“Preventive maintenance is a must if you hope to minimize downtime.”. How often is the full thrust reverse used vs idle? “If you’re going to own an aircraft like this, you have to stay ahead of the potential problems,” Williams suggests. Piper quotes a maximum cruising speed of 213 KTAS, but that would occur at the airplane’s 25,000 foot certified ceiling. Service ceiling 27,300ft. Mid Life Lycoming... More Info, Lowest time Navajo on the market - 3,450 TT! With Garmin’s GFC 700 autopilot smoothly doing the steering, I idly poked my finger into the pulse oximeter on the instrument panel, and was rewarded with the knowledge that I had 98 per cent blood oxygen saturation. With its 350-horsepower dual-turbocharged, dual-intercooled Lycoming TIO-540 engine, the sleek Mirage cruises at nearly 215 knots true airspeed, at altitudes up to 25,000 feet. The Williams P-Navajo is a pristine business machine kept in near-perfect condition, only appropriate since it was formerly owned by noted attorney and aviation enthusiast F. Lee Bailey. Even the very last 1977-model Pressurized Navajos are listed in Aircraft Bluebook at about $155,000 used. After departing Vero Beach, we headed northeast toward, appropriately, PIPER intersection. The M350 was introduced in 2015, certified as the PA-46-350P, and powered by a dual-turbocharged, fuel-injected 350 HP Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A engine driving a three-blade Hartzell constant speed propeller. I would. The rate of climb is 1445 ft/min (7.3 m/s). Each issue is packed with insightful stories, news, reports and feature profiles from all sectors of aviation! PA-31P-425 - Max speed 451km/h (244kt), max cruising speed 428km/h (231kt), long range cruising speed 306km/h (165kt). Get the latest industry news delivered right to your device with our free e-newsletter, Skies News. Not so the M350, which looked solid and robust. The Navajo C model was released in 1975. AirNikon Collection-Pima Air and Space Museum, Fyodor Borisov - TransportPhoto Images - Russian APT. There may be better piston twins available for the corporate mission, but don’t ask Williams to name one. Wing area 21.3m2 (229sq ft). The Mirage pilot information manual recommends cycling the boots when ice accumulations reach between one-quarter and one-half inch. Hatcher mentioned that a seat modification kit is available to allow up to three more inches of headroom, if one desires. Nicely equipped Navajo CR. If my opinion on these safety features isn’t clear: “Yay, Piper!”. Texas Piper Sales, Piper Aircraft Inc. Sign up for free daily email updates from the aviation industry’s top news source. APA, PHX At the top of the pyramid are the pure business machines: sophisticated in systems, expensive to own and operate, and intended strictly for the corporate community. The Piper Chieftan was a stretched version of the Navajo B with more powerful engines and counter-rotating propellers to prevent critical engine handing problems. That means 1700 rpm translates to 2550 engine rpm, a much more agreeable number. The market hasn’t been so well served since the 1980s, although today’s airplanes are far better in every regard. More Info, Reduced Virus Price Garmin 1981 Panther Chieftain; updated G600, 2) 650W'S, GMX200MFD, ADS-B transponder, KFC200 autopilot, kice, air, only 6260 hours and ... More Info, World's Best Equipped Navajo Chieftain! Reassuring. How comfortable does 36 inches and 1700 rpm sound? Already a member? Pre-Owned Aircraft, Cutter Aviation At our operating weight, the low-speed audio warning activated at 63 KIAS, with only a small and easily corrected left wing drop at 59 KIAS. Inflatable rubber boots on the wing and tail leading edges are pressurized by the ship’s vacuum pumps to break ice off of the surfaces. Capua extolled the merits of the M350’s optional pneumatic deicing system over competing fluid-based systems. I was pleased to see that the M350 could achieve better than a 2,000 foot-per-minute rate of descent without reducing power, thanks to the combination of wing-mounted speed brakes and the relatively high maximum airspeed (Vne) of 198 KIAS. Ownership Technically, the eight-cylinder Continental IO-720 with 720 cubic inches of displacement is larger, but even that has never been called on to deliver as much power as the TIGO-541. I wish I’d done it sooner.”. Southern California, Arizona, Electrically heated boots near the hub on the leading edge of the composite propeller blades keep the prop free of ice. More Info, 1968 PIPER PA-31-310 NAVAJO PANTHER, TT 7867, SMOH LH 1074 RH 1074 TIO-540 A2B 310 HP (TBO 1800 HRS), SPOH LH 63 RH 63 "SINCE BRAND NEW", HARTZELL, BOTH O/... More Info, 1980 Chieftain PA31-350, 13,031 TTSN, 358/583 SMOH, 1039/1659 SPOH, KFC200 AP, FD, GNS530 GPS/Nav/Com. With a wingspan of nearly 41 feet and a tail that stands more than 13 feet high (both dimensions beyond the province of most tee-hangars), a P-Navajo must normally be housed in either a community hangar or a very large individual one. The result was 190 knots true airspeed (KTAS) sipping 24.1 gallons per hour fuel flow. Download a PDF or view a flipbook online now. Armed with the G1000’s impressive capabilities, weather radar and certification for flight into known icing, the result is a virtually “go anywhere any time” airplane for pilots on the go. The weight savings amount to about 150 pounds, depending on options. To lift that much weight, Piper employed two of the largest, most complex, horizontally-opposed aircraft engines ever built: the six-cylinder, turbocharged, geared, Lycoming TIGO-541-E1A models—rated at 425 hp at 45 inches of manifold pressure and 2133 propeller rpm (this equals 3500 engine rpm). MOTIVATED! The original Continental engine-powered, 310 horsepower (HP) Malibu suffered a number of high-profile engine failures, so Piper rebooted the design with the 350 HP Lycoming-powered Mirage in 1989. Six/eight seat corporate transport and commuter airliner. From there, the avionics simply steered us through the procedure and delivered us at the missed approach point. He can be contacted via email at flybillcox@aol.com. If you’re a pilot “on the go,” Piper Aircraft’s M350 pressurized piston-powered single-engine airplane may be a solution. and used with permission. *All aircraft loans are subject to credit approval. In the climb, the pilot sets the system to about 500 feet above the intended cruise altitude, so step-climbs may require several system adjustments. In fact, aside from the length and shape of the nose and the exhaust stacks, many confuse the Mirage with its turbine-powered brother, the Meridian—even fuelers, so pilots of each model need to make sure they are getting the right kind of go-juice. To my eye, it was swoopy and attractive on the ramp; not a trivial impression for what is almost entirely an owner-flown design. For those pilots trained to avoid grossly oversquare settings, the Pressurized Navajo’s cruise power combinations are a little startling. We levelled off at 14,000 feet under ISA+12 degree Celsius conditions and set High Speed Cruise power: 32.0 inches manifold pressure; 2,470 RPM; with the mixture leaned to 1,560F turbine inlet temperature. Call Today! I settled into the left seat. Robert Erdos is a contributing editor for Skies magazine. Call, Email O... More Info, Beautiful 1981 Piper Navajo Chieftain, 8700TT, 959/1399 SMOH, Garmin WAAS, KFC200, 135 Ready! The start procedure was straightforward for a fuel-injected engine. The Piper PA-31 Navajo is a family of cabin-class, twin-engined aircraft designed and built by Piper Aircraft for the general aviation market, most using Lycoming engines.

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