Oil Change International Open Democracy International Center on Nonviolent Conflict Alex Wellerstein: I don’t want to get into the “insane president” discussion again because I’ve talked about it in part II and it strikes me as a total red herring anyway. Ploughshares Bonn International Center for Conversion Peter Peterson Foundation And once a presidential order is issued, everybody else in the chain of command is trained to execute that order. Missoula, MT: Pictorial Histories Pub. UCS All Things Nuclear Natural Resources Defense Council Stockholm Environment Institute World Institute for Nuclear Security Nuclear Security Project RealClear Defense This means you're free to copy and share these comics (but not to sell them). ), Aggregated Media Coverage Los Alamos Study Group National Security Archive Chatham House World Politics Review, Acronymn Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies Truman National Security Project New America Foundation Quincy Institute RT-‘Russia Today’ Foreign Policy in Focus History News Network Center for International Policy Voltaire Net Global Security Foreign Policy Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference #Energy #NationalSecurity #War Clearly, as Professor Wellerstein says in conclusion to his President and the Bomb series, it is time to reexamine command and control of nuclear weapons as StratDem and others have proposed over the course of 2016 / 2017. ProPublica–ProPublica-JuliaAngwin American Security Project Brookings Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Initiative International Studies Association Environment 360 US NUCLEAR CHAIN OF COMMAND Nuclear Command and Control and Communications (NC3), is managed by the Military Departments, nuclear force commanders, and the defense agencies. For this reason above all others, the decision whether or not to use nuclear weapons will always be a political decision and not a military one. DefenseNews Federation of American Scientists One can imagine lots of situations where presidents would be rashly tempted to use nuclear weapons without them being literally insane. Talking Points Memo A president who now threatens use of nuclear weapons, and everyday brings an unprecedented chaos into decision-making, is not reassuring. Brookings Institute TomDispatch.com Secrecy News/FAS The NCCS provides the President of the United States with the means to authorize the use of nuclear weapons in a crisis and to prevent unauthorized or accidental use. Daily Beast-World Nuclear command and control (NC2) is the command and control of nuclear weapons, that is the "activities, processes, and procedures performed by appropriate military commanders and support personnel that, through the chain of command, allow for senior-level decisions on nuclear weapons employment. US DoD/Defense.gov (Anyone who has actually dealt with the mentally ill or mentally impaired can tell you that they can be remarkably lucid and even self-rationalizing) …, Part 2, the President and the Bomb, Redux, (StratDem editor: The Parade Magazine citation above from 1976 recalls its editor, Lloyd Shearer (“Skip”), who was to become the father-in-law of Strobe Talbott, a close friend of President Bill Clinton and writer on diplomatic-nuclear issues for Time, who went on to oversee the U.S. Russian nuclear arms negotiations before his later career as President of Brookings Institute.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.