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In addition, it successfully demonstrated its high-speed X-band downlink capability (based on a transmitter & antenna from Syrlinks and funded by CNES) using a CNES ground station located in Kourou, French Guinea. This network of ADS-B receivers is the largest in the world and in addition to ADS-B data, Flightradar24 is able to get positional data for non-ADS-B equipped aircraft through the use of Multilateration (MLAT). As shown, the Euclidean difference between the SGP4- and GNSS-reported positions varies from 4 to 10 km with an average of 7 km. 12) -Although GOMX-3 was not designed for real-time data transmission, a latency of less than 5 minutes could be achieved in oceanic regions where previously only roughly estimated flight positions could be shown The autonomous data-handling and post-processing consumed only few tenths of a second, demonstrating that an optimized data-streaming from the satellite to the ground could make latencies down to below 1.5 seconds – necessary for air traffic control in non-radar airspace – feasible. CNES and Students are currently developing the EYE-SAT triple CubeSat, provided with an astronomical payload to observe zodialcal light. This is typically the minimum size which can accommodate small technology payloads. The CubeSat Kit is designed and modelled using SolidWorks®. Operational CubeSats might need such a diplexer, in order to connect two S-band patch Rx/Tx antennas mounted on opposite faces to the transceiver, through a 3 dB coupler. ",#(7),01444'9=82. Spacecraft     Launch    Mission Status     Sensor Complement    References, The GOMX-3 mission is a collaboration between ESA (European Space Agency) and GomSpace ApS of Aalborg, Denmark to demonstrate new capabilities of nanosatellites focusing on attitude control, RF sensing, and high-speed data downlink. Secondary CubeSat payloads of the HTV-5 mission cargo. �ʞ�^�FeHsT��w��^�n�絵�B���$��1�( EP���&��(4���P��jr�j�H��%{�D���b��zƂtG��x���Au�Cg��^S/�� 4y?U_�/?L��%��|�F���Ndp�$�2E#S��`�f��h9Y�0G}2?�Ha��b��;�8���+�ct�X�+ {}/6�w��\*c���!����ᔉq���-v�Lg����~I��]��-�����/uH��7�6%��k3a S��gf����%;;*���GT&ui䤮ɴJ�DA�U���w��^�Ҫ4b���liT�B�rP ���8�4G����"�&�fI�v������r�\�[}-tI���������~CoQ��[�� A distributed spacecraft has reduced system interdependency (simplifying test campaigns) and a standardized communication (reducing development time through reuse of this code). X-band link: The first in-orbit test of the Syrlinks EWC27 X-band transmitter will occur aboard GOMX-3. The second one can be performed with the framing at the mass memory or processor level in real time or by post processing. “If you want to drive the latency down further, you have to do inter-satellite links,” he said. 8). Meanwhile, GomSpace is developing a follow-up 6U CubeSat called GomX-4B, also supported by ESA, scheduled for launch in the second half of 2017. Figure 4 shows the data interfaces used aboard GOMX-3.

Above all, it could be shown that fruitful collaboration between an established large system integrator (such as Airbus DS) and young and growing start-up companies such as GomSpace and Flightradar24 is not just possible but very beneficial to all parties involved. 13). =�{gi�wzNP������F!�(���V���н�g���{7���_�� ��[�wX%��L��#FR$!A��0�L=iT�)��`��E�I\��2��v�7��O -�hH�i�RY�p�L��e�xi$B)Q�=R�[����C`HbL�0�i̻�x��`9F������|:R�^:� �2b�d�¶��p>V���_-��)f$ The overall satellite layout is shown in Figure 2.

For example, a 1-Unit CubeSat measures one single basic CubeSat unit as described above, while a 3-Unit CubeSat consists of 3 standard CubeSat units stacked together.The CubeSat concept has become very popular, both in university groups, as well as for researchers, space agencies, governments, and companies.CubeSats offer a fast and affordable way for a wide array of stakeholders to be active in … NanoCom AX100 is a UHF radio system used as the primary RF communications method. The first station is new and is located at the French CSG ( Guyana Space Center), in Kourou, and will be used for experimental passes until the end 2015.

VBR with OQPSK and k=7, R= ½ convolutional + RS coding is CCSDS compatible, despite the signal spectrum variation during a pass, since CCSDS defines the "mission phases" as the mission period during which the signal parameters are constant.

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