poland our base. Jessica is a full-time freelance travel writer from the UK. The story goes that a Romanian chef who worked in a Bucharest kitchen back in the 19th Century one day ran out of skin for his sausages. Sometimes they are served with powder sugar on top. * For vegetarians or vegans, there are excellent vegetable, beet, porcini or mushroom soups. Don’t order them in elegant restaurants, because even if you find them, it will be a disappointing experience. Our mission is to show you safe and interesting destinations where you can travel with your family. Our itinerary was crafted by two of the tour members – one Romanian, one French, who had long dreamt of sharing the wonderful Romanian landscape, people and cultures with friends from Europe and the USA. I recommend not only to try it, but also to enjoy this very special preparation. 1. Right now, it’s too basic to eat, so it became one of the most popular Romanian side dishes. I was with my 2 sisters and 2 nieces from the US. Not only is Romania a very welcoming country to visit, but it has a history that will give you an appreciation for the strong spirit of the Romanian people. To start with, you need to know that traditional Romanian food is absolutely delicious! The greatest feast only offered a few types of dishes. Below, we list some traditional romanian food and dishes to look out for. We had great communication with Explore Bucovina and felt confident our tour would be suitable. We’ve been hunting for them all over Romania and either they were not available in menu or we needed to order them 24 hours in advance. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. * Do not order anything else to eat if you have already ordered a Tochitura. Traditional Romanian Food: Mici / Mititei – Rolled Meat The words Mici & Mititei both mean “Small ones”, and mici is literally a small rolled meat. It contains a mixture of vegetables and greens, most often based on eggplants, beans, or forest mushrooms, but in some parts of Romania, it can also be based on fish. It’s based on organic and fresh ingredients, and you can feel the quality with every bite you take. Saw some great scenery and historic buildings and learned so much about România The trip was much more than we had hope for such a short trip. Mici is the most famous Romanian sausage, however, the others are worth trying as well. As a paradox, the most popular Romanian dish has similar versions in some Balkan countries, but obviously, the Romanian one wins. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Romanian desserts are one of the best we have had in Europe (fun fact- did you know that pancakes actually come from Romania?). Romanians love their cheese. Most of our cheeses are fresh sheep’s milk cheeses. But you are not traveling to this country to eat chocolate, right? These cookies do not store any personal information. Essentially, papanasi are towers of fried doughnut, filled with yogurt, topped with another small ball of fried doughnut and drizzled in blueberry jam. © 2020 Lonely Planet. The most peculiar thing about Romanian food is that it has a very familiar taste, but at the same time it tastes like something you've never tried before. Your email address will not be published. By now you can see how vital pork is to Romanian cuisine. Yes, I can’t wait to come back to Romania to eat Romanian food again! In other parts of the country, the favourite might be clătite, crepes filled with chocolate or fresh fruit. Ovidiu met us off the night train from Bucarest to Sighet, then led us as guide and driver through stops in Maramures, Bucovina, and Transylvania. I would very highly recommend his services. He knew the details, but also the bigger picture He was not only well-rehearsed, but also ready to answer follow-up questions in depth. For snacking and eating on the run, visitors are spoiled for choice, and the options run much deeper than a Big Mac or a bucket of KFC. These are cabbage rolls, stuffed with spiced pork and rice, as good as grandma's. There were no mailboxes to mail postcards back to the U.S., so Ovidiu took the time to drive around and around the post office so I could run in and mail the postcards. They’re meaty, sugary sweet, full of carbs, and perfect for keeping you warm and full through the winter months. Our tour with Florin was great. It was around 0 degrees this week, so if you come in “winter” time, make sure you wear warm clothes as you will spend some time outdoors. Probably the most popular Romanian dessert, it’s fantastic! It’s a Romanian bakery chain, be sure to check if there is any Gigi around you and get their warm covrig cu visine! The most popular side is the Romanian staple, mămăligă. Also, Negruzzi writes in "Alexandru Lăpușneanu": "In Moldavia, at this time, fine food wasn't fashioned. We didn’t neglect the other sites or learning about other aspects of Romania — Sorin just put in long and very full days with us. Wrap the dough on a wooden cylinder, cover it with sugar and turn it over the embers for 5 minutes. The minced pork and rice are wrapped in cabbage leaves. His started his journey as a travel guide working for different agencies but soon, he felt like he could offer much more on his own, so he decided to take everything to the “next level” and start a high quality travel agency with integrity and a focus on the client’s needs. The Ultimate Transylvania Tour to Dracula’s Castle. Romanian dishes are, first and foremost, indulgent. I cannot day enough about his wonderful services., Tom Taylor, Boston Mass. I want emails from Lonely Planet with travel and product information, promotions, advertisements, third-party offers, and surveys. It’s one of the best snack EVER! This Romanian cabbage dish is pretty similar to Polish golabki. They usually have a powder sugar on top. Although it’s called a salad, it’s actually more of a dip (think hummus) made from eggplant, egg yolks, mayonnaise, chopped onion, and mustard. In addition to grandpa's garden, you’ll occasionally find ţuică sold in plastic bottles at roadside fruit stands, sitting there innocently next to the apples and watermelons. We had a really good day this week with Sorin at the Classic tour. Be prepared to fall in love with this fascinating country, as demonstrated by your excellent tour guide. Comfort food. Like in many other countries, eggs are popular for breakfast in Romania as well. Enough about the basics, let’s talk about the dishes! He knew everything about the Castle, the woodwork, the history, the artwork. He brushed away the Gypsies selling things we didn’t want and guided us to the souvenirs we were looking for. It’s savory and quite similar to other cabbage pastries that you can find in Eastern European countries. A guide, Adrian, was more just a guide but someone who you’d hang out with. The loaf is made with sugar to sweeten it, and the brown swirls you can see inside are made from hazelnuts or walnuts for even more sweetness and flavour. The ones you should definitely try are: “branza de burduf in coaja de brad” (cheese inside spruce bark), “cas” (fresh or slightly aged cheese) or the popular “telemea” (fresh salty cheese). Romanian food has something for everyone, even vegetarians.

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