In 1930, the village of Ein Dewar became the seat of the French consultant, also a military place, Derik became an official village and a place for trade and market for the area, Decree 1414 dated July 18, 1933, Derik become a town, In 1946, Derik becomes the region's center officially, and Majid al-Maliki, the first director of the area. Some of the Kurdish clans that settled in the region in the late Ottoman period, most of them came from the north from the depth of the current "Kurdistan region" of Turkey, and these clans spread throughout the region and some villages, in the early of 20's century, Many Christians families came from Turkey to Derik. in 1981 the area was in Britain's armies control after the fall of the Ottoman empire, and Britain was preparing to add this area to Iraq country, that is in her hand too according to Sykes–Picot Agreement. As of 2004[update], Al-Malikiyah is the fifth largest city in Al-Hasakah governorate. The population consists mostly of ethnic Kurds and Assyrians in addition to a significant, large number of Arabs and a smaller number of Armenians. As a largely peaceful uprising gave way to civil war, Washington opposed President Bashar al-Assad’s brutal, repressive tactics and supported an array of rebel groups. I am very happy. Selling their houses to pay for the help of unpredictable smugglers was one option. The soldier watched as the latest ambulance pulled through the gates and medics wrenched open the door. The population enjoys demographic and ethnic diversity that is characteristic of most of Al-Hasakah Governorate. As a result of the ongoing Syrian Civil War, Al-Malikiyah is currently controlled by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. According to the Syria Central Bureau of Statistics, Derik today is situated within the autonomous Federation of Northern Syria – Rojava. In April 2019, the prison was the site of a major prison escape attempt by about 200 ISIL detainees, including several French jihadists. : distributed around so,e villages south of "Jal-Agha" and "Terbasipi", "طي": An Arab Clan, most of their families came the region from the "island of Euphrates", distributed in some villages south of "Rad". The district constitutes the northeastern corner of the country, and is where the Syrian Democratic Council convenes. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that at least six Syrian government troops had been killed near Assadiya, south of Ras al-Ayn. There are several views about the origin or historical name of this city..... means two roads in the Kurdish language "Di rêk, Du rêk", it was a swampy area, so there were only two ways to reach the town, depending on the name of who built first house in that area and lived there, and his name was Hemko. Al-Malikiyah (Arabic: المالكية ‎, Kurdish: Dêrika Hemko/Dêrik ‎, Classical Syriac: ܕܪܝܟ ‎ [citation needed]) is a small Syrian city and the center of an administrative district belonging to Al-Hasakah Governorate.The district constitutes the northeastern corner of the country, and is where the Syrian Democratic Council convenes. America was meant to protect us, but that’s done now. this area was divided into two part for two groups, the "Abasa" clan "was still living in the villages surrounding the mountain (Kundak - Gundik), an agricultural clan", and the clans of the "Cougar", which was in the area around the mountain (Kara Gokh - Karachuk) and they still in the area, both of them are Kurdish clans. Head of Office – North East Syria. During the negotiations with Britain on the one hand according to Georges Clemenceau agreement, and with the new Turkish government that been built on the ruins of the Ottoman Empire on the other hand, The result was to set the border between Syria and Turkey, and so they divided the Kurdish people too, some become Turkish citizen and some become Syrian citizen, according to the agreement, Derik area added to Syria, Since the Middle Ages, The present-day Derik region was one of the Botan Principality regions, the Baderkhans were the last Rulers of this princedom, Which ruled between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. [12], New Syriac Orthodox Church on Main street, Chaldean Catholic Church and School Building, Coordinates: 37°10′N 42°08′E / 37.167°N 42.133°E / 37.167; 42.133, district belonging to Al-Hasakah Governorate, Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, "سوريا.. توتر بين موسكو وواشنطن في القامشلي", "Li Dêrikê kurd, ereb û xirîstiyan bi hev re dijîn", "Li Dêrika Hemko nirxê şêraniyê li gorî nirxê şekir e", "A light on Derik s history and churches", "صقر ابو فخر | التراجع المسيحي في الشرق: مشهد تاريخي :: | جريدة السفير", "City of Derik taken by Kurds in Northeast Syria", "Ban: Syrian regime 'failed to protect civilians, "Armed Kurds Surround Syrian Security Forces in Qamishli", "INFO TF1/LCI - Syrie : des cadres français de Daech impliqués dans une mutinerie", "Russian military in NE Syria: Russia establishes new military base Al-Malikiyah (Dayrik)", "Demoralized, Syrian refugees return home | Middle East | DW.COM | 17.11.2014",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 October 2020, at 19:36. “Give us good news,” an old man implored Mustafa Bali, an SDF spokesman, clutching his hand. The end of the 150-hour cease-fire brokered by Russia threatened to reignite fighting that erupted after President Trump decided earlier this month to withdraw U.S. troops from the area and leave their Kurdish allies to fend for themselves in the face of a Turkish military offensive. Moving closer to the Iraqi border, where thousands of refugees had already crossed, and then praying the violence wouldn’t follow, was another. Days earlier, as shells thudded in the background, a convoy of U.S. trucks moved along the roads of northern Syria, transporting troops, equipment and the paraphernalia of what had once been a busy military base. Assyrians began to emigrate from the area after they were targeted by local Kurds in the Amuda massacre of August 9, 1937. “There are no good options. The northern half of the town is mainly inhabited by Muslim Kurds, and the southern part by Assyrians and Armenians. The Syrian State granted them a fertile agricultural land of Derik area as a refund of Sinking their lands into the water, but actually, this was one of The most chauvinistic and racist projects that done by the Syrian Government. “What happened?”. The breakout was foiled, however, and some of the prisoners were subsequently distributed to other detention centers. “This is bigger than us, really. As the mostly Syrian Kurdish fighters pulled back from the Turkish border, the Turkish military and its militia allies advanced from the north and Syrian government forces advanced from the south, retaking territory that had changed hands during the eight-year civil war. It is the administrative center of a nahiyah ("subdistrict") consisting of 108 localities with a combined population of 125,000. So I guess we’ll just wait.”. This redeployment was a pivot from Trump’s earlier statement that U.S. troops were being sent home. Location Located in the far north-east of Syria The town is about 20 km (12 mi) west of the Tigris "Dijla" river which defines the triple border between Syria, Turkey, and Iraq. About 200,000 people have fled their homes, according to the United Nations. Trump’s decision marked a watershed moment in a long American effort to hold sway over parts of a Syria racked by the eight-year conflict. "المغمورين": many family groups belonging to several Arab clans from the Al-Tabaqa area in the Syrian province of Raqqa. Even though it failed, fear, anxiety and the immigration of Kurds from Turkey led to Malikiya, Darbasiya and Amuda becoming predominantly Kurdish.[6]. The largely Kurdish communities of northeastern Syria feared both: their longtime Turkish adversaries and Syrian government forces that could view the locals as turncoats. Now what do we have left?”. On 21 July 2012, YPG forces reportedly captured Al-Malikiyah, which is located just 10 kilometers from the Turkish border,[7] although another report stated that fighting was still going on in the city. : A famous Arab clan, which came from "Najd" after the control of the Saudi family on Saudia.... they used previously in the nineteenth century in the drought years, to come to this area in search of pasture, they exist now around the area of "Tel-Kogger" and southern of "Rad", "شرابية": an essential part of Tai"طي" Clan they. In a sign of how marbled the battlefield has become, Syrian government forces have returned to fighting on the front lines in northeastern Syria, and they have suffered a stream of casualties in recent days. In 1947 first official school been built, the name of the city been Arabized and it been replaced to " Al-Malikya", According to the chauvinist racist project of the government, the name Al-Malikya related to the colonel "Adnan-Al-Maliki", Post Comments Al-Malikiyah (Arabic: المالكية‎,[1] Kurdish: Dêrika Hemko/Dêrik‎,[2][3] Classical Syriac: ܕܪܝܟ‎[citation needed]) is a small Syrian city and the center of an administrative district belonging to Al-Hasakah Governorate. His facial features had almost been burned off, a doctor said. International Rescue Committee (IRC) Full Time Derik August 24, 2020 Save the Children Full Time Derik August 28, 2020 - September 7, 2020 View more ECD Program Officer /Derek – Roving (Amuda and Tirbaspyeh) -open until filled. But as the Islamic State rose and nationwide violence accelerated, northeastern Syria’s Kurdish-led force had become Washington’s favored, and finally their only, partner. Therefore the Kurdish and Syriac-Aramaic names were banned from being used. According to the Syria Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Al-Malikiyah had a population about 40,000 residents in the 2012 census. DERIK, Syria — As the final hours of a cease-fire in northeastern Syria wound down on Tuesday, dread descended on a region once shielded by the United States. In towns and cities, families debated, and sometimes fought, over whether, and where, to run. According to the Syria Central Bureau of Statistics, Derik today is situated within the autonomous Federation of Northern Syria – … As of November 2014, only 200 ethnic Armenians remain in the city out of a pre-civil war figure of 450. Atom : An Iraqi Arab clan, their villages located west of the "Tel-Koggar" area. ). Under an agreement reached last week between Russian President Vladi­mir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Russian forces would now patrol the border. a less fertile area than "Dashta-Hesna" and less rainy. and many of Arab Clans came from the south of the "Iraq Badia" and from the "Najd region" northern part of the Arabian Peninsula to Derik.... as a result of the persecution and massacres of Christians, the Aramaic families, the largest one is Eliah"أيليا", Amsaki"عمسكي", Razai"رازاي", Haddu.

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