[78], Proposed aircraft to fill the middle of the market segment, International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading, "Emirates Considers Boeing's Midsize Aircraft 'A Winner, "ALC sees 757 being replaced rather than re-engined", "Udvar-Hazy reveals preferences for Boeing's next project", "United Studying Replacements for Its Transatlantic 757s", "Boeing looking closely at an all-new jet for 2025", "Paris Air Show Buzzes Over Boeing Jet That Doesn't Exist Yet", "Boeing's mystery plane is the big story coming out of the Paris Air Show", "Boeing's 767 revitalized as a MOM stop gap? With so many anxious flyers now suddenly aware of what model plane they are boarding, maybe a smaller 797 could come a little sooner? That’s a very long title and a thin spread of talent across a broad scope of responsibilities. Boeing has said all along that it will decide by 2020 whether it will go ahead and launch the NMA. Clearly, airlines are hoping for something a bit firmer than that so that they can put their worries about future fleet needs to rest. [41] The target sale price for the NMA is believed to be between $65m and $75m. The Boeing New Midsize Airplane (NMA), dubbed the ‘797’ by many, is a much needed and eagerly anticipated new product. [58] A new development would not be mature enough as the Ultrafan program is too far away from Boeing's needs, but Rolls-Royce could be interested in a partnership with another manufacturer. In 2017, multiple airlines expressed interest in a composite, seven-abreast twin-aisle with an elliptical cross-section. [21], At the June 2017 Paris Air Show, Boeing's aircraft development manager Mike Delaney confirmed the use of composites for the whole airframe, which will have a hybrid cross-section and bypass ratios above 10:1. [47] At least two engine-makers want exclusivity for the $2 billion program cost. Even if its thrust crept to 52,000 lbf (230 kN), GE and Safran will bid through their CFM joint venture with a 3D-woven-resin transfer molding fan like the Leap instead of a GEnx/GE9X-type carbon-fiber composite. One of these was the withdrawal of Rolls-Royce from the engine competition for the new plane. The delay to the NMA launch had already put a key part of the target market at risk for Boeing, particularly after Airbus won contracts with two major U.S. airlines. Bank of America’s Ron Epstein is quoted by Bloomberg as saying that the appointment of Sinnett as the lead on the project, “…seems a clear sign that the NMA program is on ice. [2] At the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading conference, he predicted it would be a Boeing 767-like, twin-aisle airplane capable of using 7,000-foot (2,130 m) runways such as those at New York LaGuardia. McDonnell Douglas concept for a 2-2-2 economy class aircraft in 1980. Editor -  Joanna has worked in publishing for more than a decade and is fast becoming a go-to source for commercial aviation analysis. [27], On 20 December 2017, Washington Governor Jay Inslee formed a committee with Boeing labor unions (IAM and SPEEA) and local government economic-development officials to lobby Boeing to build the NMA in Washington state. [22] If the NMA is launched in early 2019, its design will be completed in 2020, with fabrication in 2021-22, build in 2023, flight tests and certification in 2024 and introduction in 2025. [18] Competition to supply the engines would be intense, with Rolls Royce likely to propose the UltraFan follow-on to its Advance engines, Pratt & Whitney offering a new iteration of its Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan, and CFM International also in the running. The program would overhaul supply chain practices and focus on more efficient production, support and maintenance that could also be applied to a future 737 replacement. Analysts also questioned if Boeing had the appetite for the expense of the NMA project as it faces "costs equivalent to a new program to repair the MAX crisis" and delays on the 777X program. Air Lease Corp.'s Steven F. Udvar-Házy believed that Boeing was planning to launch a more capable, all-new replacement for the Boeing 757 rather than a re-engined version. [54], On January 30, 2019, then-Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg clarified that whether to offer the NMA for sale would be decided later in the year, before an authority to launch decision deferred until 2020, aligned with the end of 777X development and enabling the NMA to build on 777X work. With the added responsibility of leading the NMA program, Sinnett’s official title is now Vice President and General Manager, NMA Program, Product Strategy & Future Airplane Development Commercial Airplanes. The cargo market is the main target, but a passenger version could be a less expensive alternative to the proposed NMA. Source: Youtube DJ’s Aviation. [69] The fleet of aging 757s and 767s is no small matter. For the 757s, latest estimates put the worldwide fleet at 664 still in operation. In the US alone, the market for the NMA has a potential to be well over 300 aircraft, so these carriers are looking to its homegrown plane maker to deliver at timescales that are right for them. At this time, existing airliners over 30 years old will have been replaced by current models, leaving 900 aircraft aged from 15 to 25 years to be replaced: 420 A321s, 270 A330-200s, 90 757s and 130 767s. [43], The conceptual design released in early 2018 has a 737 MAX-style tail cone, large 787/777X-sized cabin windows, a 757/767/777-style windscreen, a 767-200 door arrangement and short engine inlets. Jefferies analysts Sheila Kahyaoglu and Greg Konrad wrote in a note to investors that, “There has been a lot of speculation about a potential NMA launch, although tempered by the 737 MAX grounding. [12] To be competitive, NMA pricing would have to be between the 787-8 and A330neo at $100–120 million (base full-life value) and larger single-aisles at above $50 million; the 767-300ER in its heyday cost just over $70 million. Third-party forecasts for this market varied from 2,000 to 4,000 aircraft, though Boeing expected the market demand to lie at the upper end of this range. A systems architecture model feeds and interacts with analytic and verification models, and helps define the product to bound data management and control cost and schedule, and the constraints, interfaces and requirements. However, an elliptical widebody can have an equivalent drag due to a smaller wetted area. [32], Delta Air Lines hoped to be a launch customer for the NMA, which would replace its 757 and 767 fleets. [44] As the A320/A330 investment has been amortised, the A321LR or A330neo can be offered at a lower cost; the NMA has to offer notably lower fuel and maintenance cost. The issue for United and many other carriers is that they are desperate to put in place a renewal plan for their fleets of aging 757 and 767 aircraft. Rolls could propose its UltraFan development, a geared turbofan based its new Advance core, but it is primarily focused on its larger, 100,000 lbf (440 kN) engine. [77], Boeing issued a request for proposals (RFP) with a June 27, 2018 deadline for a 45,000 lbf (200 kN) engine with a thrust specific fuel consumption (TSFC) 25% lower than the 757's engines. [29], In early 2018, United saw the NMA reaching the market in eight to ten years. [73] GE has expressed that it does not believe the market is large enough for all three suppliers and will not enter a three-way race which would not justify the investment needed–as was the case for the A330's engines–leaving Boeing's NMA with two suppliers at most. Boeing is now under additional pressure to firm up a date for the NMA launch since Airbus announced the A321XLR at the Paris Air Show. Other analysts have been casting similar aspersions on the timescale of the project. Sign up to our daily aviation news digest. This market was quickly left behind as aircraft and their power requirements grew, leaving the RB211 for the Boeing 757 (until 2005), or the Pratt PW2000 for the Boeing C-17. Once rumored to be announced at the 2019 Paris Air Show, we now know that the program has suffered some recent setbacks. Back in May, Analysts at Jefferies were reported by CNBC as anticipating a push back of the project. [45], As recent all-new designs took between 88 and 101 months (7.3 to 8.4 years) between the authority to offer and the introduction, a late 2018 to early 2019 launch would imply a 2026 service entry. However, with worries about the impact that the 737 MAX crisis is having at Boeing, and a recent managerial reshuffle, carriers are looking to the planemaker for more clarity on the timescales for the project. United Chief Financial Officer Gerry Laderman said in a conference call this week, “We would like to see some clarity so that we can make the choice … But we do have a little bit of time.”. [37] At the 2018 Farnborough Airshow, GE Aviation expressed concern if the size of the market is large enough to justify the investment of developing a new engine for the jet. Leave a comment below and let us know! With a fleet of 27 757s and four 767s, this is another carrier who is starting to become concerned about its future fleet renewal. Scott Hamilton of Leeham News writes a little more extensively on this topic based on his access to exclusive sources. [30] GE Aviation expected a launch decision in 2018 in order to enter service on target in the mid-2020s. Not to mention it’s been almost eight years since the 787 entered into service. The range appears to be closing in … [25] In September, Boeing created a development program office, and in November named their company veteran and 777X chief project engineer Terry Beezhold, without a role yet. The Boeing 797 was originally devised as a new aircraft to fill in the ‘middle of the market’ gap that airlines were contending with. [76] GE Aviation's offer would be through CFM, with the LEAP as the baseline for a bigger engine, half a generation further, with advanced but mature enough technology. Of course, based on the naming pattern of the last few decades, it makes sense this new mysterious ‘NMA’ would be called 797. [62], In July 2019, Boeing stated that its priority was the safe return to service of the grounded 737 MAX, and that the decision to launch the NMA would depend partly on its confidence in the tools it intends to implement in order to improve development program performance.

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