Since few days I think that usually there are some distinct singularities in particular concepts which may occur caused by a common reason. Most of the helium observed in the universe today is primordial, created by fusion between protons and neutrons in the early universe; this is known as primordial nucleosynthesis. They appear to be new galaxies in formation, ejected from the parent galaxy. This is my point of view, that assigning the brightness temperature to the temperature of an object is quite another question. Young researchers. Hence, there can not be place in the universe where the temperature is lower than the cosmic back ground. About 380,000 years after the Big Bang, the black body radiation that filled the universe was at a temperature of about 3,000 degrees K. Today, these same photons are at a black body temperature of 2.7 degrees K.  Therefore, these cosmic microwave background photons have lost about 99.9% of the energy that they had when the universe was 380,000 years old. In this case they changed the magnetic field such that all the atoms were in the upper energy state. If you invert the populations of the electrons in an atomic system the temperature is by definition negative. It leads readers to believe that in some way negative temperatures are lower than absolute zero. CRYOCONFERENCE 2010. All masers and lasers work with an inverted population of states so that their. An infinite, steady state Universe, free from known law violations on a macroscopic scale, is far more likely and must produce some CBR. why we couldn't see super-cooled regions from outside if thermally uncoupled from the cosmic background? The temperature differences (indicated by colour) are about one part in ten thousand of the average (2.725 Kelvin ) temperature. If you have another Radiation sources, usually hotter bodies like suns, the temperature increases. A laser has negative temperature since there is a higher population in the higher energy level. I must say that the Nature headline is sensationalist when it says "Quantum gas goes below absolute zero". However, because radiation is red-shifted as the universe expands, the density of radiation was greater still. We have dilution refrigerators that continuously keep temperatures around 5-10mKelvin. At high temperatures the atoms have so much energy that the difference between the energy states is insignificant and the probability goes to 50%. So unfortunately, I guess we have to answer 'yes' to this one, with the corollary that just finding cold things won't help us with alien life. I do not understand why you think that this temperature should be a ground temperature? By the time the universe was about 1500 times smaller than it is today, the temperature had become low enough for atoms to form. But has anyone considered that in the reference frame of a more distant observer in the normal universe there may be no event horizon ever really existing in that observer's reference frame? Of course it is possible to find temperature lower than the cosmic background (CB). The need for reliable tables of scientific data is not new, nor are projects for providing such tabulations of recent origin. or of the ratio of population of two states. And it is long lasting. One component is the cosmic microwave background.This component is redshifted photons that have freely streamed from an epoch when the Universe became transparent for the first time to radiation. As we get close in time to the formation of an event horizon, then in the vicinity of the location where that event horizon will form in the future, time dilation becomes very large. 9/26/2014 I extended this question to include radial effects. After the promulgation of the revised SI the ITS-90 will remain part of the Mise en Pratique of the kelvin, as – in its future range - the best practical approximation of thermodynamic temperature. GRT has been tested  only for static or stationary systems where there is not a net exchange of energy (if we exclude gravitational radiation). PMFJI, in the Planck spacecraft the low temperature. Indeed, absolute zero is unattainable, but for spin systems weakly coupled to the rest of the world, negative temperatures are in fact a useful concept. much more description has been depicted in the following web link:-. Whether this can happen in the Universe in a situation where no intelligent life is present is not altogether obvious to me.

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