McClain is a decorated Army pilot who flew over 800 combat hours in Operation Iraqi Freedom and is on a list of candidates NASA is considering to be the first woman on the moon. The first crime committed in space may have recently occurred aboard the International Space Station (ISS), The New York Times reported on Friday (Aug. … National law applies to each person and their possessions, so an American citizen is subject to American law, while a Russian is subject to Russian law. The accuser is Summer Worden, a former Air Force intelligence officer, who married McClain in 2014, filed for divorce in 2018 and complained to NASA in 2019 that McClain had sent her threatening emails and accessed her files illegally from space. Interpol? The person in question, Anne McClain, was taking part in a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station [ISS] when the incident took place. While we’ve no confirmed verification of it, there’s probably even been a first sex act in space. In this situation, if a crime happens in space and that multiple nationalities are involved, which law will be destined to be applied? Thus, will it be possible to create a unified international space law which shall be applied in spite of the nationality? The agreement says that each nation is responsible for its equipment, personnel, and elements. Dr. Phil? Where will it take place and who will be the judge? The five States which are involved And out of that has come what is perhaps the first allegation of a crime committed in space. In space, astronauts have to abide by the Space Station Agreement, which is signed by the US and 14 other countries. Now back on Earth, Ms McClain has reportedly sat for an interview with the inspector general last week under oath. Taking advantage of the ISS’s internet connection, Ms McClain accessed the bank account of her partner while they were separating, according to a report from The New York Times. violation should be treated? “Just because it’s in space doesn’t mean it’s not subject to law,” Mr. Sundahl told The New York Times. They have accused McClain of “highly calculated and manipulative campaign” to win the custody of Worden’s son. The complaint was reported last week in The New York Times, effectively outing McClain and making her the first known gay astronaut of either sex. Published. And in 2013, a Russian satellite was damaged after colliding with debris from a satellite that China had destroyed in a 2007 missile test. The lawyer said McClain used the same password she had used throughout their relationship. Several precedent cases have already taken place, space-related offenses are not unknown. In August 2019, the NASA astronaut Anne McClain has been accused of committing a crime in outer space. © 2020 Fossbytes Media Pvt Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Who is responsible for policing space? In Article VIII of the treaty states that: “A State Party to the Treaty on whose registry an object launched into outer space is carried shall retain jurisdiction and control over such object, and over any personnel thereof, while in outer space or on a celestial body.”. While it’s definitely a field that is growing and will continue to grow at an increasing pace, it’s still a niche domain. McClain reportedly accessed the bank account of Summer Worden from the International Space Station (ISS) during her mission between December 2018 and June this year. “Just because it’s in space doesn’t mean it’s not subject to law.” Mark Sundahl, director of the Global Space Law Center at Cleveland State University, told The New York Times he believes this crime in space is unprecedented. You need to be a subscriber to join the conversation. This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors. was involved has criminal jurisdiction, unless people from other countries were Over 1,000 Stars Could Spy On Us If They Had Aliens, Russian City of Kolomna is Becoming a UFO Magnet, The Disturbing Case of The Russian Doll Maker, NASA Discovers Jupiter is Much Weirder Than We Thought, Solar Storm Alarm Gives 24 Hour Warning Before Chaos.

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