With these inconsistencies, this book seems like a collection of review articles from different authors. As mentioned before some images are confusing and do not illustrate relevancy. There is also variability in the level of science (such as chemistry) included in discussions of the issues.

The book doesn't do justice to the 'big debates' in environmental science and presents many topics superficially. ii. I view this as an introduction to the introduction of environmental science. However, even in those chapters that have provided a list of references, the references are not linked to the contents in this book. Such illustrations would serve to break up the intensive reading and also to reinforce the science behind the claims made in the chapters. read more. For a basic overview of various issues, the book is modular enough to assign sections of chapters. There are few fully developed case studies or real-world applications. I have not found any outright grammatical errors, but there are occasions of questionable sentence structure and punctuation. In general, the materials presented are accurate but a number of graphs, tables and figures, were not properly referenced. Introduction - Definition and Scope of the Field, U.S. Environmental History: Movements & Timeline, Environmental Conservation and Preservation: Definition, Differences & Advocates, Scientific Evaluation of Environmental Problems: Process and Steps, The Scientific Method Applied to Environmental Problems: Definition, Steps and Applications. Content is more or less up to date. Outline the steps of the scientific method, and discuss the importance when solving environmental problems. The textbook did not provide any glossary or index. Notably absent are chapters on topics such as waste, ozone depletion, risk assessment, agriculture, biodiversity, and oceans and the marine environment. The book is too short and superficial for a college level course. Human Demography

Journalism, Media Studies & Communications. The text is generally clear and explains terms used, though the depth and quality of these explanations vary from chapter to chapter.
For example, there is little on the topic of environmental health and toxicity, other than a quick discussion of the Precautionary Principle. For example, Chapter v. Alternative Energy should have shown more modern technologies for renewable energy. Conclusively, this book can serve as a good introductory reading material for self-teaching readers, but many aspects of this book must be improved before it can be used as an Environmental Science textbook in universities and colleges.

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