To assist in getting a grip on rational thinking, we need to use situations which generate a troubled state of mind; we need a problem, because rational thinking therapy is very solution oriented, and there is no solution without a problem. Desejo receber notificações de destaques e novidades. Although ‘body reading’ can certainly give clues and hints to what one might be feeling, by what they are showing in body language, we don’t know what they are saying to themselves about others, or about themselves. Tem certeza que deseja sair sem salvar suas alterações? There is no continuum, no shades of gray. What is anger? It is doubt that shows we are still thinking, still willing to reexamine hardened beliefs when confronted with new facts and new evidence.” – Diane Ravitch, More ABC’s of Rational Thinking CLICK HERE, Your email address will not be published. In exchange for your humility and empathy,Comes immortality, death becomes a fallacy;Human essence reduced to mere plasticityIn this rational thinking, logical future. It’s Natural Law. E tudo o que resta é a pá de merda.E tudo o que resta é a pá de merda. Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist? We become angry about what they are thinking, which is Column C. What is your belief schema about others being angry with you? If you were caught in a traffic jam (AS) and were very upset (EO), your belief, for example, that this traffic jam should not be happening (BS), is faulty and may slip into frustration or anger. Or, a person is overweight by a small amount, and calls themselves fat. Sabe de quem é a composição? To think the traffic jam should not be happening is faulty because the objective, verified and proven reality is, it is happening. When we are too certain of our opinions, we run the risk of ignoring any evidence that conflicts with our views. Again, one of the most rational uses of language in regards to the future is ‘I don’t know.’ And, unlike mind reading in which we do have an opportunity to actually know, by asking, we don’t have such opportunity regarding the future. It’s physics. And, if anger is on the most right of a Likert Scale, what would be on the most left end as a representative of the exact opposite of anger? If you were confronted with a new, radiantly transformative, liberating belief schema, about you as person, so verified and evidence-based that you’d be considered a moron by rejecting it, would you accept it? Our Beliefs are built with our own thinking; however, we use language to think; so it is language that sustains our beliefs, effective or dysfunctional as they may be. Em troca de sua humildade e empatia,Vem a imortalidade, a morte torna-se uma falácia;Essência humana reduzida a mera plasticidadeNeste pensamento racional futuro, lógico. In most all cases, whatever we believe we have to do, or should be, or must not do, ‘choose to, or choose not to’ is a more appropriate term to represent the fundamental power of choice, which, though often referred to as both a blessing and a curse, is ours. When the belief schema that the sun revolved around the earth was proven faulty, it generated violence. Rational thinking is a higher brain function and it’s typically not taught in public or private schools. Add the choice phrase, I choose to, I choose to go to work, and feel that. Required fields are marked *, The basic blueprint of the homework exercise is to take a sheet of notebook paper, draw three vertical columns. So, in the homework exercise you start in the C column, writing down your state of mind which, presumably, has been agitated or irritated by a situation, which you write down in Column A. Column AS is filled with anticipated situations, and about which our belief schemas (BS) are such that the emotional outcome is problematic, troubled, conflicted, uncomfortable. We have belief schemas about ‘self’ which are likely faulty. Moderately uncomfortable situations can be amplified into deeply disturbing experiences based on a projection, a conjecture, a guess about the future. Life is a continuum, not an either/or. To Be Somebody In The Eyes of Somebody Else, Smokin,’ Dopin,’ and Copin’ in a Crazy World. On the precipice as the singularity encroaches? If your feeling anxious about something in the future, consider adopting the belief schema that you don’t know the future. But, there is is this B column, which is really the cause of the feelings, moods, and emotions. Science, evidence, verification, all suggest variations, differences in scale, intensity, temperature, weight. One of the more common faulty belief schemas we hold is that we can somehow know what other people are thinking. In the field of rational thinking, aka rational emotive therapy, aka cognitive behavior therapy, there is a particular homework assignment that can be helpful in building skill in rational thinking. That is intelligence. “People don’t think like scientists; they think like lawyers. How would you feel about you not knowing something, if the emotional outcome is based on a belief schema that means you are intelligent and mature? Envie pra gente. Will we retain our humanity for the sake of integrity. Column A, the Antecedent Situation, is often perceived to be the cause of the Emotional Outcome, column C. But, there is this B column in the middle. Então, o que será desta raça,No precipício que os invade singularidade?Será que vamos manter a nossa humanidade em prol da integridadeOu será que vai ser lavado uma maneira,Sufocada pela ira da mãe terra? The leftmost column is A, the middle B, and the right C. A is the column to note a, You don’t have to do anything. It is the Antecedent Situation. Consequences. For, example, within your own ‘self talk’ instead of ‘I have to go to work’ it becomes, simply, ‘I am going to work.’ The coercive phrase is removed. What would be a more rational belief schema or conclusion about the situation, given the fact that it is happening? We generally don’t know how to apply evidence and proof in regards to our own thinking. In this rational thinking, logical future? Those consequences may come soon, late, obvious, subtle. We can ask. Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist? It is doubt that shows we are still thinking, still willing to reexamine hardened beliefs when confronted with new facts and new evidence.” –, When enraged, violence is very possible. When some deeply established belief schemas are challenged, the result can be, at best, disturbing, at most, enraging. What is your anger belief schema? What you do know, for certain, is your immediate sensory experience, fleeting as it is…. Doubt and skepticism are signs of rationality. By writing this out in words, using the columns, we begin to get a basic sense of the ABC’s of rational thinking, and begin the process of cognitive restructuring. The problem is not generated by the anticipated situation, it is based on the language we use describing the situation to ourselves, and what that description means to us. What body sensations, tightness, discomforts, perspiration, breathing, do you notice, as part of Column EO? Sabe de quem é a composição? Replace as much as possible the use of  coercive language, both within ourselves, and with others, with a word more representative of this inherent freedom, such as Choice, Choose To, or Consider. We have layers and  layers of belief schemas. Once that decision is made, other choices may then present themselves. Your email address will not be published. If you were to go and ask for a raise from your boss, what feelings and moods might you write down in column EO? Não é mais dependente de fragilidade humana,Agora, a facilidade para biomechnicSubstituto sintético é tudo que precisamos. We may have environmental beliefs. In exchange for your humility and empathy. So, right now, as you read this sentence, where would you rate yourself on feeling safe? We hold innumerable beliefs including those about who we are, what we are, where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Neste pensamento racional futuro, lógico? And, what is your belief schema, how do you use language within yourself to describe and give meaning to a situation such as interacting with those in perceived authority? Consequences too may come in degrees measured on a Likert Scale; some mixture of positive and negative leaning one way or the other. No longer reliant on human fragility,Now the facility for biomechnicSynthetic replacement is all we need. The Polarities of Well-Being: At Tension. No wonder anxiety and depression are so prevalent; we think daily in ways which support it. Rational thinking has a lot of substantiated merit as an antidote to anxiety and depression and is one of the ingredients in the treatment of trauma. At Ease. Doubt and skepticism are signs of rationality. And, there are no guarantees. And all that is left is to shovel the shit.And all that is left is to shovel the shit. The Likert Scale is a measurement between 1 and 10, with the lower number being absolute worst and the highest number being perfect best. Portanto, aqui nos encontramos de novo ...Parado à beira de um precipícioO casamento de homem e máquinaUm testamento odioso à nossaDestemor e nossa arrogância. Tem certeza que deseja sair sem salvar suas alterações? So here we find ourselves again...Standing on the edge of a precipiceThe marriage of man and machineAn odious testament to ourFearlessness and our arrogance. And all that is left is to shovel the shit. One of the most rational statements we can make to ourselves in regard to what another is thinking is ‘I don’t know.’ We can find out.

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