display: none !important; Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. However, because X-rays tend to pass through objects, they can be absorbed, which makes them difficult to capture. being archived at the HEASARC. The focal planes consist of four 32×32 pixel Cadmium-Zinc-Tellurium detectors. Long focal lengths are required to focus radiation in the X-Ray portion of the spectrum. Just as happens in supermassive black holes at galactic centers, the matter forms a disk. X-Rays can only be reflected at certain angles so that the mirrors are almost parallel to the incoming radiation beams. 0000268128 00000 n 5. 0000030972 00000 n 0000045896 00000 n Time limit is exhausted. CZT detectors are room temperature semi-conductors that are very efficient at turning high-energy photons into electrons to visualize radiation. Co-adding of the images is done on the ground during data processing. NuSTAR is equipped with two detector units, each at the focus of the Spacecraft’s two co-aligned optics units. They also plan to take a closer look at the radiation from neutron stars and supernovae. The optics have to be several meters away from the detectors to increase sensitivity. setTimeout( 0000045966 00000 n 96 (TESS), National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Michael L. Parker et al. active galaxies. At launch, the Spacecraft will be no more than two meters long and around one meter in diameter. If either of these pairs up with” a star, it can attract matter from the star. 0000052562 00000 n 0000009426 00000 n Shielding for the Focal Planes is provided by Cesium-Iodine Crystals that surround the detector housings that extend 20cm above the detector.

0000059248 00000 n To accommodate the massive focal length of the optical suite and be as small as possible for launch, NuSTAR contains a deployable mast that deploys once the spacecraft is in orbit. NuSTAR is the first mission to use focusing telescopes to image the sky in the high-energy X-ray (3 - 79 keV) region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Its optics are larger than any previous X-ray telescope optics. QUICK FACTS: Mission Description Orbital is designing, manufacturing, integrating and testing the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) scientific satellite under a contract from the California Institute of Technology and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Even if that launch is canceled, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is poised to deploy the Astro-H X-ray telescope, which was developed in conjunction with NASA, in 2014.

Our view of the universe in this spectral window has been limited because previous orbiting telescopes have not employed true focusing optics, but rather have used coded apertures that have intrinsically high backgrounds and limited sensitivity.

One of the primary goals for NuSTAR is to provide scientists with information about what happens in galactic cores with supermassive black holes. notice.style.display = "block"; The NuSTAR observatory will use high-energy X … 0000008346 00000 n − 

It is the eleventh satellite in the "Small Explorer" program. Later today, assuming all goes according to plan, NASA will launch the nuclear spectroscopic telescope array, or NuSTAR.
h�b``�d``��������1�!��m_00lu`@���B��&͸���|�1�Fttt@����>$�������X�9D8~1E3�4�9p-PX�x�Äى��)�1����A������`\�z�!�����!؝сY�i��,��R����1�o���2�3�Л���q�h � These shields register high-energy photons and cosmic rays which cross the focal plane and are not traveling along the optical axis of NuSTAR. [phpmu snippet=3] NuSTAR uses a Wolter I design comprised of 133 concentric mirror shells coated with Pt/SiC and W/Si multilayers.

0000163656 00000 n }, (function( timeout ) { for future Senior Reviews. 0000058617 00000 n Jets of charged particles are also emitted from the area surrounding super-massive black holes, moving away from the black hole nearly at the speed of light. Above this energy, Platinum starts to absorb photons. if ( notice ) : The response of relativistic outflowing gas to the inner accretion disk of a black hole, in: Nature 543, 2017, S. 83–86, Statement by Mary L. Cleave - House Science Committee Hearing on NASA FY 2007 Science Budget, Small Explorer Mission to Detect Black Holes Scheduled for 2011 Launch, https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Nuclear_Spectroscopic_Telescope_Array&oldid=199229167, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“.

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