On the contrary if benefic dots are more than those shown above then the benefic results will be that much more in proportion. Fig no-19, Horoscope with 39 points in 6th house. If in all the three divisions it has nearly same number of benefic dots then the, If  any division the benefic planets are placed then that part of the life is a happy, If any division the benefic as well as malefic planets are placed then that part of life. Ashtakavarga Rules in Vedic astrology: Poisoning-Illness. More benfic points in 11th can make a person greedy if 10th house benfic points don’t compliment it.In other word there should not be a much difference between 11th and 10th house points and for easy gains 11th house should have more points then 10th but again the difference should not be large. In this article dots or zeros are considered benefics and dash are considered malefic. Readers are advised to go through Prasthara Ashtakavarga of their own Horoscope for more understanding.

we have offers on readings plus lifetime free support going on. From Jupiter – Moon is benefic in Ashtakavarga Rules in Vedic astrology: Weak planets such as. Ashtakavarga System of Prediction by B. Take the zodiacal sign in which there are maximum number of benefic dots; if one. From Jupiter – Mercury is benefic in 6,8,11,12 positions.

The 2nd division has more benefic dots then the middle 1/3rd life is a happy one. Ashtakavarga Rules in Vedic astrology: Samudaya or Sarvashtakvarga, A table consisting of 12 houses and 7 planets i.e. In the If the 4th house has 30 or more benefic dots and it is associated with benefic planets either by placement or aspect then the native owns vehicles. This course is build for someone who has never heard of astrology all the way to an experienced expert with advance skills. If they are equal then the native will have average life span and if they are less then the native will have short life span. This is a one time membership to get all the worldly details, random monthly horoscopes, transits, talking about all things that can be discussed in Astrology. "destruction of progency, wife, attendants and

In an Ashtakvarga horoscope if a planet is at the cusp at the beginning or the end of a, zodiacal sign then the results obtained may be doubtful and so will be the case if in a, Chalit horoscope when there are two houses in one zodiacal sign or one house, containing two zodiacal signs. Saturn's favored direction is west and thus the The very first chart to be made in Ashtakavarga is Bhinna Ashtakavarga of each planet except Rahu & Ketu. gives mixed results.

Fig no-20, Horoscope with 19 points in 7th house. Simply look at the numbers and you will know a great deal about the person. Users are not allowed to upload videos and materials from the school to any other social media platform or a website. In example Horoscope Sun is gaining 7 benefic points in Capricorn which means Sun Transit in Capricorn will be good for native. If in all the houses of horoscope there are benefic dots between 27 to 29 then the native leads happy and leisurely life through out his life span. India China war – Astrology Analysis 2020, Depression and Its Eradication in Astrology, Significance of Chaitra Shukla Purnima Falling on 8th April 2020 – Covid 19…. If the Moon is weak and if the Moon sign lord is having less than 25 benefic points and if Moon is fully aspected by Saturn (birth is on New Moon day and if Moon is aspected by Saturn) then that native is harassed by evil spirits. Accept Mars is benefic in 1,2,4,7,8,10,11 from itself.

Ashtakavarga charts are an easy way to understand a horoscope. To make it yet easier, we have programmed a lot of

If instead there are 35 benefic dots in the ascendant then the native is also leader amongst his family members. Aries to Cancer; Leo to Scorpio and Sagittarius to Pisces. From Ascendant – Mars is benefic in 1,3,6,10,11 positions. 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  11 12, Benefic dots 25 22 29 24 25 34 19 24 29 36  54 16. For determining the life span of the native the use of Samudaya/Sarvashtakvarga is of prime importance. Astrology happens to be our passion and we are on a mission to build simplified astrology learning knowledge base. Where planet sits on the chart we will find the strength of the planet we can predict more result about the planet strength. Home Spouse Astrology-Looks|Profession|Nature|Status Of Wife or Husband Via Astrology, Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020: Effects & Predictions For Each Sign, Parivartan Yoga- In Depth Guide & Review With Example Horoscope, Saturn Transit 2020 In Capricorn- Effects & Predictions Ascendant Wise, Sade Sati 2020: Effects On Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius Moon Sign, Divisional Charts In Vedic Astrology: Principal,Usages & How To Read Them, HOW TO IDENTIFY AFFLICTED PLANETS IN ASTROLOGY, Sasa Yoga- Experience The Power Of Saturn, Functional Benefic & Malefic Planets For All Ascendants, Jupiter Retrograde 2020: Vedic Astrology Predictions & Effects, Saturn Retrograde 2020: Effects & Predictions [Bonus Tips], Jupiter Transit 2020 In Sagittarius Sign| Effects & Predictions Ascendant Wise.

should be stored in the Hence astrologers are advised to consider the degreecal. Such a native’s whole life is nice and smooth. From Mars – Sun is benefic in 1,2,4,7,8,9,10,11 positions. There are many ways given by our Rishis & Sages to form these divisions. If the ascendant has more than 25 benefic dots & the 9th house has more than 29 benefic dots and both these houses have no connection with malefic planet then such native gets sudden monetary gains. 35) and the next house contains minimum benefic dots (for e.g. of benefic dots. From Mars- Saturn us benefic in 3,5,6,10,11,12 positions.

In a native’s horoscope the special good/auspicious results can be known from the benefic dots in various houses.

points, the effects of which are stated to be Ashtakavarga Rules in Vedic astrology: House and Lords of the house.

Ashtakavarga system of prediction: Once we get a horoscope for analysis, we need to exert an Ashtakavarga chart before beginning our application of rules and our analysis of its impact.

If the total is more than 164 then the native is happy and his income will be more than his expenses.

It show the numeric number between zero to eight based on the twelve signs. Note the houses which have more number of benefic dots. For Aquarius 32 Videos will be posted randomly here but you will be alerted. You cannot print contents of this website. From Sun- Moon is benefic in 3,6,7,8,10,11 positions.

From Sun – Mars is benefic in 3,5,6,10,11 positions.

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