Average global temperatures have risen by approximately 0.74C between 1906 and 2005. Thus, the ecosystem is balanced due to the presence of trees. Greenhouses protect crops from too much heat or cold, shield plants from dust storms and blizzards, and help to keep out pests.

The levels of deforestation have increased by about nine percent in recent times. These structures became status symbols as well as a practical way to grow fruits, vegetables and exotic plants.

A greenhouse is a building with glass walls and a glass roof. If a planet’s atmosphere contains greenhouse gases, the atmosphere will radiate the energy in various directions. Contributions of Atmospheric Gases and Solar Radiation to Warming: Scientists have estimated the contribution to warming made by a range of gases, dust and solar radiation. The existence of greenhouse effect was brought up by Joseph Fourier in 1824.

Glass is transparent to this radiation. are the causative factors of the greenhouse effect. With the increase in population, the needs and wants of the people increase. Hydroponics can be used in greenhouses as well to make the most use of the interior space. The animals which cannot adapt to the climatic changes will extinct over the time, thus misbalancing the ecosystem balance. It is a dangerous reactive type of effect that influences our nature violently. As the population is increasing, the numbers of vehicles have made a high leap too. The study of these ice cores has been a significant indicator of the changes in CO2 over many millennia, and continues to provide valuable information about the differences between ancient and modern atmospheric conditions. [15] Solar intensity variations are considered to have been influential in triggering the Little Ice Age, and some of the warming observed from 1900 to 1950. Replacement of fossil fuels by solar energy, biofuels (ethanol) hydropower, hydrogen fuel, wind etc. Warmer water and stronger hurricanes will be more frequent than now. These structures were cumbersome. This results in the increase of the release of industrial gases which catalyse the green house effect. Greenhouse Effect — Atmospheric heating caused by solar radiation being readily transmitted inward through the earth’s atmosphere but longwave radiation less readily transmitted outward, due to absorption by certain gases in the atmosphere. The first modern greenhouses were built in Italy in the thirteenth century to house the exotic plants that explorers brought back from the tropics. On the other hand, deforestation may have terrible global effects as well. While scientists are not certain how much the increase in greenhouse gases contribute to global warming, there is little doubt that it is a contributing factor and a result of human actions. In fact, Earth, 93 million miles from its energy source – the sun – would be about 32° C colder if certain atmospheric gases did not trap heat. One of the main causes of Global Warming is the Green house effect. The natural greenhouse effect of the earth is critical to support life. In the Twentieth Century the geodesic dome was added to the many types of greenhouses. “The effects on the west coast of Myanmar and more importantly Bangladesh would be awful,” he said. The glass greenhouses are filled with equipment like screening installations, heating, cooling, lighting and may be automatically controlled by a computer. Also, more number of people means more usage of fossil fuels, which has made the situations much worse. The greenhouse effect is a natural occurrence initiated by carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere. The area comprising of 65 percent of greater Khulna, 99 percent of Barisal, 100 percent of Patuakhali, 44 percent of Noakhali and 12 percent of Faridpur will be inundated and as a result 13.74 percent of net cropped area and about 401,600 hectares of mangrove forest along with its wild life will be vanished. Some of the observations recorded by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are as follows: -, A number of human activities contribute to the greenhouse effect, which has brought us to the alarming situations today. The most important use of fossil fuels occurs in producing electricity and transportation. The glass used for a greenhouse works as a barrier to air flow and its effect is to trap energy within the greenhouse, which heats both the plants and the ground inside it. The conservatory at Kew Gardens in England is a prime example of the Victorian greenhouse. The data is transmitted to a control location and used to control heating, cooling, and irrigation systems. [4] Warming is expected to be strongest in the Arctic and would be associated with continuing retreat of glaciers, permafrost and sea ice. Sometimes called the sea of plastics. The palace of Versailles was an example of the elaborate efforts of the royalty to build bigger and more spectacular orangeries. However, this progress has come at a cost of the exploitation of nature many a times. Of most concern in these anthropogenic factors is the increase in CO2 levels due to emissions from fossil fuel combustion, followed by aerosols (particulate matter in the atmosphere) and cement manufacture.
Over very long (geological) time periods, they release carbon dioxide from the Earth’s crust and mantle, counteracting the uptake by sedimentary rocks and other geological carbon dioxide sinks. In some cases the chain of causality of human influence on the climate is direct and unambiguous (for example, the effects of irrigation on local humidity), while in other instances it is less clear. This can be demonstrated by opening a small window near the roof of a greenhouse: the temperature drops considerably. The mechanism which produces this difference between the actual surface temperature and effective temperature is due to the temperature, knows as greenhouse effect.
As you might expect from the name, the greenhouse effect works … like a greenhouse! However, the term ‘global warming’ is deceptive because it suggests that the paramount issue is average temperature. A major architectural achievement in monumental greenhouse building were the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken (1874-1895) for King Leopold II of Belgium. These gases are known as Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and are used in refrigerators, aerosol cans, some foaming agents in the packaging industry, fire extinguisher chemicals and cleaners used in the electronic industry.

The process by which radiation from a planet’s atmosphere warms its surface to a temperature which exceeds the normal temperature of the planet is called greenhouse effect. Based on the geographical structure like low elevation of the land areas, the low inclining of the rivers, and proximate to the sea, Bangladesh is one of the most susceptible country to the effects of sea level rise and climate change. With new materials available today such as aluminum, pvc piping, fiberglass, acrylic, and polycarbonate panels as well as pressure treated wood  ensures the consumer that their greenhouse will stand the test of time. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, if all of the glaciers met, the sea level would rise by 230 feet! One congressman is reported saying that “there is absolutely no conclusive evidence that it has anything to do with man” (Bell 5). Immediate action on this greenhouse effect and global warming is necessary to tackle this environmental problem. Evidence from air bubbles in ice core samples has allowed scientists to determine the composition of the atmosphere and infer climatic changes over the past several millennia (IPCC, The Scientific Basis 202). The phrase “very likely” translates to a 90 percent probability, the report’s authors note. Therefore, it’s escape is slowed down. It was not until the mid 1950s that greenhouse effect was teamed with concern for climate change. Since it is the primary source of generating electricity, the loss of fossil fuels is massive, due to which the global warming has increased. Humankind has progressed a lot over the years.

Volcanism is a process of conveying material from the crust and mantle of the Earth to its surface.

“The main value of the paper is in advertising the danger of the section of the megathrust that no one has worried about,” said California Institute of Technology’s Kerry Sieh, who has used coral records and GPS networks to predict that a big quake and tsunami are likely to hit parts of SumatraIsland in the coming decades. In the past the increase in greenhouse gases was due to natural processes such as volcanic eruptions. Hoop houses were made by several companies and were also frequently made by the growers themselves. A major section of the land on our earth is covered by the forests. As these vehicles run, carbon dioxide is released, which is one of the main gases responsible for increase in greenhouse effect. The French, who had a love of a new fruit, the orange, began building orangeries to protect the trees from frost. Gutter connected greenhouses became more prevalent in the 1980s and 1990s. for carbon dioxide numbers in the atmosphere to become stabilized there needs to be a global drop in the emission of carbon dioxide by human activities under 1990 levels by the middle of the 21st century for carbon dioxide levels to be stabilized at 450 ppm (parts per million), by the end of the 21st century for stabilization at 650 ppm, and by the end of the 22nd century to be stabilized at 1,000 ppm (IPCC, Synthesis Report 31).

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