Translate quantitative or technical information expressed in words in a text into visual form (e.g., a table or chart) and translate information expressed visually or mathematically (e.g., in an equation) into words. In this virtual lab on the identification of minerals in rocks, students can conduct the lab, and record their results and observations in an online journal. You will organize your data about the fossil with the aid of a variety of questions. Please join the Disqus forum below to share questions, feedback, suggestions, or descriptions of your experience using this resource. Currently, access to WeTeachNYC Communities is limited to members in specific NYCDOE programs. The Regents Item Bank provides questions from past Regents exams aligned with the content of this unit. Highlighted Resource: Unit 4 Professional Development Booklet. Students will also wrap their heads around the vastness of geologic time and the brevity of human existence by generating their own geologic time scale analogies. Scope and Sequence connection: 7:1 Geology. 5E Instructional Model Plan: Absolute Dating 5E Instructional Model Plan. MAJOR UNDERSTANDING 1.2i: The pattern of evolution of life-forms on Earth is at least partially preserved in the rock record. In this 5E sequence students create their own models of sedimentary rock layers using various mixtures of sediment, then model folding and faulting in rock layers using clay. Schools should utilize these resources in ways that best serve the school community. Based on the data provided and your Earth Science Reference Table, write a scientific explanation using evidence determining if your fossil could have existed in New York State. The presence of an early ocean is indicated by sedimentary rocks of marine origin, dating back about four billion years. It has been vetted for quality and standards alignment. Key Idea 1: The Earth and celestial phenomena can be described by principles of relative motion and perspective. New Visions for Public Schools: Earth Science curriculum. The Smithsonian Institution's Global Volcanism Program (GVP) is devoted to a better understanding of Earth's active volcanoes and their eruptions during the last 10,000 years. Darwin’s principle of evolution is summarized by the following facts. Unit Overview: Unit 4 Regents-Based Item Bank. If you have found an error in this resource, let us know by submitting this form. In this collection of resources, teachers and other educators will learn about four core principles for reviewing the wealth of free online materials available for use during distance learning. The regular rate of nuclear decay (half-life time period) of radioactive isotopes allows geologists to determine the absolute age of materials found in some rocks. WeTeachNYC Communities are online and blended learning communities where NYCDOE educators can engage with one another. Geology resources for teachers- all topics. The Earth's geologic history tells a story about the inception of life and the rise and fall of species, showing life is fragile in the face of gradual and sudden changes to the environment. PERFORMANCE INDICATOR 2.1: Use the concepts of density and heat energy to explain observations of weather patterns, seasonal changes, and the movements of Earth's plates. Performance Task, Problem-based task that can be used to drive the teaching and learning in this unit, Regents-Based Item Bank - Geological History, Unit 4 Stratigraphy 5E Instructional Model Plan, Plan for teaching about stratigraphy using the 5E Instructional Model as a framework, Unit 4 Absolute Dating 5E Instructional Model Plan, Plan for teaching about absolute dating using the 5E Instructional Model as a framework, Unit 4 Modeling Stratigraphic Columns Lab, Unit 4 Geologic History of New York State ESRT - Three Level Reading Guide, Geologic History & Evolution of Life Unit Plan, Does This Fossil Exist in New York State?

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