Awesome Android Game Sources For Sale


Do you want to be an owner of Android game which will constantly brings you a passive income? This is the right place for that!


You want to have an app which will bring a great revenue, but there are some obstacles you see: And even if you find the developers and artists and you manage to implement a product - no one can gurantee it will appear in app store's rankings.


The solution for you is purchasing the app sources of the really expensive Android and iOS mobile app. We already spent one year on creating and polishing the great Android app. Once you purchase the sources - all you have to do is to create the new graphics for your app.

In case you don't have an artist - we will help you with that. Please review our reskin packages below

In case you purchase the reskinning pack - we will also help you with publishing the app to the store. So you don't need to know any technical details about Android app. Simply let us do the work.

statsHere you can purchase sources for Tower Defense game along with reskin packs (see below). The game in "tower defense" genre. There are enemies who want to invade your base. You build towers and guns to protect your base from invaders.



There are 2 revenue streams in the game: in-app purchases and ads.

In-app purchases

Users purchase gold in order to buy game products: buffs and upgrades.


The app is integrated with Chartboost and Vungle. The ad appear each time a user completes a level. Chartboost utilizes CPI model when you get a revenue each time a user installs an app from your game.


The game makes $1,141 per month. Proof is below:
$399.00 Feb
$131.00 Feb
iOS_Revenue_ID Android_Revenue_ID
$611 Feb

F. A. Q.

How much would it cost me to add more levels?

It depends on your team. You don't need a programmer to add new levels - they all are a part of configuration files. You just need to create art of the levels. If you don't have an artist - please we can create levels for your. Review the reskin packs at the bottom of the page.

What ads appear in the game?

Currently we display Chartboost ads, but the game also support video ads from Vungle which can be enabled in the configuration files.

I got an artist. Can I purchase sources and reskin the app?

Sure. You will just need to recreate images and update the folders with images.

I got an existing game. Can you reskin it for me?

Sure. Just send us a link to the game wnat to reskin with a list of objects that need to be reskinned. We will come back to your with an estimate and once it is approved we will start the reskinning project.

How long it will be to reskin Island Defense?

It usually takes us 1 month to reskin an app within "Small Business" pack and 2 months for "Enterprise" (below please find more information on the packs)

Will the game be available in both Android and iTunes once it is reskinned?

Yes. We will also help you with promo art and we will help you to build publish the reskinned apps.

What technology behind the app?

We utilize Cocos2D. It is C++ code which can be ported on both Android and iOS.

OK, great! How can I issue a payment?

We accept PayPal and wire transfers. We can also utilize Escrow for transactions so you don't release money until you are fully satisfied with the job's quality.

Reskin Packs

Sources Only
(Single Game License)
Sources Only
(Multiple Games License)
Sources + Reskin
+ Publishing
Sources + Total Reskin
+ Publishing
$150.00 $350.00 $2,400.00 $5,000.00
Sources for Android and iOS Sources for Android and iOS Sources for Android and iOS Sources for Android and iOS
Ads Integration Ads Integration
6 units 16 units
10 levels 24 levels
Publish app
on Google Play and iTunes
Publish app
on Google Play and iTunes
+ How we made $200K with 4M downloads.

How we made $200K with 4M downloads.