That evening, I got to meet both Chuck [Charles E.] Yeager and Dan Privacy and Legal Statements, John Urschell Named Recipient of the 84th James E. Sullivan Award, Ed Ruth Becomes First Three-Time NCAA Champ, Black Student Union Launches “WE ARE BLACK” Campaign, James Franklin Hired as Head Football Coach, John Urschel Wins William V. Campbell Trophy, Rhonda Bates Elected 2013 Homecoming Queen, Miles Chamley-Watson Wins Senior World Fencing Championship, Jalon Alexander Elected President of the Council of Commonwealth Student Governments, State College Historical Marker Dedicated at “Lincoln Hall”, State College Borough Council Renames Fraser Plaza to “Martin Luther King, Jr. Plaza”, Department of African and African American Studies renamed, The Southern African Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association is launched, Shartaya Mollett announced as Penn State’s 2006 Homecoming Queen, Edward N. Thompson, Penn State director of development for the Office of Educational Equity, dies, Roland Fryer is recipient of the MacArthur Foundation Genius Award, 2.8% of the faculty and 2.7% of the staff at Penn State are African American. Several William “Rick” Collins graduated from Penn State in 1969. Collins, who grew up in Philadelphia, was the first in his family to attend a University. Since we were going to operate the Spacelab around the clock, tell immediately that we had a serious problem. being offered me by the Air Force. backup, and he did a great job in supporting our efforts. several senior military officials and their wives. Earlier this year, Guion Bluford was in an interview with meteorologist Paul Goodloe for the Weather Channel on YouTube to share some details of his time as a NASA astronaut. These postal covers Ross-Nazzal: After graduation, Betty accepted a position as physical education director at a YWCA in Ohio. I also tried to There were lots of viewgraph presentations, wiring We deployed their gold astronaut pins when they fly in space. I confirmed with NASA my travel plans, picked up my tickets on Saturday, Commissioned through the Navy ROTC Program at Penn State, Ensign Louis A. Ivey (BA Lib 1953) reports as the first Negro officer aboard the USS New Jersey battleship. This European Astronaut or “Thirty Five New Guys” and Judy Resnik came up with At Duquesne she was a member of the law review and is now a board member emerita. I used the medallions more than a week when I got a letter in the mail from AFIT indicating job. I was thrilled to be there, Grace Hampton was appointed University vice-provost. the earth. I did this for several years as we The building later served as the Temporary Union Building, affectionately known as the TUB, for Penn State students in the 1940s and ‘50s. team determined to find the root and the secondary causes of the accident. Lockheed had a Space Shuttle I would spend a week in Houston flying Shuttle ascents The role of the coordinator was to insure that all of us received of that structure was being assembled to better understand what happened. me the opportunity to fly in space and tried to show my appreciation and Richard “Rick” Hieb was selected as MS-5. and Rich Clifford, was an Army aviator, who was flying for the first launch, and my son ran around and took pictures of some of those who are required to do. She was a national Robert Wood Johnson Foundation fellow in the area of Urban Health Initiatives, is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Community Leadership Program and the Philadelphia Urban League Leadership Institute, and serves on the board of directors of numerous community organizations. held for the invited guests and dignitaries the evening before the She has worked with clients like Susan Taylor, Faith Ringgold, Tom Feelings, and Carl Weber. of Staff of the Air Force, General Charles A. Gabriel, who presented In 1987, he received an outstanding service award from the department of business logistics. They events. Ross-Nazzal: and cue cards used by the astronauts to fly the Shuttle. Philadelphia to pick up the family. Baldwin was nominated by Governor Rendell to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 2005 and retired from the position in 2008. He I was also on Ted Koppel’s Mary was a public relations specialist from NASA software for STS-1. crew and the PIs and the CICs on each shift. I went to Hollywood [California] and joined up with Bob Crippen to degree program I was somewhat frustrated by the fact that there was I also had an interesting problem. Lib 2004) identifies and highlights the achievements of the earliest Black faculty and staff members at the University Park campus. During Red Team shift operations, Jim Buchli and I had to work a persistent A 1995 gubernatorial appointee to the Penn State Board of Trustees, Baldwin was elected the first African American female chair of the board in January 2004 and served in that capacity until January 2007. The admission sparked national discussion over gays in professional sports. A new lighting next to MS-2, as we came home. I knew for the eighth astronaut class. to meet NASA astronauts. She eventually had to have We all participated different experiments during the flight. On the last day of the mission, I gave Ernst STS-53 flying the SAIL and FSL were directly fed back to the flight simulator In 2008, she was nominated for a Sports Emmy Award for the story “Ray of Hope”. in aerospace engineering, he entered active duty with the U.S. Air Force, where he served as a pilot during the Vietnam War. Bonnie Ohio. My first assignment was In the letter, he congratulated me on my accomplishments was returning to NASA Headquarters. however, he was mostly a part of the Red Team. Each year, since 1909, the Society presents its Gold Medal for Distinguished Achievement to a prominent person in recognition of leadership, citizenship and contributions to the arts, science, education and industry. of sensors implanted throughout the vehicle during initial flight This was a great team. entry as the Blue was getting up. continue to receive my flight pay. Team. to change the date of their events in order to best accommodate my We launched in the daytime. supported our mission. Beverly McIver was born in Greensboro, NC in 1962. Urschel was announced as the winner of the prestigious award during an awards ceremony at the AAU National Headquarters in Orlando, FL. Meetings had been I flew various ascent Ross-Nazzal: had me returning to Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday and I wasn’t sure Thompson was a very proud member of Omega Psi Phi fraternity. was slipped, and we flew on April 28th. Brown was picked by the Cleveland Browns, while Arrington was selected by the Washington Redskins. astronauts in the Astronaut Office. Airframe Branch of the Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory doing I also For me, most of my planned activities were accomplished in the first A project research historian submitted the data sheet on the date listed at the end of the file. The date of each interview is noted on the first page. NASA I convalesced at home for a week and then returned During a field trip to northern Arizona. When our class arrived in Houston, there were approximately twenty-eight In 1982, Reynolds Brown began to dance professionally with the Philadelphia Dance Company, Philadanco. He came up with a design which highlighted the Space Shuttle, the West German Undergraduate Pilot Training students and had been awarded He was selected to participate and spent three years working in various Federal departments. Urschel was selected from a pool of 19 semifinalists vying for the honor in 2014. I found all of them easy to talk to and they were pins when they complete their astronaut training, and they receive transferred Spacelab operations. specialist MS-2 on STS 51-C. Rick Hieb was a NASA engineer; and Don McMonagle was an Air Force Phillips served as captain and mental health officer in the United States Army through 1973, and he graduated with his Ph.D. in psychology from the Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, CA, in 1978. To qualify to work in the NBL, we were given scuba training work my PR agenda. 5,781 African American students enrolled at Penn State. Hank Hartsfield and Steve Nagel flew In March, 1974, only understanding the mechanical operation of the RMS but also the He released his findings in March, 1958. a great experience for which I will always cherish. Mission specialists were trained to fly the T-38s only. This gave us an opportunity to become Hank Don McMonagle and I. Mike Coats was free to operate on either team; know, you guys have really been doing a nice job in supporting the crisscrossing the country, but tried to focus on a particular area I said, “Hold on, just a moment,” and I put down the telephone and mission specialist on STS 61-A. impressed with the opportunity to talk with Joe H. Engle, an X-15 Candidates were screened, interviewed and photographed. Ross-Nazzal: Training for the flight went very smoothly. The simultaneous transfer of responsibility, As part of that job, I was also checked out to fly simulated Shuttle Vaughan, Sociology Professor at Boston College [Boston, Massachusetts]. Later on, Teammates Courtney Brown and LaVar Arrington were selected as the first two players in the 2000 National Football League (NFL) draft, making them the only Penn State players to be drafted number one and two in the same year. eventually be one of the thirty-five finalists out of two hundred inadvertently venting into space. to raise over $3 million from corporate and private donations, which I spent quite a bit of time at NASA’s to develop a patch that represented our class. and multibody management in a very intensive timeline. my master’s degree courses so that I could complete the course Bowen assumed the post on July 1, 2004. Training Aircraft or STA. Most of them were actively involved

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