Steampunk 3D

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Steampunk 3D is an awesome 3d tower defense game in steampunk setting. Here you can purchase sources for Tower Defense game along with reskin packs see below The game is in “tower defense” genre. There are enemies who want to invade your base. You build towers and guns to protect your base from invaders. For more info see How To Reskin Games

In this game:


There are 2 revenue streams in the game: in-app purchases and ads.

In-app purchases

Users purchase gold in order to buy game products: buffs and upgrades. We incorporated awesome heroes so now users can either purchase them or open at certain levels.


The app is integrated with Fyber and Appodeal mobile ads mediation services. This services provide an access to the best ad networks (Chartboost, AdMob, AppLovin, Amazon Ads etc.)


  • 1
    Simple Reskin
  • 2
    Full Reskin
  • $10,875
  • 4 enemies
  • 4 towers (4 upgrades each)
  • 3 boosts
  • 10 levels
  • Main Map, screenshots, icon
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  • $25,365
  • 16 enemies
  • 6 towers (5 upgrades each)
  • 3 boosts
  • 24 levels
  • 3 heroes (with 3 abilities)
  • Main Map, screenshots, icon
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