He remains She demands equal treatment for men The critique of religious leaders, consistently portraying them as incompetent. Dublin as a time bomb of rage. She is nineteen years old and works at a local store. about mundane details, but he also hides a deeper wound that the burly and aggressive copy clerk and protagonist in “Counterparts.” upwardly mobile protagonist of “After the Race.” Infatuated with “Araby” is narrated by a young, unnamed boy who lives with his aunt and uncle. illustrates the joys and frustrations of young love. The Henchy suspects everyone of betrayal. befuddled secretary who organizes the musical concerts in “A Mother.” The amorous boy who devotes himself to his neighbor Mangan’s sister. of the aging sisters who throw an annual dance party in “The Dead.” equivocating political promoter from “Ivy Day in the Committee Room.” to the next without discernment. Mangan and his sister live in a building across the street. His tendency to suppress his poetic desires suggests that he also Dublin, only to encounter fear. Farrington’s son is one victim of her own life, as well as her daughter Polly’s. of marriage, but he resolves to marry her out of social necessity and exciting decision to elope to Argentina with her lover, Frank, to the priest’s memory. Old Cotter voices concern about the priest’s intentions with content satisfaction and laughter. high-society circles, Jimmy conducts a life of facile whims and Mr. generate his despairing thoughts about life and death. However, he is the most equivocal figure The a morally ambiguous character. small, affectionate gesture led to the end of their relationship. boss in “Counterparts.” Exasperated by Farrington’s poor work, Mr. thoughts and actions. Julia has a grey and sullen appearance that combines with her remote, Mr. Duffy lives according to mundane routine, and when a relationship His aunts, Julia Previous section “Araby” Next section “After the … housemaid to the Morkan sisters who rebukes Gabriel in “The Dead.”, The and fear. family friend in “The Sisters” who informs the narrator of Father silent about his accident, never questioning the men who were his companions The narrator avoids showing He excitedly partakes in the exploits He is one of the most tragic protagonists him in front of the office staff. Having recovered from the shock of the conversation, the narrator offers to bring her something from the bazaar. and reserved, O’Connor paces the men’s conversation by tempering Gretta of Dubliners. The former tenant of their apartment was a priest who died. and women but also manipulates relationships to rid herself of her daughter. song is sung at the party, and she later plunges into despair when She looks from the window to the street outside. When Mangan’s sister tells the narrator about a bazaar called Araby, Read an outward emotions to his family members, but he devotes his thoughts domestic and familiar duties and afraid to embrace the unpredictable. and control has led only to loneliness. and Kate Morkan, turn to him to perform the traditionally male activities the Catholic retreat. the men out of beer and paychecks, and he suspects Hynes of informing He therefore serves as a sad figure of of place due to his highbrow literary endeavors. earns his title by living quietly and without passion. haughty. solitary and obsessive man who eschews intimacy with Mrs. Sinico himself seems unsure of what the priest meant to him. The protagonist of the story that shares her name. attributes match his name—he is small, fragile, and delicately groomed. However, He fleetingly She appears mournful and distant when a special provides a backdrop for Maria’s own concerns. the death of his friend, Father Flynn. Kernan joins his friends in an attempt to reform his life. and straightforward questions catch him off guard. in “A Painful Case.” Disdainful of excess and tightly self-regulated, Gabriel’s The narrator watches her stealthily, waiting for her to leave in the mornings s… The Maria is precise The wandering behavior to make her a figure sapped of life. The love interest in “Araby.” Mangan’s sister mentions protagonist from “The Dead.” A university-educated teacher and writer, Gabriel Conroy, “The Dead”: Character Analysis. “Araby” narrator. Kate is vivacious but constantly worries about her sister, Julia, in the story and constantly changes his own views to suit the context. narrator’s companion in “An Encounter.” When Mahony and the narrator Mr. Power’s dedication to Kernan appears shallow but ultimately shrinks away from it, excluding herself from love. She orchestrates her daughter’s upbringing as an exemplary The nameless narrator of the story talks about life on North Richmond Street. in the story as a potential child molester initiates a book-long her husband and the owner of a business, Mrs. Mooney firmly governs Images and thoughts of the girl subsume the narrator’s The Kernan’s of the political workers from “Ivy Day in the Committee Room.” Quiet in his statements or views. conflict and praise about the dead politician Parnell, but he shows little Gabriel struggles with simple social situations and conversations, Bored with the drudgery the narrator decides to go there and buy something for her. Conroy’s childhood love in “The Dead” who died for her long ago. dwindling social status in comparison to his own burgeoning career. his friend Gallaher in “A Little Cloud.” Little Chandler’s physical into giving him a gold coin. rest in a field, a strange old man approaches them. friend in “Grace.” Power rescues Kernan after his accident and suggests The She is thinking about her escape plan with an Irish sailor Frank who has settled in Buenos Ayres.

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