He’s one of the most patient players I’ve ever seen, and he can break down coverage so well. 73 plrs, USA If he can add some more skill to his toolbox, maybe he will develop into a top four defenseman even. Oecd Education Rankings 2020, Yevgeni Oksentyuk is the next prospect we will look at but unlike the others before him in this post, he’s an overager (2019-20 was his draft+1 year) and he already plays in North America with Flint in the OHL. Red Ball Podcast, He played more in the Mestis last season than he did this year, and he was playing 5 games in the Liiga last season as well. But he doesn’t play a very physical brand of hockey. He’d be one of the near automatic choices I’d make if he’s available with the Leafs’ second round pick. Pashin finished second in the tournament goal scoring with seven goals in five games. 38th goal of the season for W Veeti Miettinen (2020). Now all of these stats are essentially a way to say that Pashin was highly productive despite his small frame. Having a shooting percentage bender, or great luck and bounces, means you can look a lot better than you actually are... or vice versa. He can set up teammates with the extra room he gets on the rush. Set the all-time league record for goals in a season with 42 in 52 games. Where Is Better To Live Uk Or Sweden, Argentina Squad 2020 World Cup Qualifier, Jarventie is able to sniff out the perfect opportunity to motor up ice. Austin Watson Hockeydb, I think if Nybeck does actually fall to the second round — like DeBrincat and Robertson before him — the Leafs should jump all over that. XenForo Add-ons by Brivium ™ © 2012-2013 Brivium LLC. He’s someone who will do whatever it takes to win, which bodes well for his NHL future. Pashin works hard with and without the puck and certainly doesn’t give up on play, even if he is the one who lost possession. Nature's Market Manchester Vt, I refer to Pashin as Russia’s Cole Caufield, but perhaps that’s an oversight. He had some of the best numbers in all of the WHL despite playing for a team some writers described as “wide open”. Alexander Pashin is the smolest of the smol. 2 plrs, Slovakia Alexander Pashin gets his second goal of the game to put Russia up 3-1 halfway through the third. SKA-1946 has many, many players at least a full year older than Khusnutdinov, yet he was named an assistant captain from the start of the season, and a lot of that can be measured up to his style of play. But he has potential to become a 30-goal scorer at the NHL level if things break right. Zion Nybeck (F) 5'8" 3. Morocco To Italy Map, Nybeck will be a strong SHL player in the near future, as the skills are too good to miss out, but is he a top six winger at NHL level? Where Pashin seems to have the highest ceiling, Oksentyuk seems like the “safest” option of the three prospects in this post. “Consistency” is something that can be found and improved as a player matures mentally and physically. I would like to see higher competitiveness, a bit more skill and more creativity. He often has a hard time to get down to the corners first to win puck battles. Two of these players play in Russia’s junior league, the MHL, while another is an overage prospect that has already made the move to the OHL. I still love his game. 2019/20 Stats: 39 points in 37 games (4th on the team). The key aspect of Khusnutdinov’s game is speed. In this way, he reminds me of Rasmus Sandin — who is also not the fastest defenseman but crafty and smart. I really, really hate the labels of “inconsistency” because too often they don’t really mean anything. 1 plr, Mestis Complete player biography and stats. If you look at his Pts/GP rate of 1.05 then he was 2nd in the MHL among all draft eligibles. Not only does his shot look pretty, but it has knocked goalies off balance from distances above the circles. 4 plrs, VHL Sliding the puck between the stick and skates of opponents gives him a rush that nothing else on the ice seems to match. His hands are very good and he can make moves while skating at top-end speed. Pashin chases loose pucks and is willing to fight for loose pucks but is pushed off the puck easily due to his lack of size. But like most young goalies, he will need lots of time and development before he gets there. Even in a clogged neutral zone, Wallinder is confident in his stickhandling and nimble enough to sidestep or weave away from pressure while keeping his head on a swivel and attacking the weakest point. Loch Fyne Hampers, 22th goal of the season for Kasper Simontaival (2020). He heads straight at defenders with only one idea in mind -- trying to make them look as foolish as possible. Cerebral Palsy Treatment For Adults, His footwork across the offensive zone blue line helps him run a power play and he changes angles to get his shot through.

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