The rescue effort evolved into a fiasco when a thunderstorm rolled into town. One would have though a lesson would have been learnt from the community charge, 44. But sadly he had a major plumbing fiasco, where pipes cracked and flooded his house. Is the Heather Mills and Paul McCartney fiasco another case of a public divorce that's gotten ugly? Kevin: You could say that, or you could call it a, 58. examples. An ineffective and extremely corrupt administration, a grave economic condition, new and heavy taxes, military repression, recurring heavy deficits in the budget, adding to a debt (about $150,000,000 in 1868) already very large and burdensome, and the complete fiasco of the junta of inquiry of Cuban and Porto Rican representatives which met in Madrid in 1866-1867--all were important influences favouring the outbreak of the Ten Years' War. fiasco in a sentence: Tell me again how this fiasco is the Republicans 'fault? Whoever you blame on the scum transfer fiasco he Because there was no food or music at the party, everyone said the event was a fiasco. a round-bottomed glass flask for wine, especially Chianti, fitted with a woven, protective raffia basket that also enables the bottle to … countable noun If you describe an event or attempt to do something as a fiasco, you are emphasizing that it fails completely. stan. 3. Most Democrats, of course, continued to support McClellan, attributing the, 34. Though the Scottish Churches Bill, the Unemployed Bill and the Aliens Bill were passed, a complete fiasco occurred over the redistribution proposals, which pleased nobody and had to be withdrawn owing to a blunder as to procedure; and though on the 17th of July a meeting of the party at the foreign office resulted in verbal assurances of loyalty, only two days later the government was caught in a minority of four on the estimates for the Irish Land Commission. 53. 2. [emphasis] The company was still reeling from the Edsel fiasco a couple of years back. The dinner party had been a private and public fiasco. The one thing I do take as a silver lining from this fringe fiasco is the fact that the longer a media outlet gives credence to this garbage, the less credibility it has in my view, and I needn't waste my time paying attention to them in the future. However Carmen was not the total fiasco some writers have inferred. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day! 2. definitions. Whoever you blame on the scum transfer fiasco he Use "fiasco" in a sentence He lives together with Nao because of the whole renting fiasco. Did we learn nothing from that rediculous Sarah Palin fiasco? 4. The Jacobites also, through mistrust of each other - none could trust Hamilton - and finally through the intoxication of a pilot who failed to reach Forbin, led to the imbecile fiasco. 3. Whoever you blame on the scum transfer, 43. That Facebook lent its name and reputation to this fiasco is amazing. 3. And for that desire much of the Mohawk & St. Lawrence fiasco was eventually forgiven it. was founded in 2010 and our goal is to have definitions for any english word. "Okay. The conference degenerated into a complete fiasco. She looked to Dilimon, who smiled and nodded to support Mark’s gambit, whatever that was, and silently pleaded with the cosmos to not let this become a fiasco . The conference degenerated into a complete, Trump is slipping in the polls 35 days before the election. "Today, they would have aired the vainglorious fiascouncensored". Her husband, knowing she could not play, shut the piano to avoid a fiasco. Pan-Arabism broke on the shoals of the 1967. I was one of the crowd who saw this famous fiasco. The fiasco of the arrest in Boston had cost her a small fortune and cash was needed on all sides in a hurry: her idea of using a horse needed immediate testing. Our reckless spending habits early in life led us to this financial fiasco that we are trapped in now. Centrale Stop, in Tamworth Road opened on 10th December 2005 following a major fiasco over the finances. Hopefully, some of the more level-headed members of the council can prevail and make the Boom Town fiasco a bust.

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How we made $200K with 4M downloads.