According to the report, it took the NASA Bennu spacecraft around 2 years to find a good spot to land and grab the biggest patch of particles which are small enough to be swallowed up. Measuring roughly 20 feet wide and is the size of an SUV, OSIRIS-REX was tasked with navigating a target site of just 26 feet in diameter. The video shows the space probe touching down and its robot arm crushing some rock on Bennu's surface. Hayabusa2 was the second asteroid sample mission in history, after Hayabusa1, which returned to Earth in 2010 with samples of the asteroid Itokawa. You can see more of his writing or get in contact at Nevertheless, NASA success at the collection of the samples from Bennu only sets forward a future of much greater analysis of an asteroid in the outer space. The successful sampling of the asteroid Bennu’s surface by the OSIRIS-REX spacecraft, which preliminary data showed touched the surface for six seconds before maneuvering away. reserved.PMC Entertainment. The water could have created the veins and left behind the patterns we can still see today. The lead scientist Dante Lauretta of the University of Arizona said “I can’t believe we actually pulled this off. You may opt-out by. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Times Internet Limited. The likelihood of such an occurrence is low, and the asteroid is not large enough to end human civilization should it occur. In the video above, the spacecraft's sample-collection arm lands in the asteroid's surface rubble — a rocky field with a sandy dust called regolith. “But literally, we crushed it,” Dr. Lauretta said. I can't believe we actually pulled this off," Dante Lauretta, the mission's principal investigator, said during NASA's live broadcast of the operation. ET Saturday after more than two months of docked operations in orbit. But for NASA, OSIRIS-REx signals the first time the U.S. agency has ever attempted to collect samples from an asteroid. Email us at, Goujons recalled from Irish shops over potential 'off-putting taste and smell', CMO 'confident' on drop in Covid-19 as 5 deaths and 720 new cases reported, Comforting grieving mum of murder-suicide 'extra complicated' due to Covid-19, Tyrone football squad hit with positive Covid-19 case days before Donegal clash, Ryan Andrews completely transforms Dublin home as carpet and flooring put down, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. That's good news, according to Lauretta, since it makes it more likely the spacecraft collected a good sample. Cameras will determine if the sample is good enough and, if it is, the space probe will start heading back to Earth in March 2021 after further analysis has been conducted. ; New video footage shows the tricky operation, … However, many of our solar system's asteroids may be composed of more fragile rock like that on Bennu. Let us know in the comments... We pay for your stories! NASA's official blog had revealed that the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft sent to Bennu asteroid is capable of making up to three touch-and-go manoeuvres if the scientist believes the collected samples are inadequate. Meteorites sometimes fall through Earth's atmosphere and land on the ground, but they have to be durable to do that. This mission helped the agency to collect a handful of cosmic rubble for analysis back on Earth. The spacecraft succeeded in pogo-sticking off the space rock, hinting that it may have been able to capture a large sample to bring back to Earth. Nasa claims Bennu hosts ingredients that we know are essential for life on Earth. Nevertheless, even if the collection of the sample is completed in the first try, it is quite evident that the NASA Bennu spacecraft will not return to Earth with the samples until 2023 and the capsule will land into the Utah desert during its return. New footage shows its tricky six seconds of contact and the flurry of alien rock that the probe sent flying in order to suck up a sample. He's evaded it for years, and COVID-19 can affect the brain long after the illness fades. Due to an 18.5 minute communication delay with Earth, the space probe relied on commands set ahead of time. The mission’s controllers selected a spot inside a crater near Bennu’s north pole that they named Nightingale. All rights The spacecraft's sampling arm kicked up lots of material from Bennu's surface. There is a theory that life on Earth started because of an asteroid impact bringing water and the right organic molecules. Watch live broadcasts from NASA Television and NASA's social media channels, and a schedule of upcoming live events including news briefings, launches and landings. Nick Caruso / ‘Literally, We Crushed It’: Video Shows NASA Space Probe Touch an Asteroid. Mission controllers must now determine if the. The successful NASA Bennu landing has helped the agency to collect some important samples from the asteroid. The calculation of the collected mass is to be completed by Monday. Asteroids like Bennu, which possesses carbon-rich minerals, may have provided the building blocks for life to arise on Earth. It even discovered that Bennu was shooting debris from its surface into space. If not, the team will attempt a second landing later this year. The capsule was built by SpaceX, a private company owned by Elon Musk. Completing its two-month journey to the International Space station and back, the spacecraft is expected to splash down at 2:48 pm ET, with a target landing area off the coast of Pensacola, Fla., in the Gulf of Mexico. SpaceX Video: Relive the Launch of NASA's First Crewed Space Mission in Nearly a Decade Hayabusa2, meanwhile, will return its samples this December.

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