Stromatolites 3.8 billion years old. Earliest known fossils 3.5 billion years old. According to this theory life originated on early earth through physico-chemical pro­cesses of atoms combining to form molecules, molecules in turn reacting to produce inor­ganic and organic compounds. 4 theories: Spontaneous generation – life can come from nonliving things. Its form is similar to that of modern filamentous cyanobacteria (inset). As a result, there are several theories which offer their own explanation on the possible mechanism of origin of life. This fossil from Western Australia is 3.5 billion years old and shows carbon traces that indicate life. Most of the hypotheses of the origin of life will fall into one of four categories: The origin of life is a result of a supernatural event—that is, one irretrievably beyond the descriptive powers of physics, chemistry, and other science. Origin of life  Origin of life on Earth is also called protobiogenesis. Life, particularly simple forms, spontaneously and readily arises from nonliving … Early history of life - Early history of life IMPORTANT DATES IN THE FORMATION OF LIFE Solar system~ 12 billion years ago (bya) Earth~ 4.5 bya Life~ 3.5 to 4.0 bya Prokaryotes~ 3.5 to 2.0 bya | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view INTRODUCTION Several attempts have been made from time to time to explain the origin of life on earth.  It is clear the that life came into existence from non living substances of primordial earth about 3 billion year ago. It is central to many scientific and philosophical problems and to any consideration of extraterrestrial life. Following are some of them: • Theory of Special Creation • Theory of Spontaneous Generation • Theory of Biogenesis • Theory of Biochemical Evolution • Theory of Panspermia • Deep sea hydrothermal … Theory of Special Creation: The greatest supporter of this theory was Father Suarez. 1.  Origin of life can be explained by following theories : 1. According to … Theories On The Origin Of Life PPT Presentation Summary : Theories on the Origin of Life. Origin of life. Earliest life on Earth. Organic compounds interacted to produce all types of macromolecules which organised to form the first living system or cells. Science 8 March 2002 : “Earliest Signs of Life Just Oddly Shaped Crud?” Where did life begin? …

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