I've extracted the text directly from data files on the game CD, so you can be fairly certain that it's complete and accurate. I: Chapter 8 – Bought from Moogle Merchant in the Children’s Secret Hideout on any difficulty (costs 5 Moogle Medals). Schritt zum ultimativen Mysterium „Katastrophe“ : the game only lets you switch mid chapter between classic, easy, and normal. 27. 58.

X: Chapter 9 – FromÂ. They are just optional to unlock more Weapon Upgrades. A person can say multiple things in a row.

I: Chapter 8 – Bought from Moogle Merchant in the Children’s Secret Hideout on any difficulty (costs 5 Moogle Medals). Way of the Fist Vol. Just go back there and it’ll have been replaced by a Manuscript (on Hard).

Kapitel 14- Besiege „Gestreifter Schimmer“ auf der Nebenquest „Chocobo-Suche“ auf „schwer“. Part 5: Rising from the ashes Thank you for the reply ; on my first run I farmed both level 50 and materias in chapter 9 with Aerith and Cloud. Diese Webseite verwendet Cookies, um euch ein bestmögliches Surf-Erlebnis zu ermöglichen. IV: Chapter 2 – Automatic for defeating The Huntsman on Hard. 24. The Art of Swordplay Vol. This is another place where many choices affect the outcome. Lots of typing, grammar, syntax, and similar errors that were part of the original English version of the game (including the infamous "this guy are sick"). The Art of Swordplay Vol. Kapitel 18- Besiege den Boss „Praeco-Moira“ auf „schwer“. 25. Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol. 45. Part 11: Smells like home I had to switch to Ch. Kapitel 8- Erledige die Nebenquest (nach Ruhe in Frieden) „Der Engel des Slums“ auf „schwer“. During Chapter 14 it’s actually not doable (only Cloud / Tifa / Barret in that chapter), only in Chapter 9 it works. Die folgende Liste zeigt alle auffindbaren Manuskripte und 2. The party reaches Cosmo Canyon and learns the truth about Red XIII's father. I don't intend to release the code for extracting text from data files and to convert text into HTML, mainly because they are somewhat hacky and do not serve any other useful purpose. Einführung in die Schwertkunst 8: GermanAnime (FB Gruppe) Transcript of all text that you'll ever read by playing the game, including all possible dialogue options, branches, paths, and outcomes.

The party continues up from floor 63 of Shinra building, but are captured again shortly after saving Aeris and Red XIII from Hojo. Now I’m replaying chapter 9 and there are lot choices available, incuding the one I’m looking for. Es gibt auch noch zusätzlich pro Charakter ein Bonus-Skript für ihre zweite Limit. Handbuch zu Schusswaffen 12: 1 Reactor and returns to their hideout in Sector 7. Mysterium des Planeten 14: The Art of Swordplay Vol. XII: Chapter 17 – Automatic from defeating Swordipede boss on Hard.

hard mode must be enable at the start of chapter select and you cannot switch out of it without restarting the chapter, Your email address will not be published. Weapon Level 6 requires 250 SP but on the first playthrough you can only get 246/250 SP at most, meaning you must play hard difficulty and get one more Manuscript per Character to get to Weapon Level 6. It’s where you find Chocobo & Moogle Summon Materia on first playthrough. The point here is to document everything that's said, not to write a walkthrough or a novel. Please include the words "FF7 script" in the email's subject to prevent it from being mistaken for spam. Meanwhile, Shinra moves the Mako cannon to Midgar and manage to take out the barrier protecting Sephiroth, but is left in disarray after Weapon's counter-attack.

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