The more we explore and learn, what was mysterious becomes mechanistic and we increasingly see that there is no need for supernatural origins. Even if there was a natural process that could be proven, then a first cause is still needed which started it all off. The human eye is a well-tread example of how evolution can produce a clunky design even when the result is a well-performing anatomical product. Also, if we had night vision of a cat – couldn’t you just say that : “in ancient times man did not have the modern technology like a torchlight to use and using fire could harm their shelters made of trees and to detect predators thet had to evolve better night vision to SURVIVE.”, You would’ve created new stories to fit in the bigger picture. vertebrate eye” (Budelmann, BU, “Cephalopod sense organs, nerves and brain”. In his spare time, Tibi likes to make weird music on his computer and groom felines. Thus, the optic disc and accompanying blind spot are an example of poor design in all vertebrates, including humans. What might Paley's reaction have been to the claim, which I will elaborate in the next chapter, that mundane processes taking place throughout living nature can produce contrivances without contrivers, and that these processes produce not only functionally elegant features but also, as a kind of cumulative historical burden, the arbitrary and dysfunctional features of organisms?" This created even more alleles available to combine together in the gene pool to create different eye colors. If we don’t know about life outside our solar system it may because we cannot see it or it doesn’t exist. However, one might rightly argue that God’s must be perfect. Alternatively, why an intelligent designer would deny his favorite creatures the excellent vision that he provided lowly birds is quite a mystery. and transmitted to photosensitive cells by very elongated cells called Müller cells. Because the human eye does not function, even slightly, unless all of the parts are in place and working, there is no conceivable prior step of less complexity that the current form of the eye could have evolved from. The rate of myopia increases to more than 70% in Asian countries. We live on land and they live under water. [5] The eye was evolution’s great invention. “Retinal Glial Cells Enhance Human Vision Acuity”. We can not compare human eyes with cephalopods. 2. Evolutionism in all its glory. you can choose you to be the object! In summary, the eye not only lacks evidence of divine creation, it exemplifies the problems that natural evolution can create (along with the virtues) in organisms. © 2007-2019 ZME Science - Not exactly rocket science. New-Darwinism contenders believe that since they cannot see a reason for such a design; therefore there is no good reason for it. [1] Dawkins, R. (1994) A blind watchmaker, or evolution, proves that the world has not been planned. In 2007, an international group of scientists demonstrated that eye-catching photons are captured, focused However, there is no evidence that the backwards design is necessary or even advantageous for oxygen delivery, especially given that the cephalopod eye does not show any sign of inadequate oxygen delivery. Complex, image-forming eyes … Asking about a newborn because an adult who did not take good care of his eyes or one who did not eat well doesn’t concern me at all. Not long ago, creationists often pointed to the human eye as an example of so-called irreducible complexity. If you look at either through a powerful enough microscope, you’d find a truly remarkable core structure. To test this hypothesis, Arendt and Wittbrodt used a new tool for today's evolutionary biologists – "molecular fingerprints". How a Genetic Mutation Led to the White 'Race', Polygenic Inheritance of Traits Like Eye Color and Skin Color, Genetic Variation Definition, Causes, and Examples, The Roots of Colorism, or Skin Tone Discrimination, 5 Conditions for Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium. I posted an accurate functional explanation 10 march, 2018 why the structure of the inverted retina of the In pre-history, I would have been worthless as a hunter. It’s bad design, plain and simple. There is more to be said about the shortcomings of our eyes. Second, no work subsequent to this theoretical work has bolstered the argument with experimental data and there’s been plenty of time. He explains that if cells between species have matching molecular fingerprints, then the cells are very likely to share a common ancestor cell. You were cited as having either no apparent knowledge or no appreciation of biophysicists who showed 5 years prior to this article that virtually every photon striking the retina propagates to the sensors. Findings were published in the journal PNAS. Design inteligente e criacionismo não são alternativas ao ensino de evolução – Nas Trilhas da Razão, Czy ludzkie oko rzeczywiście stanowi świadectwo przeciwko teorii inteligentnego projektu? Letters, 16 April 2010, vol. You can google images of fruit flies growing perfectly formed legs where their antennae should be – these are the results of laboratory tinkering with the same genes that evolution has tinkered with. This is simply not true and hence it is not a good argument against design or not at all an argument for evolution. Otherwise, their eyes cannot focus light properly and cannot resolve objects that are more than a few feet away. For fans of creationism or intelligent design, it is hard to accept that humans underwent the process of evolution to reach the current state. The truth is discovered through the collection of evidence. Nevertheless, there are many conceivable “fixes” for the blind spot in the human retina, backwards though it is. I don’t think Anonymous of October 2, 2015 actually bothered to read the article, which eloquently pointed out why the human eye is horrible and any deity would have to stupid to design it in such a way.

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