Snobs (TV Series 2003–2004) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

A lot of episodes are set in the local school, where the local pupils find it hard to accept the travellers' boy as a class mate.

Snobs is the story of unlikely friends - Abby, the daughter of a wealthy, middle class, traditional family and Marian, a boy from a group of modern day nomads who have become known as Ferals - the arrival of whom upsets the peace of the community, leading to mayhem, adventure and intrigue. | In each episode a group of 5 Portuguese teen lives a different adventure in order to solve a mystery, This soap opera follows the daily routine of a group of portuguese teenagers and their problems. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. A children's drama series set in the picture-postcard community of Sydney's northern beaches. | But is it really him, or is it a look-alike? Snobs is an Australian children's television series that aired from 29 September to 11 November 2003 on the Nine Network. Release Dates

Two high school students become stranded on a tropical island and must rely on each other for survival.

After a brutal attack, her life is changed, and ... See full summary ». snobs tv series ... packaged, really to impress the TV buff in your life.


A modern day Romeo and Juliet, Abby and Marian with their optimism and innocence manage to overcome all the obstacles prohibiting their friendship - with the help and humour of Snobs of course.

Title: Set in the picture postcard community on Sydney's northern beaches, SNOBS is the story of unlikely friends - Abby, the daughter of a wealthy, middle class traditional family and Marian, a boy from a group of modern day nomads who have been come to be known as Ferals - the arrival of whom upsets the peace of the community and is the catalyst for conflict, adventure and intrigue

They learn more about themselves and each other while falling in love. (2003–2004). The story culminates in the Ferals leaving Eden Beach after Marian's father comes off probation, with Marian and his mother opting to stay behind when it is revealed he is in fact related to Abby, as Kizzy, the head of the Ferals, is the sister of Gwen. Abby Oakley (Indiana Evans), a girl from a wealthy middle-class family, and Marian Freeman (Ross Pirelli), a boy from the group of travellers, act as the main protagonists and form a close friendship despite their differences.

Each series, a detective focuses on the prime suspect in a murder case; but everyone has something to hide. Was this review helpful to you?

Senior Prosecutor Janet King returns from maternity leave to confront a high-profile murder, and a conspiracy which will have shocking ramifications throughout the judicial system.

Snobs is the name of the boy's pet dog.

Official Sites Company Credits A snooping Abbie ends up bound and gagged.

246 likes. The movie is based on the true story of beautiful young Australian model Caroline Byrne, who tragically met her death in 1995. Channel 5 show this series and is one of the very few TV programmes worth watching on Sunday mornings, when it is normally on.

This FAQ is empty. This show chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heartbreaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town just outside of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. When a solar eclipse sends a colossal blast of super chilled air towards the earth, it then sets off a catastrophic chain of events that threatens to engulf the world in ice and begin a new Ice Age. Kirk and Starfleet are the snobs, wearing clean, orderly uniforms, with the twist being the "snobs" are the heroes. Snobs is the story of unlikely friends - Abby, the daughter of a wealthy, middle class, traditional family and Marian, a boy from a group of modern day nomads who have become known as Ferals. |

Snobs (2003) - informacje o serialu w bazie

Filming & Production

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Abby's grandmother Gwen (Melissa Jaffer) who Abby is sent to live with in the second part of the series after a series of incidents with her parents.

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