It was my first film, and I just kept coming up with ideas, but they weren't as good. “It’s difficult not to make a film with songs in it sentimental,” Scott Thomas says. All Rights Reserved | Military Wives Choirs. "I've been sent so many of this type of script over the years," the director notes. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! The ladies created an unprecedented level of public empathy for women in the military community, and consequently shot to Number 1 in the UK charts and raised over £500,000 for military charities, SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity and the Royal British Legion. The screenwriters met with several actual wives, and the movie was shot primarily at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire — the actual home of the first military wives choir. That balance was important throughout the entire film, and Cattaneo focused on how to “steer that tonal line between being feel-good, uplifting and fun, and keeping its feet on the ground to undercut it when we can.” Ultimately “Military Wives” is both funny and sad, reminding us that we can create something bigger than ourselves when we come together. It took me about 10 years of making not-as-good films to get over it and forget about it.". Cattaneo came onboard nearly four years ago, before the script was finalized, and it was the documentary that convinced him there was a genuine story to tell. By checking, I agree to receive communications from Military Wives Choirs in accordance with the   Privacy Policy. Credit: Aimee Spinks / Bleecker Street. Marge Champion, a longtime dancer, Emmy-winning choreographer and motion reference for Disney’s “Snow White,” dies at 101. All rights reserved. ), the Festival of Remembrance and countless television appearances and local performances. ‘I’m always looking for people to play racist buffoons,’ Sacha Baron Cohen tweeted after Trump called him a ‘creep’ upon the new ‘Borat’ film’s release. Endorsements. Encouraged by Gareth and actively assisted by other supporters, including SSAFA, the Armed Forces Charity, the Royal British Legion, Decca and 20:20 Television, the concept of a foundation to act as an umbrella organisation for all choirs was born. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He wanted to film the scenes primarily in chronological order so the choir would naturally improve over the course of shooting, all leading up to a grand finale performance in Royal Albert Hall. "He wanted us to learn on the job. Kirstin Scott Thomas (center, left) as Kate and Sharon Horgan (center, right) as Lisa in MILITARY WIVES, a Bleecker Street release. “I get sent endless ‘Full Monty’-type scripts — and this is another one, really. Find out more about some of our projects here. That felt really fascinating. There were two days of initial rehearsals to break the ice, but after that Cattaneo insisted the actors refrain from singing rehearsals. Inspired by the friendship and camaraderie in Catterick Garrison, Gareth Malone worked with women from  Chivenor and Plymouth military bases to make music and film the two-part BBC documentary series 'The Choir: Military Wives'. ‘We don’t have the privilege of being against the war, we’re married to it,’ says Lisa (Sharon Horgan), as the Flitcroft Military Wives Choir passes a group protesting the Afghanistan war. California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures. Sadly, due to the drawdown of UK troops from Germany, Bielefeld, Gütersloh and Paderborn Military Wives Choirs closed their doors. “I was always super worried about it becoming ‘Mamma Mia’ — not that I don’t love ‘Mamma Mia,’” Cattaneo says. ", "He's very good at this kind of thing," Horgan adds. "Of course, there would be some natural singers in there, but for the most part it's just regular women trying to take their minds off what's going on in Afghanistan. Instead of wallowing, the women decide to form a choir, which becomes their lifeline through the crisis. We look forward to meeting you at one of our concerts very soon. Military Wives may not work for me, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a watch. Available on VOD and Hulu beginning May 22nd, 2020. How a Chinese myth inspired Phillipa Soo’s pop star in Netflix’s ‘Over the Moon’, Everything you need to know about Chang’e, Phillipa Soo’s breakout character in the Netflix animated feature ‘Over the Moon.’, 5 things to know about Maria Bakalova, the ‘Borat’ star from that Giuliani scene. You start meeting the women and hearing their stories, and it’s a very rich world.”. Theirs is a class war, as expressed when Kate conducts the choir via classical references, while Lisa insists on pop music. This one takes place at the fictional Flitcroft Garrison, as men of the "Queen's Lancers" prepare to leave for Afghanistan. Whether it’s an inability to sing in tune or processing the shock of a death, every subplot relates to the rousing power of community. It's easy to lean into the emotion of it too heavily. That, in fact, the first military choir was set up by Nicky Clarke and Caroline Jopp, who then got in touch with choirmaster Gareth Malone, none of which is remotely mentioned or included in the film. Truly, the only real surprise comes from where their interpersonal conflict comes to a head, not in how its resolved, but how its executed. This, however, is where Military Wives loses it steam. Casting was key for Catteneo, who didn’t want to fill the movie with Broadway-level singers. The charity was officially incorporated on 25th July 2012 with four founding trustees: Nicky Clarke, Athol Hendry, David Ashman and Kirsty Bushell. The Military Wives Choirs released their seasonal album ‘Home For Christmas’, reflecting what Christmas means to the military community. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. She’s having the last laugh. The album features 1006 choir members from 65 choirs. Orange County under siege by wildfires; 2 firefighters gravely burned. While the film, written by Rachel Tunnard and Rosanne Flynn, is fictionalized, many of the characters and narrative arcs are based on real women and their lives (there are now 75 military choirs in the U.K.). … I was massively determined to make each one completely memorable to stand out. The Military Wives Choirs is a registered charity and network of 75 choirs in British military bases across the UK and overseas, bringing women in the military community closer together through singing.

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