Your advice on which milk to use is greatly appreciated. Next batch onwards you can filter the grains and use. You can now place your strained grains in a new batch of milk to make more kefir. Here are very few equipment requirements for making kefir milk. Making kefir part of your healthy life- style can only be a positive thing, and making it is kind of fun too. You can buy the kefir grains from here. Although kefir production is healthy and enjoyable, and we ensure we produce our kefir grains to the highest standards of cleanliness, there is no guarantee that your kefir will remain free of pathogens for- ever, if you do not maintain adequate cleanliness. 2. Also make sure your grains steer clear of metal at all times. I prefer using raw milk for my kefir, but in this case I am using an organic, whole milk. My husband and I have been using skim milk for years to cut out the fat, but after listening to your videos and discussing it with my mother (nurse practitioner), my stepmother (nutritionist), my cousins (pharmacist & personal trainer), I’ve decided to go back to whole organic milk. Place a bowl and transfer the finished Kefir Milk into double mesh nylon strainer. Due to excesscarbonisation the content may rush out. The last one was my rumbly gut/chronic diarrhea (sorry for the gross stuff, but its relevant). 8. I did a lot of searching and reading about how to make my own Kefir. Hey there, thanks for stopping by. In this video, I show how to make kefir  for a starter batch of grains I purchased online. Welcome to this uber detailed guide on how to make kefir milk. Place the jar in a warm, dark place. As milk kefir is a dairy product, it also contains good levels of magnesium and phosphorus. When you first receive your milk kefir grains, sometimes it may be smaller. They consume the lactose sugars in the milk and produce a super healthy  and tasty drink. Place the completed kefir into a sealed jar (jars), leaving a couple of inches of space at the top of the jar, and put in the fridge to cool. Raw milk is best for making kefir). Making dairy kefir at home is actually a simple process, but in the early stages, whilst you get into the swing of things, it’s good to have a step by step guide you can follow. If you can't find a good source of free kefir grains, you can buy them online here. 1 Table Spoon of Kefir Grains (approximately 15 grams) Method: Add Kefir Grains to empty glass jar or BPA free plastic jar. If you like kefir, have experience fermenting foods or some great recipes, leave a comment to share with the Better Homesteading community. I can’t say enough good things about Kefir!!! Great site btw, I’m really looking forward to reading more. 10 Useful Gifts Every Homesteader Needs This Christmas, Choosing The Best Riding Mower For Small Lawns, Straw And Hay Bales For Gardening – Instructions To…, How To Get Rid Of Flying Termites In Your Home, Growing Carrots From Scraps (How To Guide),, 7 Fermenting Lids For Mason Jars That Kick Ass, Ohio Stoneware Fermentation Crock – Beautiful Crocks For Fermenting And Pickling, Why I Stopped Fermenting Sauerkraut In Mason Jars. Milk - Organic or raw, full fat milk - 250ml / 1 cup to start. This will be fine for usually upto 2 weeks. Break the grains up if they are clumped together and place into the fermenting jar. This will help to save the Grains from droppingdown.You would have received a small plastic container. Hi: I'm Steve and I'm a homesteader and self-sufficiency freak. These can be purchased from Amazon from reputable companies, and I'd always advise that. I love pretty much anything that makes me less reliant on others, and more reliant on my own abilities. Stir from time to time to prevent curdling and separation. Kefir is one of the most potent probiotic foods available. The grains will be left for your next ferment. Awesome! This usually takes 24 hours, but can take lesser time where the temperature is high. Kefir can be produced from any form of dairy, from cows, goats, sheep, full fat milk is the preferred option, with raw, unpasteurised milk offering the greatest bene ts in healthful enzymes and bacteria. I had a hard time believing what you said about low fat milk, and the research I did suggests that you have some misstatements: Here are some great milk kefir recipe ideas to get you started. I’m a big fan of raw whole milk, the processing and pasteurization does nothing to preserve the healthy aspects of the raw product, so whether you drink skimmed or whole, the pasteurized product is basically dead, no healthy enzymes, all gone. Fermenting Kefir Milk - Sealed Jar Vs Open Jar? I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, I’ve moved away from that somewhat and prefer creating content for this site now . Cover loosely with a lid – don’t secure it tightly as this will stop oxygen from getting in and fermenting your kefir. Better Homesteading is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to,, and it’s affiliated sites. I haven’t had any intestinal problems for a few weeks and I’m feeling so much better. More on that later... Kefir is a fermented milk product which originated in the Caucasus mountains of the former Soviet Union many centuries ago. If you don’t have a cupboard, cover with a thick tea towel or towel. You can get hold of it ready-made (Bio-tiful make an incredible-tasting organic kefir) or you can make it yourself at home really easily; here’s a guide. I’m not quite sure how my article differs from the views of the person in the link you inserted. 7. It's incredibly simple and great to drink. This particular article was written by a registered nutritionist. Milk kefir grains are magic! Milk kefir is made by soaking kefir grains in milk for about 48 hours. This is not critical, any milk kefir grains will, over a short period of time adapt to their new environment. Glass jars for fermentation and storage like these or food quality glazed ceramic crock. I’m new to kefir making. What type of strainer should I use to filter milk kefir grains. Use whole milk if you'd prefer a tangy flavor or skimmed milk for something lighter. Once you have followed the steps in this article and fermented a few batches of delicious milk kefir, the grains will be multiplying in quantity.

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