Identification of suitable cryptography for wireless sensor networks is an important challenge due to limitation of energy, computation capability and storage resources of the sensor nodes. We analyze the impact of silence detection applied to secure P2P VoIP multiconferencing. tion, communication and storage overheads. Section 2 is a general discussion about security so-. replaying, and flooding and wormhole attacks [6]. but can also decrease sensor network operability, By selecting a suitable algorithm and operation conditions for encryption and authentication, the data security in. Performance evalu-, ation has shown that this platform is energy-ef, The dominating traffic pattern in WSN is many-to-one. ... Aziz et al. Authentication may be used to check data integrity, tegrity check makes sure that the message has not, been altered by an adversary and an authentication. phering has on time and energy consumption. In this paper, we propose a chaotic-based key scheduling algorithm for the RC5 in which round keys are generated based on 2-D chaotic maps and used as a symmetric key during the encryption and decryption process. is an open manufacturer-independent platform dev, set of functions and messages which are needed to, enable co-operative networking between dif, vices and the common means for data collection and. pansion is executed before actual encryption and its, how much time the key expansion routine for the en-, cryption key consumes with different word lengths as, After the key expansion, encryption and decryption, procedures can be initiated in a manner presented in, to encrypt messages of various data length with dif-, ferent word lengths and with different numbers of en-. Kukkurainen et al. forwarding mode do not interpret messages except for, the information related to the forwarding or storing of, and a low overhead from the networking perspecti. Linking up these appliances into a single all-inclusive building control system offers a dexterous interface for the user to control building conditions and the interesting possibility of developing novel and varied building control applications to improve energy efficiency, security and living conditions. In this paper RC5 based encryption and CMAC authentication are used to obtain data confidentiality, freshness, replay protection, authentication, and integrity. plished by handling the 16-bit register in 8-bit parts; Here the results are considered from a message trans-, Figure 11, it can be seen that by increasing the oscilla-, tor frequency from 1 MHz to 8 MHz, the computation, time decreases by 63 % to 77 % depending on mes-, vary as a function of the oscillator frequency (exclud-. Understanding of any computing environment requires familiarity with its underlying technologies. Based on homomorphic encryption technology and the non-repudiation transmission protocol, a novel approach to protect sensor data secure is proposed. [12] suggested a protected directing method to recognize fake records and dim opening assault by the utilization of measurable on the way separating (SEF) to expand the safety stage in WSN, As the use of sensor networks increases, security in this domain becomes a very real concern. Building is a harsh environment for reliable wireless communication and thus special means are needed for wireless sensor networking. energy-scarce nodes in sensing mode typically oper-, ate with large transmission intervals and therefore the, energy consumption increase caused by added secu-, rity is tolerable and does not substantially affect sen-, control applications messages are not normally fre-, quent and so the utilization of security features pre-, sented causes neither congestion in network operation, nor significant increases in sensor node energy con-, Although we managed to present a lightweight, solution using optimized C code, lighter and faster, encryption and authentication algorithms are achiev-. In this scenario, the importance of implementing security on patients’ clinical information increases, so that this could not be either changed or read by an unauthorized person. We show that our protocol can achieve over 90 % connectivity among neighboring sensors with link keys that are uncompromised even when 80 % of the devices in the network are malicious and collude. Because of fully using symmetric encryption algorithm, the, Wireless sensor networks are typically used in different control and monitoring applications. The study is based on the automated data collection system (ADCS). The focus is on security and performance trade-offs, especially in energy consumption and computation, as a reference but all the results are easily exploited, itoring in buildings, and is comprehensive with re, to the different functions and devices needed to im-, head protocol, and reduced channel reservation time. Lifetime analysis on practical KILAVI nodes shows very promising results. Atique et al. The message size also affects reliability and scalabil-, the idea that message size, and the number of mes-, sages, should be minimized in order to achieve the, are methods that can be used to keep this sensitive, tosystems each node has a public key and a priv, such as the Diffie-Hellman key agreement or RSA sig-, natures are typically too conservative in their secu-, rity measures, adding too much complexity and pro-. room temperatures or device conditions. The plain text to be encrypted, is divided into parts A and B. Kilavi platform is intended for low-power and low data rate autonomous communication between sensors and actuators. tures affect sensor and sensor network performance. Finally, section 9 concludes the paper. One fundamental aspect of providing confidentiality and authentication is key distribution. consumption, time demanded for encryption and de-, cryption operations (bit rotation, addition, multiplica-. for building control and monitoring systems. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. In this work, we propose a novel protocol for symmetric key, Researchers show that data aggregation could save energy and bandwidth of the networks. with application-specific sensor networking. However, languages and IDE (Integrated Development Environments) used to develop applications for WSN are often strictly related to the involved HW/SW platform leading to complex activities, especially when dealing with heterogeneous WSN composed of nodes with different hw features, operating systems, communication standards, etc. This centralized approach shifts network load away from simple and resource- constrained sensor and actuator nodes, thus enabling low power sensor node operation. Cipher feedback mode is adapted to further increase the diffusion property of the cipher. Presented in a concise and easy to read format by experts intimately involved in the development and writing of the standard, this guide is an invaluable resource to the standard for those interested in the field of "simple" wireless connectivity. [16, 17], In this work, the RC5 encryption algorithm is, used in counter mode (CTR). be performed before the encryption can be initiated. This paper presents an application-specific wireless Kilavi platform developed for building control purposes. Sensor network offers the ambient intelligence to integrated building. The demand for remote health monitoring will significantly increase in the near future due to a decrease in the doctor/patient ratio as the world population grows. In the key expansion procedure (see Figure 5), computation time can decrease by as much as 68 %, if, optimal word length is used (in this case 16-bits). First, an XOR opera-, tion is performed on A and B. archical architecture to enable resource concentration, compact messages to obtain robust networking, 433, MHz operating frequency to gain necessary operat-, ing distances with low-power consumption, multihop, communication to enable large-scale networks and, low-power sensors, and hybrid flooding to provide, architecture is shown in Figure 4. Intermediate nodes are sensor/control nodes with data relaying capability that may be used to implement a multi-hop network.

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