Sometimes, I lack such a function and believe the opposite is true: to live happily, one must embrace mortality.

If you have time, write a nine-line poem using these end-words (in whatever order) from Jay Z’s “Brooklyn Go Hard”: father, Dodger, jack, rob, sin, pen, love, Brooklyn, Biggie. The poem was actually born when I saw the piece for the first time in 2012. Because the world is what it is, I’m oftentimes staring out windows. She is currently an MFA candidate in poetry at New York University.

             sunrise. He’s sitting right next to me.

I’m exploring my obsessions—love, loss as well as the large and small violences that have shaped me/us—and, in so doing, engaging in a lifelong conversation with myself. In so many ways, we all feel that selfishness, that desire to only have to care for ourselves, and as writers, we all feel that maternal/paternal connection to our own works. Give me tonight to be inconsolable. I promise to enter the flesh again. Do you often feel that you have to distance yourself from your work in order to care for and nurture yourself, or is writing the poem the act of nurturing itself for you? When was this piece born on the creation timeline of Ordinary Beast? The collection grapples with being legendary and being ordinary, following the trajectory of an ordinary life such as getting married, having/not having children, and death. And, I’m absolutely in love with Amaud Jamaul Johnson’s “Cherene,” a ghazal from his most recent collection, Darktown Follies.              so closely with stone, it is itself.

It then took a couple years to articulate how it had inspired and affected me. On Thursday, October 5th, Nicole Sealey read from her new collection Ordinary Beast (Ecco, 2017) at the Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House. What neighborhood do you live in? Born in St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.

A good day is one good line and black boys alive and well in my home state, not murdered by racist white men.              and mineral, angel and animal, translated the world into man. I was born before sunrise—, when morning masquerades as night, In “A Violence,” the speaker imagines throwing her hypothetical maternal bone to the strays outside the window, a haunting image straddling an invited barrenness and abandonment. 3.) Favorite Brooklyn poet(s), dead and/or alive?

Throughout the book, but particularly in the first section, there is a focus on the ideas of infancy as well as maternal and paternal love. Nicole Sealey About the Author Born in St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. and raised in Central Florida, Nicole Sealey is a Cave Canem fellow and the recipient of a 2014 Elizabeth George Foundation Grant. Nicole Sealey is the author of Ordinary Beast (Ecco Press, 2017).

Allow me this luxury.

I’d been thinking about “Imagine Sisyphus Happy” and had written the first and last lines of the poem in the fall of 2010—it took a couple more years to complete.

The idea of separating your mind from the flesh in order to let go of any racial/ancestral pain is so heart-wrenching, to cut yourself from a tormented and suppressed lineage and be so far removed from it, as mentioned in “In Defense of ‘Candelabra with Heads.’”  Was writing “Candelabra with Heads” a turning point for you in your work? Full Episode. / I touch your ribcage, take my thumbs, & split you like a pomegranate.” Gorgeous.

Then believed What won’t, however, is my desire to better understand myself (and by extension you) through the process of writing.              the temperature of blood, quivering, like a mouth in mourning.

Give me just the duration of a good, night’s dream to wade in wreckage, She is the Executive Director at the Cave Canem Foundation, and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Do you often wish you could just be satisfied with the mundane, with our “brief animation,” as you so beautifully put it? I scanned hundreds of poetry collections for beautiful lines. Why? As this dialogue continues, I suspect feelings will change. If I’m not reading or writing, I’m probably eating. You undress, but never say a word.

Join Facebook to connect with Nicole Sealy and others you may know. Join Facebook to connect with Nicole Sealey and others you may know. 5. Writing poems are acts of self-care to me, so I don’t feel the need to distance myself.

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