Together, we decided to make that experience a little more accessible.

Your role will expose you to the necessary training to be able to: Contribute to analyses of CFD, WT and track data to help understand the aerodynamic problem and propose flowfield improvements. The aerospace industry is booming now and will be for years to come. Could the next aviation breakthrough begin with you? Discover elements of a successful career at Spirit AeroSystems. Copyright © 2020 Magna International Inc. All Rights Reserved. In the next two decades, millions more people around the world will experience air travel for the first time, creating the need for more commercial aircraft and aviation employees. Andrew began flying after high school, attended Spartan College in Tulsa OK and is a passionate, down-to-earth instructor. Spirit employees work hard, practice innovation and give to others. aerodynamics to apprentices and technicians at the NASA Langley Research Center. To find out more about the Aerospace Engineering Degree Apprenticeship, or for more information about the levy, funding available and degree apprenticeships, please email our Degree Apprenticeships Team at or call us on +44 (0)117 328 4888.

​Spirit AeroSystems, a global leader in aerostructures design and manufacturing, gives employees the opportunity to develop the next innovation in aerospace: a new material, efficient design, a streamlined quality process or an easier-to-use tool. Spirit AeroSystems is intentional about locating our business in places that offer a high quality of life. Spirit AeroSystems, a global leader in aerostructures design and manufacturing, gives employees the opportunity to develop the next innovation in aerospace: a new material, efficient design, a streamlined quality process or an easier-to-use tool. If you work at Spirit AeroSystems, you play a key role in making the magic of flight a reality. Williams Advanced Engineering is unique in the desire and capability to apply expertise in high level simulation and aerodynamic know-how from the pinnacle of motor racing to other sectors. To that end, we partner with 501(c)(3) non-profits and other businesses to educate, inspire, and provide for tomorrow’s pilots. Magna is creating technology that will shape the roads of tomorrow. We think that every pilot deserves the opportunity to approach flying as an apprentice learning a craft — not just as a student training for a test.

Unlike other aerospace businesses, we manufacture parts for multiple companies and for various industry sectors, primarily commercial fleets and defense aircraft. They are contagiously passionate about inspiring the next generation of aviators and regularly host events like elementary school tours and the California Capital Airshow’s annual Positive Altitude event, which introduces hundreds of Sacramento youth to the many opportunities available in aviation. ​Spirit has a continuous need for talented, passionate people to join our team in locations around the world, with current hiring needs in the U.S., Scotland, France and Malaysia. Our tightknit airport community of passionate airline, military, agricultural, and hobbyist pilots and instructors presented us with a community of mentors. Our mission is to graduate pilots with a level-headed knowledge of the sky, airplanes, and of themselves as pilots and lifelong learners.

Work alongside some of the most talented professionals in aerospace with unique programs for high school and college students. ​Spirit AeroSystems doesn’t manufacture just one plane or product, we build thousands of the largest components for many of the world’s leading aerospace companies.
Browse the latest jobs across the McLaren Technology Group, including Racing, Applied Technologies, Marketing and McLaren Automotive. in Aviation Science from Utah Valley University. From high-performing schools to high-energy culture, from outdoor spaces and recreation to door-to-door friendliness and affordability, working at Spirit means living within vibrant, healthy communities. Composite Space Frame: A Different Animal, Magna is a mobility technology company – the only automotive supplier with deep systems knowledge and expertise across the entire vehicle. View Privacy Policy, France Gender Professional Equality Index, 2020 Virtual Global Diversity Month Activities. Jake graduated with a B.S. ​At Spirit, we are proud to welcome those who have served. ​Spirit AeroSystems welcomes back exemplary employees who may be interested in teaching, training and mentoring the next generation of Spirit success. Girls Love to Fly founder Jamie Lou Waterhouse never wanted to fly — until she got to fly a business jet. Magna's Active Aerodynamics Team: Harnessing the Wind Composite Space Frame: A Different Animal The Power of the Magna Matching Program Magna on the Launchpad ... Apprenticeships ; This page is updated regularly with new apprenticeship opportunities, so please come back soon. Explore our Virtual Showroom and we’ll show you how. The apprentice must complete all other foundation stage training and mandated qualifications and the employer must confirm that the apprentice can work safely before progression to the development phase. The problem faced was to provide more than a layman's treatment of the subject but not the detail as taught in many individual courses on the college level.

He has type ratings and line experience in five different transport category airplanes including the Boeing 737. At Spirit, career paths are as varied as today’s flight plans. Discover a place in your corner of the world.
​Spirit offers valuable opportunities to gain early career experience through internships. Online ground school is one method of learning this knowledge, either in addition to or in lieu of, a textbook. Applications are Closed for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Apprenticeship. Flight training is a lot more than just taking flying lessons. We identified the lessons and qualities we wished to instill in future pilots, and crafted a training program to suit them. Aerodynamics and Thermodynamics. We met as members of a flight school at the Auburn Airport in the Sierra Nevada foothills of northern California. Mach 5 Aviation is a full-service FBO at the Auburn Municipal Airport (KAUN) in Auburn, CA. Prior to joining the airlines, he was a flight instructor at multiple Northern California flight schools where he co-developed training materials to simplify and improve his student’s training process. Magna's Active Aerodynamics Team: Harnessing the Wind, Magna and First Robotics: Mentoring Future Engineers, Five Ways Wearable Tech Can Improve Manufacturing, Magna FREEFORM Seat Technology: A Designer's Dream, Virtual Reality: From Vehicle Concept to Production. It additionally has a main exhibit hall that features an ever-changing series of exhibits. We also encourage our students to find out how they learn best and dedicate themselves to maximizing their learning. Flight training is a lot more than just taking flying lessons. If you have a passion for aerospace and are looking to grow your career in engineering, manufacturing or an administrative role, browse our available jobs and apply today. Andrew is a corporate pilot and Gold Seal Flight Instructor with experience in dozens of airplanes including the Cessna Citation and Pilatus PC-12. As a veteran, your training, commitment and determination are valued at Spirit. Our courses emphasize practical risk management, situational awareness, decision making, and aerodynamic consciousness. Now a commercial pilot and proud airplane owner, Jamie Lou is focused on encouraging more women to join the ranks of career pilots. Even as instructors, we were apprentices to most, and every day had the opportunity to glean a little more knowledge! Explore Our Locations​. Discover the wide variety of opportunities available at Spirit AeroSystems.

This page is updated regularly with new apprenticeship opportunities, so please come back soon. Jake is a major airline pilot and flight instructor. Aerodynamics Development. Receive notifications when positions matching your criteria become available, Upload your information and resume forfuture job opportunities. Alumni are also enjoying rewarding experiences volunteering on behalf of Spirit throughout the communities we call home. in Commercial Aviation. He is a dedicated instructor and enjoys watching pilots build their confidence and comfort level throughout the flight envelope. Across our company and in every function—administration, manufacturing, engineering, IT, accounting and more—Spirit is looking for employees with big ideas. We’ll help make the transition to civilian life as smooth as possible, with multiple career choices, great benefits and open opportunity. James is an aerobatics and tailwheel instructor and an airline pilot. When he’s not inverted, James is an airline pilot flying the CRJ series. His aerobatic clients include aerobatic and upset recovery training centers and the Extra Aircraft North American dealership.

Since then, she can’t get enough! He graduated from the University of North Dakota with a B.S. It was founded by two military pilots who work diligently with organizations including flight schools and local school districts to encourage, inspire and mentor youth in aviation. As we transitioned to other flying careers, we recognized the value of this formative experience and realized that few pilots are granted such wonderful opportunities. The one thousand became approximately 5000 by the time the scheme closed, Many ex-apprentices have made a major contribution in the fields of aviation, avionics, aerodynamics, engineering, information technology and others. He is the Assistant Chief Flight Instructor of a Part 141 Flight School, a part-time Sheriff Department Pilot, and a former FBO Director of Operations. By continuing to use this site, you give your consent to our use of cookies. Capable of calling on four decades of experience in aerodynamics at the highest level of motorsport, Williams Advanced Engineering can support customers to improve vehicle performance. Student pilots must learn about a range of topics including aerodynamics, flight controls, aeromedical factors, physiology, weather, and regulations. She hopes to use mentorship and networking to capitalize on the career-pilot shortage and boost the percentage of female career pilots well above the 4% at which it currently stands. Get in touch today. The California Aerospace Museum at the McClellan Airport (KMCC) in Sacramento, CA features dozens of military and civilian static aircraft displays, including the A-10 Warthog and F-14 Tomcat. See exciting career opportunities working for McLaren. This group develops the Aerodynamics of our Formula One cars. Fly For The Culture is a 501(c)(3) non-profit headquartered in Charlotte, NC which promotes racial and cultural diversity in aviation careers. ​With seven locations throughout the world, Spirit AeroSystems is always in need of talented, hard-working people. We’re also enthusiastic about inspiring and motivating the next generation of pilots.

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+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.