Video of the Year winner Beyoncé surprises MTV News's Meredith Graves and Chance The Rapper backstage at the 2016 VMAs. The calm, unhurried quality of this five-minute breakdown? But we know that some people only visit the site itself – which is why we thought we’d bring you 10 of the highlights from the past year, in the shape of the best VFX breakdowns of 2016, as determined by our social media followers (and the Facebook algorithm). Jidenna discusses his performance (and sexy dance moves) at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards Pre-Show. The Definitive VMA Audience Dancing Compilation of 2016. Around half of the most popular videos were breakdowns of commercials, so we’ve further divided those into three categories: one for large studios (defined as those with over 20 staff), one for boutique studios, and one for individual artists. This is a list of winners and nominees for the BAFTA Award for Best Special Visual Effects for each year. Read more », New After Effects edition brings the popular Photoshop motion blur tool to VFX and motion graphics work. The subject of special effects is the impossible; whether they’re one-reel trick films or modern fantasy blockbusters, the best special effects movies turn it into a reality of its own. But the making-of is gorgeous, treating the breakdown like a commercial in its own right, with timelapse and split-screen effects synched to a jaunty score. Sometimes, a making-of video can be more compelling than the actual project. Privacy Policy. Our movie VFX breakdown of 2016 was a surprise. The end title is the cherry – or is that strawberry? 4298 0. Many of the approximately 2,000 FX shots don't even look like they've been touched by an FX artist, which is how it should be. Discover an efficient workflow for creating stylized grooms in The Gnomon Workshop's new tutorial. Like "Mad Max," "The Martian" made use of extensive location shooting, in the deserts of Jordan, to evoke the barren surface of Mars. "The Martian" (Richard Stammers, Anders Langlands, Chris Lawrence and Steven Warner). Details such as the fur of the bear and the menace of its face, breath, drool and blood added to the dramatic textures of the imagery. Tech notes: Tonini sculpted the strawberry in ZBrush, following the Fibonacci spiral for the ‘seeds’ on the outside. In a year that produced Warcraft, The Jungle Book and a slew of Marvel and DC movies, our most-watched making-of came from a much less other-worldly drama. Unlike "Mad Max," which was converted to 3D in post-production, all of "The Martian" and its effects were shot native in stereo with 5K RED cameras. Read more about the creation of the ‘Wide Open’ promo on The Mill’s website, Title: Nike LunarEpic Flyknit Launch | Process Read more about the making of Everest in this article from fxguide, Title: StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Timelapse Sequence Live action photography was tracked and replaced with CGI body parts (rather than created wholesale with motion capture), which were referenced from human musculature but with a mechanistic movement. MTV News's Meredith Graves chats with Fifth Harmony about gymnastics and their VMA wins backstage at Madison Square Garden during the 2016 VMAs. Clothing was created in Marvelous Designer. Which of the 2016 Academy Awards nominees for Best Achievement in Visual Effects do you think should win? Tech notes: The film itself took 1.5 years to create, including half a year of animatics and previs work, followed by eight months of visual effects, mainly created in Maya and Houdini. The shot rendered in V-Ray. Which of this year's candidates for the Best Visual Effects Academy Award do you think should take home the Oscar? But digital composition of various FX elements (melding vehicles together, adding CGI stand-ins, and replacing environments), day-for-night photography and coloring, and replacing Charlize Theron's arm with a prosthetic were key to making the film's extended chase fluid and believable. Check out the best moments captured on the audience and backstage camera feeds during the 2016 VMAs. Oscars 2015: Complete list of nominees, Complete coverage: The Academy Awards, a featurette about the film's Oscar-nominated makeup effects, Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens VFX Breakdown, Complete coverage: The Academy Awards. Read more », Gnomon places best overall and best for VFX. But environments were extended digitally, blue skies replaced, and various weather elements added by MPC, to make the Martian surface appear even more brutal and threatening to Matt Damon's stranded astronaut. Read more about the making of ‘Loch Ness’ on Spellwork Pictures’ website, Title: Strawberry Candy – VFX Breakdown A scene from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens.". Discuss the list here Tech notes: RVX’s photogrammetric reconstruction of Everest was based on hundreds of archive images, with LIDAR to help reconstruct individual locations. Look out for a lovely in-joke at 00:52, too. FX TD Yigit Acik has worked at some of the world’s best commercials houses, including Psyop and Trizz, but it was this personal project inspired by the The Lego Movie that really caught our viewers’ attention. 12877 0. Scroll down to find out…, Title: Behind the Scenes: Lipton ‘The Revolution in Tea’ – on top. Variety’s video (above) provides an overview, but you can see Iloura’s own breakdown here, and Rodeo FX’s here. Every Best Visual Effects Winner. They are blended seamlessly, and with so many effects shot on set with the actors, their performances are much richer than in many CGI-heavy effects films. Oscars 2016: Take our Best Visual Effects poll. Beyoncé Crashes Chance The Rapper's Interview. Blizzard Entertainment senior cinematic artist David Luong’s timelapse of a 3D digimatte sequence from Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void isn’t strictly a breakdown, but it is extraordinarily beautiful. Background plates were painted manually, aided by a bespoke tool. Artist: Giulio Tonini. Awards. Ariana Grande puts in the work while performing her hit song "Side to Side," with backup from rapper Nicki Minaj, at the VMAs 2016. Headphones - loud - are required. Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 | Posted by Jim Thacker. "The Revenant" (Rich McBride, Matthew Shumway, Jason Smith and Cameron Waldbauer). Don't eat first! Chance the Rapper Talks Co-Signs and 'Coloring Book' at the VMAs. 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